FusionResto: Simplifying Restaurant Businesses

Navin Laddha | CEO | RanceLab | Business Magazine | Insights Success

A decade ago, people in India were more about home made food, or at the most, dine-out. However, with global trends, social media influence and delivery integrations, people now are more into dine-out, take away and home deliveries. These changes blessed food and beverage businesses and it grew like never before. To live up with customers expectations and give them a great experience, restaurants started to look for a solution to manage the entire restaurant process.
RanceLab® has learned and bridged this gap between restaurants and its guests, with FusionResto, an all in one ERP software. While restaurants has to offer a relaxing, trendy places to dine and has all feel good experience about it and at the same time the owners have more hectic procedure to make it smooth. Restaurant owners have to juggle all operations at once like getting through the rush and giving feel good experience, maintaining the order time, instructing the captains as well as tracking their work and timings, remembering their good customers, going through their food chains and tracking operations on every outlet at the same time, dealing with the backends like raw materials and the kitchen utilities, auditing the accounts and balance sheets and more. This processes starts for them every single day.
What do FusionResto Believe in?
FusionResto is fully automated and ready to use software for restaurants and a believer of “Bringing Growth to Restaurants”. It brings a complete solution to all kinds of eatery outlets from Food chains to Standalone, it is designed and developed understanding and surveying the needs of restaurants of all formats providing to manage point of sale, accounting, loyalty programs, cashless operations, accounting, employee management and offers.FusionResto adapts to the growing operational and functional changes, identifies the trends and surfaces profitable metrics for the restaurant owner.
Trends for 2019 to look for
2019 is a mixture of trends, with growing themes, restaurateurs are focusing more on ethnic formats of food parlours and enhancing the cultures bringing them close with the cuisines.
Following by innovative techniques with food techs and organising using technology, engaging customers and improving services with technology. The watchful trends for consumers are signature dishes and fresh experimental ideas.
To adapt to the growing consumer needs, RanceLab is adding up Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Quantum Computing to FusionResto. Built-in AI & ML will help restaurants build more revenue and reduce operation costs signtificantly. NLP will improve the efficiency of documeting while Quantum Computing will perform large number of computations on the same time and generating results those are meaningful and measurable for growth of the business.

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