TQuanta: Transforming Businesses with Relevant, Impactful Technology

TQuanta’s Quality Services

Balakondaiah M, Co-founder & CEO of TQuanta expert in the area of Recruitment, Sales & Marketing, is having over 15 years work experience in Information technology and served for well-known organizations like IBM, IGATE, Attra.

TQuanta founded with the aim to create and manage the infrastructure you need to scale faster and deliver greater value and a track record of consistent, timely delivery and supports large and small organizations by leveraging technology which helps them to grow by leaps and bounds.

With the team of expertise, TQuanta’s offers services in eCommerce, BPM/ECM, IT Infra, Dataware Housing, Big Data, and Cloud Computing.

TQuanta’s eCommerce services addresses clients unique needs with the strong delivery process and helps them to identify the right platform, build a customized solution, consistent communication, intuitive interaction with powerful reporting.

TQuanta’s Business Process Management (BPM) helps their clients improve company performance by optimizing business processes with technology. By reducing process complexity, they help their clients build a stronger, flexible business that delivers consistently high quality services. TQuanta leverages their capabilities for greater efficiency, improved intelligence, transparent collaboration, greater agility and simplified sophistication.

TQuanta’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) leverages all the data created by your organization through a powerful, customized CMS, in which organizations can structure all the content and information related to their business processes. ECM technology helps to create clear content flows to organize data in defined protocols, customized framework as per requirement, easily accessible from anywhere, anytime, uncover trends and threads through content, and capture all the versions of content created and store them according to streamlined protocols.

TQuanta’s IT infrastructure services designed for operational excellence. With TQuanta’s knowledge you can optimize your IT infrastructure performance and improve your overall business efficiency. They combine industry expertise with cutting edge solutions to help you save costs and invest more on growing the business rather than battling IT infrastructure problems. TQuanta leverages their domain expertise and best practices to build a cost effective IT infrastructure that aligns your business needs.

TQuanta’s customized data warehousing solutions are made to meet emerging business challenges with quick access to insightful data. TQuanta helps build a scalable data warehouse solution to improve business & IT collaboration and gain greater business intelligence. TQuanta leverages their domain expertise to save time, reduce costs and get a faster data warehouse implementation. TQuanta’s data warehousing solution features involves faster deployment, transparency & monitoring, higher quality and low costs with comprehensive support.
TQuanta’s Big Data solutions empower your business with actionable insights through Big Data solutions and help to maximize revenue and operational efficacy with a multi-domain big data solution. TQuanta helps their clients at every step of the way from creating a Big Data roadmap to deployment, securing, testing and maintenance. The company leverages their Big Data solutions to integrate, refine and protect your data to build big data processes.

TQuanta’s custom cloud computing solution empowering your business operations and helps organizations transform their operations by integrating functions and departments on the cloud, functioning on data stored in a secure data center. Drive innovation across all levels and improve efficiency, transparency and agility with a customized, easy to deploy cloud infrastructure solution. TQuanta drives your cloud-driven transformation with cloud readiness assessment, cloud based app management, migrate to the cloud, cloud Integration services, cloud infrastructure services.

Few IT Services providers leveraging TQuanta’s expertise includes – CTS, CG, Syntel, Borngroup, mphasis etc., and expanding the consulting services in UK & AUS. TQuanta’s quality services with an experienced team of professionals with domain expertise driving success to the company by providing a complete support through their offices in India and the US.

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