Sally Beauty Holdings Selects MetricStream’s Cloud-Based Store Audit Management Solution


The MetricStream solution will streamline and automate retail store audit processes, and the mobile audit application will help auditors capture data on the move
Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc., the largest distributor of professional beauty products in the U.S. based on store count, has chosen MetricStream’s Store Audit Management Solution, to be deployed over MetricStream GRC Cloud. The solution will provide Sally Beauty Holdings with an integrated audit system to effectively manage store compliance reviews, security, inventory control, and other operations across their stores in the US, Canada, and Mexico.
Leveraging the solution, Sally Beauty Holdings will be able to streamline and automate a wide range of store audit processes, including audit scheduling, data management, audit execution, reporting, and issue management. The company will also gain a complete and cohesive view into store performance, compliance, security, and other key factors, thereby enabling them to improve overall store performance. Sally Beauty will also leverage MetricStream’s mobile audit application, which offers auditors quick and easy access to data, and enables them to capture findings on the move using tablet devices.
With $3.6 billion in sales in 2013 and over 50 years of experience, Sally Beauty Holdings is a leader in the beauty supply space. The company, which is headquartered in Denton, Texas, operates through two business segments: Sally Beauty Supply and Beauty Systems Group (BSG). The company has 16,500 employees working across 11 countries, and over 4,500 stores worldwide.
“With our vast network of stores, it became important that we implement a more integrated store audit solution that can provide a top-level view over the status of our stores and their compliance with various regulatory, corporate, and operational objectives,” said Mark Johnston, Vice President Internal Audit at Sally Beauty Holdings. “MetricStream solutions are scalable and agile, and will help us harmonize our store audit processes and gain real-time actionable insights into each store’s controls and operational performance.”
The MetricStream Store Audit Management Solution will be used across Sally Beauty Holdings’ network of retail stores to maintain audit and compliance records, send out automated alerts for audit tasks, and improve collaboration through interactive, Web-based tools. During audit execution, the solution will facilitate quantitative and qualitative analysis of controls. Graphical reports and dashboards will further support real-time information sharing and reporting throughout the audit lifecycle.
To facilitate quick deployment, and to enable Sally Beauty Holdings to realize faster time-to-value, the solution will be rolled out over the MetricStream GRC Cloud. This high-performance and highly secure private cloud environment will offer the company complete flexibility and agility, as well as lower the total cost of ownership.
“Recent high risk and high impact incidents around data security, breaches, internal theft, shoplifting, and fraud have made store audits a top strategic priority,” said Gaurav Kapoor, Chief Operating Officer at MetricStream. “Leading retailers like Sally Beauty Holdings are replacing spreadsheet-based audit tools and ad hoc systems with MetricStream solutions that can offer an integrated environment for managing the full range of store audit activities, processes, and data. By leveraging MetricStream solutions, our customers are able to significantly improve risk intelligence, compliance, audit efficiency and productivity, while also gaining the data and intelligence they need to make sound business decisions that support superior business performance.”
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