Talent21 Management and Shared Services: Leading Executive Search Organization

Talent21 Management and Shared Services is one of the leading executive search organizations in the world. Headquartered in India, Talent21 has presence in USA, India and UAE.

Talent21 operates through a matrix structure – organized by geography, industry specialization and functional expertise as well as by additional leadership services. Their clients, whether large or small, global or local, benefit greatly from this structure as they have access to the most relevant resources and relationships wherever they may exist. This enables them to understand their clients’ cultures, operations, business strategies and industries thoroughly.

Gurinderpal Sing, Founder & CEO of Talent21, founded the company in 2010 with the aspiration to bridge the perceived gap through strategic manpower consulting. “We partner with the client, and become equal stakeholders of success and failure, rather than just being one of the many service providers,” says Gurinderpal.

“Within a span of eight months we had a 65 member team, with 50 clients across India, US and UAE” he adds.

All consultants and key management personnel possess a wealth of industry experience, having work experience in various senior level positions across the private sector. A team of Talent21 is responsible for providing the best services from leading practitioners with unparalleled knowledge and skills.

Talent21 Professional Services

At Talent21 Professional Services, the company is committed towards providing organizations’ services so that their clients need to run their business optimally and efficiently. With a team of knowledgeable and professional experts,the company is thriving to meet their clients’ requirements from small start-up organizations to medium-sized businesses and large corporate offices.

“Talent21 Professional is your full-service partner for all your IT and HR-related demands. Our extensive service offerings allow us to provide your business with the precise solutions it requires,” says Gurinderpal.

The company’s commitment to superior service is equally matched by their dedication to the customers. Talent21 Professional Services treats each of its clients as a valuable partner. This is reflected in their exceptional client retention rate and outstanding customer experience.

Becoming a partner with Talent21 Professional Services, benefits for the clients business’ IT support, gaining a valuable resource that can provide clients’ company the services, expertise, and manpower to get any job done.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Stategies

Talent21 follows the mantra that “Attracting and retaining the right employees can make a significant impact on the clients’ organization’s financial performance”, and helps their clients to choose the right candidate for their organizational growth.
The company’s strategy for finding the right candidate is scrutinized by their developed psychometric tool for recruiting C-level executives, which is helpful for finding potent professional in a particular area.

Talent21 following the key values such as Striving For Excellence, Demonstrating Integrity,
Activating Leadership, Creating Value, Creating An Environment Of Trust, Striving Towards Quality Client Service, which is driving the success for their clients.

The company distinguishes vision intended to enable the achievement of the key objectives such as creating value for their clients by placing their interests first, assist their clients in acquiring leadership talent through, outstanding research capabilities and access to global talent pool, thorough assessment methodology, and in depth reference checking.
Gurinderpal believes in inclusion growth, and by considering employee as an internal customer and client as an external customer, Talent21 is leading company in this competitive world.

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