Stalwart Business Consortium: Empowering SME’s to build a ‘Better Tomorrow’

Divyashikha Gupta, Founder and Managing Partner, S. Venkateswaran, Managing Partner,Stalwart Business Consortium LLP (SBCL) | Insights Success | Business Magazine

Established in the year 2009, Stalwart Business Consortium LLP (SBCL) is India’s first and only-one-of-its-kind implementation, outcome, and impact based business consulting organization. It aims at partnering with businesses by offering tangible solutions at affordable and competitive commercials that help them scale their organization and human capital in this VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) Business Ecosystem.
Behind the SBCL’s signature characteristic, are the two key members Divyashikha Gupta, the Founder and Managing Partner and S. Venkateswaran, the Managing Partner
Meet the Founder  
A management graduate from one of the best colleges in the country, and a passionate entrepreneur, Divyashikha has been very defiant about her ‘give back to society’ values. She is experienced at leading, managing and motivating large teams from all disciplines to achieve business outcomes.
Divyashikha has held leadership roles across APAC and Indian sub-continent in global organizations. As she has an ability to build business relationships at all levels in a multi-vendor environment, at Stalwart, Divya’s responsibilities are client management, strategic planning, evaluation of operational capabilities, risk assessment. Along with this, she monitors and assures the profitability of the group. Her expertise areas are staffing (including leadership / CXO level), learning and organizational development, change management, talent engagement and talent development with over one decade of rich experience.
Also, with her extensive experience in assurance and health check of program delivery; she provides insights and scrutiny in project governance and controls. She has proven track record in driving business process improvements and change management in project portfolio management environment. With unmatched attention to detail and excellent analytical abilities, Divya has always been a pioneer in her field who dares to dream and achieve the impossible.
The Passionate Managing Partner

  1. Venkateswaran is known for rapidly delivering value aligned organizational strategies. He is a rare find from the finance arena. His three decades of accomplished career involves being a chartered accountant, cost accountant, and company secretary with stellar contributions in the pharmaceutical, industrial products, and automobile sectors. He is highly proficient in Microsoft Project and project management standards. He has the rigorous analytical ability with the extensive experience in preparation of progress reports for different levels of management.
  2. Venkateswaran is the one who has nurtured, pioneered and authored Magic of Mind Power®, a transformation program through experiential learning. His ability to engage and build effective stakeholder relationships has helped him design & develop large cross-functional teams both in India as well as overseas.

Ultimate Services
Headquartered in Mumbai, India, SBCL has its major markets in Pune and Bangalore too. Till date, it has served around 85 clients across five countries with a team of 125 subject matter and industry experts. The company works as an extension of their client’s team, bringing about rapid and measurable changes in every aspect of the client’s business. It’s key focus areas are Strategy, Financial Governance, People, Processes, Manufacturing Efficiencies, Sales and Marketing, Technology and Business Intelligence.
SBCL is the one of the very few consulting organizations to partner with their clients and travel with them through their growth journey by implementing and managing the various initiatives besides just advising.  The clients are extremely pleased with this approach and ethos.
The Success Stories

  • A pharma client could see 23% increase in prescription sales in the first six months which increased to 40% in the first year. Their attrition level reduced from 25% to 7% which was well below the industry average.  Cost of carrying inventory substantially reduced bringing a savings of Rs. 1.15 Cr. (equivalent of USD 150K) in the first year itself.  Stock-out items considerably reduced from 9% to 2%.
  • Healthcare Brand Leader significantly improves their Gross Margin by streamlining the order processing system for institutional sales.
  • Through a well-documented job description, measurable objectives and effective use of Technology a Logistics major regained its market leadership position.
  • With innovative sales model and line extension, a growing Real Estate Company could significantly improve their ROI with much better cash-flow.

The Best Advice
It is very important that we pay more attention as to what we, as ‘Consultants’, provide to our Clients and ensure that the Clients do find tangible benefits in measurable terms through availing services of ‘Consultants’.  Understanding of Clients Business (current and future plans) and approaching the issues with the help of industry, subject matter and domain experts are extremely important to be successful in this highly competitive line of consulting business.
Future Planning
Besides Pan India, the company is planning to take its operations to the global level. And, at the same time, it is maintaining strict quality standards in their service delivery without compromising the code of business conduct and ethics.

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