SnoopWall: Counterveillance Security for Network, Mobile and Apps


Today, smartphones carry your private data, which is the most convenient way of doing all online banking transactions smoothly, only when your data is completely protected from the bank’s network to your smartphone. Meanwhile those banks you are doing business with might not have enough network security protection in place, behind their corporate firewall.
SnoopWall is the world’s first counterveillance security company delivering a suite of network, mobile and app security products as well as cloud-based services, protecting all computing devices from prying eyes and new threats through patented cloaking technology.
SnoopWall secures mission critical and highly valuable confidential information behind firewalls and on mobile devices with next generation technology that detects and blocks all remote control, eavesdropping and spying. SnoopWall’s software products and hardware appliances are all made in the U.S.A.
Gary Miliefsky, Masterful Cyber Security Professional
Gary Miliefsky, founder and CEO of SnoopWall, is a consumer advocate and a cyber-security expert who frequently appears on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, CNN and many other media outlets to share his expert opinion. He is a member of ISC2, CISSP® and Advisory Board of the Center for the Study of Counter-Terrorism and Cyber Crime at Norwich University. He also advised the National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) which operates within the United State. DHS for the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace. Gary is a Founding Member of the US Department of Homeland Security, served on the OVAL advisory board of MITRE and is a strong supporter of the CVE Program, plus he is a founding Board member of the National Information Security Group.
Subduing, the Biggest Challenge in Cyber Security
SnoopWall is growing rapidly, as their NetSHIELD appliances, MobileSHIELD endpoint agent and AppSHIELD SDK are critical to network and mobile security.
Firstly, SnoopWall’s NetSHIELD appliances solve internal network access control and dramatically reduce internal risk for a fraction of the cost of competition. SnoopWall’s MobileSHIELD endpoint agent solves the data leakage risks inherent in the BYOD dilemma, which is the second biggest problem in cyber security. And finally with their AppSHIELD SDK, they are protecting mobile banking, wallet and retail apps on smartphones from losing consumer information (PII) to cyber criminals. The market is very receptive, with their amazing network of channel partners and their phenomenal corporate team; SnoopWall is expanding their network throughout the globe through multi-tier distribution.
Most exploitation happens behind firewalls – either through malicious insiders, rogue devices, new forms of malware, trusted, yet infected employee owned equipment and SnoopWall’s NetSHIELD appliances as well as MobileSHIELD agents for the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) dilemma continues to solve these problems for their customers.
Honest, Ethical, Passionate Information Security Team
Proudly, SnoopWall has customers around the globe who have not experienced a single breach since properly deploying their solutions. They have ‘INFOSEC professionals’ that care deeply for their customers and the protection of their networks and mobile devices. With this drive and passion, SnoopWall continues to build innovative, next generation security solutions that solve the worst problems in network security not resolved by firewalls and antivirus solutions, alone.
They would like to continue to grow and expand their international channels with the future possibility of being the worldwide market leader in network and mobile device security for small to medium sized enterprise (SME).
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