Wings2i: Enabling Top Notch Ideas and Innovations

Wings2i is a pure play knowledge services company, established with an aim of enabling business services of global organizations through focused consulting and professional services. Wings2i offers consulting, training and professional services in the areas of Information Security, IT Service Management, Quality, Service Excellence and Risk management. Their Knowledge services are in the form of Training/Education, Consulting Projects as well as Long-term ongoing managed services.

Mr. Vinod Kumar Agrasala, Managing Director and Principal Consultant, founded Wings2i with the vision ‘to be amongst the most trusted knowledge partners for global organizations’. Prior to Wings2i, Vinod has played major roles in global organizations such as Wipro, IBM, CMC, Xerox, Microland and QAI.

After almost a decade of hands on and operational experience in IT, Vinod moved into focused consulting, training and professional services in areas of IT service management, Information security and quality. Vinod, along with Reena Ramachandran, who came in with a long Software and project management background with Infosys, founded Wings2i in 2009. They were joined by Praveen Reddy, who is currently the CTO and Head of Information Security Services for Wings2i.

“Trusted Knowledge Partner”

Wings2i strongly believes that the business, revenue, and growth will naturally follow them, if they stick to three key aspects of their engagements with clients, that are:

‘Premium knowledge service quality at a non-premium price’: Wings2i knowledge services and quality of those are at par with most of the leading consulting organizations, and making it accessible and affordable to many organizations, especially in the SMB segment.

‘Flexibility of customized services’: They offer a bunch of services that are significantly customizable as per the business needs of their customers, which are flexible and customizable not only at the time of initiation, but at any point of time during the engagement. They strongly believe, that is a great value towards business requirements.

‘True partnership with clients’: Their clients always experience and reciprocate the true partner approach with Wings2i. A strong trust and associative relationship get built in a very short time in all engagements, which makes Wings2i one of the most dependable knowledge partner for their clients’ business needs. The responsiveness and value outcomes demonstrated by Wings2i in fulfilling ongoing and adhoc business needs, leveraging the wide partner ecosystem of Wings2i, are widely appreciated by their clients.

Wings2i’s focus on Trust and Business Value for clients, over and above the revenue, profit or growth helped Wings2i establish quickly as a reliable knowledge service partner in India. Not only for the clients, the strategy of Wings2i has always been to deliver maximum value to all stakeholders, including their employees and business partners/vendors.

Wings2i is emphasizing on optimization of overhead costs, rather than the key resource cost, which has helped them to ensure value delivery of their services at affordable costs, while preserving and continually improving their service quality and outcomes.

Wings2i realizes that, as an organization they have established a strong foundation, from which they can really spread their wings to launch themselves into wider horizons. They are very excited, particularly in the domains of their focus and options for scalability. In terms of knowledge domains of expansion, they are already venturing into key areas such as Data Privacy, Cloud Security, Analytics, Service Governance, to name a few. And in terms of business scalability, they have initiated their focused thrust on expansion plans both in terms of delivery as well as a business presence in India and abroad. Their long term associations with their earlier SMB clients are helping them to grow along with their business too.

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