Aishwarya Bansal: Revolutionizing Future Living at Smartworld Developers

Aishwarya Bansal
Aishwarya Bansal

If history is any guide, technological infusion in the core functioning of our times will be the only way forward, toward a holistic, sustainable, and smart tomorrow. A seamlessly integrated and globally interconnected ecosystem of organic habitats empowered by environmentally healthy and eco-friendly smart living is at the heart of this future.

Aishwarya Bansal, the Co-founder, envisioned Smartworld Developers after sensing the urgent need for transformation in the Indian real estate scenario to shift the game in favour of millennial consumers demanding a string of futuristic spaces infused with advanced tech enhancing their primary aspects, comforting experience, and uber-cool feel.

She explains that Smartworld has been established with the sole purpose of offering Indian real estate buyers a catalog of spaces that integrate and enhance the various facets of their urban life. “With the eminent expertise of some of the greatest minds around the world, we are leveraging technology to infuse developments with efficiency and innovation,” she informs.

Intelligence Infused Lifescapes

Smartworld is a real estate company envisioned as the future of real estate in India. It is an organization built on the ethos of bringing in a refreshing change in the real estate industry with honesty, professionalism, and transparency being in the DNA of the company. At Smartworld, every aspect from Scale, Humanizing Technology, and Business Digitization to Designs, and Evolved Lifescapes has been given the utmost importance to create a perfect, winning combination.

The company is an amalgamation of top-notch professionals and proven achievers that follow best-in-class international standards including corporate governance, industry practices, and design philosophy. Smartworld combines the vast experience of professionals whose experience in Sales, Marketing, Product Design, and Project Management Delivery exceeds over ₹50 billion in sales and one billion sq. ft. in project execution.

Launched in October 2021, Smartworld Developers Pvt Ltd has been envisioned as the future of real estate in India. Launched at a daunting time when the world was going through the worst epidemic of COVID on one side, and the trust deficit in developers on the other resulted in challenging times for the real estate sector.

A Harbinger of Change

Smartworld is committed to its mission and vision and the three tenets: Customer Centricity, Professionalism, and Digital First. Post the launch, the company launched two unique concepts of living: Smartworld Orchard, and Smartworld Gems at premium locations. The former is at Golf Course Road (Extn) at Sector 61 and the latter at the hot spot of Sector 89 in New Gurugram. Well-researched and based on consumer insights, both projects offer the independence of a floor and the luxury of condo-like living. The company also introduced for the first time a ‘My Space’ area for the consumers to use as a WFH office or customize it to a gym, study, theatre, or amalgamation of all in one.

Aishwarya reveals, “Both our projects did extremely well and found the consumers’ favour with the company achieving over ₹4000 Cr. sales in just five months of the launch, making it the fastest growing real estate brand of the Delhi NCR.” Work is on the fast track to delivering these projects before the committed date of delivery.

Today, the company has 5.5 million sq. Ft. under development, over ₹25,000 Cr worth of projects, and 2.5 Cr sq. Ft. development potential in the next five years. The company also plans to launch projects in newer geographies like Mumbai (MMR), Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune amongst others.

Millennial Aspirations

Sharing her inspiration behind venturing into the real estate sector, Aishwarya says that the largest part of the Indian population is a millennial. “Which includes me as well. Our needs, desires, and aspirations are different,” she expresses. And this is not just across fashion or art or lifestyle, it also augurs for homes as well. Real estate always created homes and then was the job of finding buyers.

She says, “However, we did the other way around. We researched and gathered insights into what the needs of today’s aspiring millennials are and created products in sync with their needs and aspirations. What helped was our family business is real estate and my husband is acknowledged as the game changer of real estate in Delhi NCR. So here was an idea, whose time had come, and the able support, vision, wisdom, and experience of the family became an unbeatable combination. Innovating at every step, be it concept, design or the customer experience, my experience of seeing markets globally also helped craft and curate the right mix of homes and lifestyle.”

