SQuare Consulting and Management Services: The Pioneers in Business Expansion

SQuare Consulting and Management Services provides strategic consulting services, being the pioneers in Business Expansion Consulting & Franchise Management Consulting Industry in Gujarat. Founded as a growth catalyst for businesses across different industries & locations to create maximized opportunities for one and all, SQuare Consulting has always remained close to being more committed towards giving a better environment and to achieve great results for businesses to grow.

SQuare Consulting is always focused on getting the best services for their clients and getting more out of their businesses in the fields of Restaurant Consulting, Franchise Consulting, Operations Consulting, Hospitality Consulting, Branding Solutions, Process Consulting, Marketing Advisory & Expansion or Startup Consulting in the quickest and most efficient ways possible.

Rohan Bhatt, [Founder & Head Consultant at SQuare Consulting and Management Services], is a hardcore Sales Professional in his demeanor. His vast experience in the background of Business Management and in the field of his services profile, by virtue of his work, operational logic application, the determination & enthusiasm for training; makes his business models and structures to work with little or no difficulties.

The company’s aims to offer extensive services or products in the field of its 3 major verticals: Hospitality Consulting, where they take care at providing the maximum diversity, providing uniqueness to each project, and a keen sense of business efficiency and effectiveness is maintained at all times, which in turn ensures that any hospitality or food & beverage, business is able to attain both, customer satisfaction as well as a strong bottom line.

Franchise Consulting, comes as an immediate support system for brands to expand and develop their successful businesses into systems, which can be easily replicated and developed at different locations. The huge gap in the services offered in the Franchise Consulting Arena in India. The extensive work portfolio of founder Rohan Bhatt’s work at in the Franchise Industry and the close association with the major players in the industry, helps develop a greater and operationally effective business solution for the clientele.

Brand Consulting in Yash Bhatt’s [Co-Founder, head of Public Relations & Corporate Relations at SQuare Consulting and Management Services], opinion guides businesses to enable a more comprehensive, detail oriented brand strategy to enable in the correct placement of the product, into the market and take maximum advantage of better value addition to the brand image.

SQuare Consulting is surging ahead with all its major divisions working round the clock providing its services to all the various types of clientele.

For the future, the company is expanding and hiring to be justify the focus of the business and its key strengths, holds a lot of potential and the SQuare Team is excited to create their newest division of IT and ITES, which will be a completely independent division of SQuare Consulting, with a new team and new ideas, to put the best resources at work for the cleintele.

SQuare Consulting’s passion is their commitment to businesses, they aim at constantly improving their performance and have a clear agenda for working towards results for their clients. They don’t claim to be the only consulting company, they just work like it is the best and biggest in the market for their client’s business.

The company’s strategy is to find proper solutions of the strenuous problems. SQuare Consulting has managed to stand apart, the key strategy on their work philosophy is to first understand the exact need of the requirements of their clients and then work towards the solutions for the client.

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