Shifa Basith: At the Forefront of Innovative Solutions with BS Events and Co

Shifa Basit
Shifa Basit

Ceremonies, functions, and events are important parts of our lives when we celebrate life to the fullest. Events play an important role in achieving various business, social, and personal goals, including raising awareness, brand building, product launches, training and motivation, inaugurations, cultural activities, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Events contribute to enriching the company culture, strengthening employee-employer relations, empowering people, and expanding the scope of collaboration and growth.

However, with all their responsibilities, HR/Admin teams may need help to plan, manage, and execute events. Professional event planners and organizers must provide the right solutions from concept planning to complete execution. They are well-prepared for the event, have the necessary equipment and accessories, and have a professional team of function experts.

Shifa, a renowned entrepreneur in Hyderabad goes above and beyond business conventions, providing a wide range of event planning and management services. She has expanded her business internationally too and have been honored with many national and international awards.

She has worked with many celebrities from Tollywood and Bollywood.

Shifa has been at the forefront of innovative event solutions for the past eleven years as the Founder and President of BS Events and Co.

Gauging the Business Pulse

Shifa established her company, BS Events and Co, in Hyderabad in 2011. Every stage of the initial period was fraught with difficulties. She worked tirelessly with integrity and perseverance, successfully overcoming all obstacles. Shifa carefully understood the client’s requirements and needs before offering appropriate solutions interestingly and logically. She steadily gauged the customer pulse, and by virtue of her untiring efforts and predictive experience, Shifa endorsed success in her business.

With an open mindset, Shifa chose to think bigger and offer event solutions in multiple categories for serving a wide gamut of customers. She is into numerous businesses and projects, including organizing events (corporate, conferences, workshops, networking, trade shows, charity events, etc.), real estate solutions, interior designing services, and modifying and maintaining output projects (India and Dubai).

Apart from these businesses, Shifa is a social activist, where she undertakes activities in NGOs by working for the rehabilitation of various underprivileged people in society and providing various self-employment schemes helping the needy and poor. She feels that it is the responsibility of every citizen to contribute to supporting the poor and underprivileged people in society. It could be through whole-hearted donations of money, food, water, books, clothes, and other necessities.

Creative Inspirations

Shifa was a bright child inclined toward creativity from an early age. Later in life, she identified her unique talent in multitasking and managing things with exceptional ease. She always thought about various aspects of the events and functions she attended. She was enthusiastic as a child and took part in helping and supporting her mother in organizing the things of decoration, arrangements, purchases, cooking, shopping, and so on. Shifa is a forward-thinker who, in a way, is ‘gifted’ with certain inner dynamic qualities that have propelled in making her industrious and productive and eventually inspired her to venture into the business arena.

Rising from Challenges

Everything began from scratch but didn’t take much time for her, as she was full of energy and enthusiasm. Shifa put her entire mind and soul into every aspect of her business when faced with challenges, including managing the cash flow, hiring employees, time management, raising capital, and others. The best part of her is in learning from the challenges and converting them into fortifying elements of her business. Every time she is well-prepared in all aspects while encountering the challenges. Task management and delegation of tasks are crucial in the event industry. Her honesty and commitment garnered goodwill from the suppliers and vendors who supported her in the success of her events.

While working, she faced a cut-throat competition that required her to be better prepared, act faster, and offer effective solutions. She developed different marketing strategies that ensured her business succeeded at a steady rate, reaching greater heights. Shifa faced all her obstacles head-on and surmounted them with enduring courage and vigor. “Every challenge helped me learn the business better and made me stronger and more efficient,” she says.

Influential Traits

Shifa is an all-rounder, well-recognized for her multi-faceted personality. Shifa is a self-made entrepreneur who has harnessed many skills never taught in any educational institutes. She regards her experience as her biggest teacher. Her clients value several professional values and qualities,

• Service Knowledge

• Honesty

• Vision

• Decision-making ability

• Self-confidence

• Passion and Enthusiasm

• Self-determination and perseverance

Shifa has developed widespread credibility and an exceptional brand name in the market by virtue of these qualities.

Foundation of Trust

Understanding that event management is a service industry that operates on convenience and reliability, Shifa has built her brand, BS Events and Co, through her commitment and determination. She developed trust through her honest and dedicated approach from her basic communication, offering genuine and focused event solutions and standing by the commitments of smooth execution, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable event experience.

Her clients understand the credibility factor in the business market, which they find in BS Events’ unique services. Shifa’s reputation for offering quality solutions with prompt and timely solutions has generated respect in the industry, increasing the business further. Shifa says, “Our good work makes the clients happy who gladly recommend our services to other companies and businesses. This is the real growth of BS Events and Co.”

The Vital Factor

In her advice to the young professionals entering the event industry, Shifa says, “My advice to budding aspirants is to follow the footprints of good professionals as their mentors in the business world.” Shifa is an empathetic professional who believes in encouraging people to come forward and develop essential business skills. She is a people-builder who empowers her team in identifying the process and the underlying opportunities.

The following are tips Shifa has offered to help the budding aspirants.

Identify a gap in the market, know your audience, always remember the power of a solid business plan, road-test your idea, embrace feedback and learn from your mistakes, build a strong network, have your finances in good order, manage your time, stay objective, find a mentor, and check your attitude.

Envisaging a Dynamic Future

Shifa has built a big brand in the event management industry through hard work, perseverance, and dedicated customer service. Unlike the other players in the industry, Shifa has created a solid foundation of business systems that are working with excellent control and efficiency. Her approach of simplicity and genuine efforts have steadily opened several doors of opportunities for her.

A very chiseled professional, Shifa has taken several initiatives in guiding her teams towards efficient working, clean transactions, and ensuring total customer satisfaction. She has envisioned revolutionizing the business to the utmost by implementing necessary innovations that prompt her to progress higher in the future.

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