Aishwarya remembers that the initial phase brought their fair share of challenges. It was a demanding process; the stakes were high. “I had to tread carefully to create a place for myself in an industry, which was conventionally not a women’s forte. However, I remained undaunted by precedence and focused on rapidly consolidating our efforts in the aftermath of the pandemic. I firmly believe that customer loyalty has to be earned. Hence, when setting up a new company, my first aim was always to overcome the prevalent skepticism and deliver an exceptional product that would deliver on the expectations of our clients and patrons. Today, I am proud to look back at all that our team has achieved in such a short time. It is a testimony to all our hard work and dedication that we have continued to set new milestones with every product launch,” she conveys.

Raising the Excellence Benchmarks

Highlighting professional values and qualities that are greatly admired by clients in her and Smartworld, Aishwarya says at Smartworld, they believe that ‘Raise the Bar of Excellence’ is the uncompromising standard that differentiates them from their competition. They stress a lot on professionalism and have cherry-picked their team to have the best in the industry.

“Together it has been our endeavour to be a Great Place to Work (We are Great Place to Work Certified).

Our focus on Customer First drives us in creating not just well-researched and insight-driven projects but also the ability to deliver before time and exceed the expectations of the customer. A cornerstone of all our projects has always been innovation fuelled by Technology as its engine so that we offer the highest efficiency and best value to our patrons and customers. We firmly believe that every relationship is built upon mutual trust and assurance with our clients, investors, channel partners, vendors, buyers, and stakeholders. In addition, we will honour this sacred commitment above all else in every endeavour,” she insists.

You’re Our Focus

Revealing her brand’s USPs, Aishwarya states that Smartworld’s revolutionary real estate concepts stem from a focus on customer-centricity so as to consistently evolve their efficiency through leading-edge innovation, which is achieved through technology and human ingenuity. Their modus operandi is geared towards translating the future needs of their customers so that they can deliver premium products unmatched by existing products in this asset class. “Additionally, we pride our customer service module and operational adherence to the best HR practices in the industry. I ensure that a healthy gender ratio is maintained, and women are actively involved in pivotal roles across departments and functions.

Our employees and our customers are both parts of our family, and it is our primary objective to ensure all members of our family are happy and satisfied with our approach, operations, and delivery,” she says.

An Indomitably Optimistic Wisdom

As an experienced professional, her advice to budding aspirants willing to enter the business world is full of wisdom. She recommends, “If you enjoy your job, then you do not work a day in your life. I am blessed to say that my career is my dearest joy and greatest passion. I truly cherish every moment of my professional space. Whether it presents challenges or bestows accolades, my perseverance makes me approach every situation head-on and lead from the front. As the Indian real estate landscape continues to evolve, I am confident that new ideas and innovations will be the axle that drives the industry. To this end, I would always like to be encouraging of anyone considering a career in real estate. I’ve had an enriching journey, and can confidently say that anyone with the determination and zeal to work hard will find endless opportunities to grow in the real estate sector. With a positive attitude and passion for understanding the customer’s needs, success is a certainty. My advice to all will only be to foster an indomitable optimism in their approach. Resilience is a crucial asset to have for anyone who wishes to succeed in this sector. My experience has always shown me that a positive perspective is crucial in conquering every professional hurdle and emerging triumphant in every scenario.”

Redefining the Future Conceptualization

On envisioning Smartworld’s operations with the emerging technologies and automated tools that are revolutionizing the business world by enabling innovations, Aishwarya’s take is modernistic. According to her, emerging technologies and automation will definitely bring a paradigm shift in this industry going forward. The company uses advanced Aluminium shuttering technology that reduces human error at the time of construction, makes the building faster and weather-proof, and provides higher seismic resistance. The technology platforms like Tekla, MS Project, Novadee, BIM 360, and ERP are also being used for faster and better efficiency of construction. Drones oversee and monitor construction.

So, if you look at it, we are already leveraging the leading edge innovations in all our construction and delivery processes to provide the best product, which is not only resilient to a volatile market but also redefines the conceptualization of future scenarios,” she concludes.

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