The Engineer who ‘Curved’ his Way into Interior Design: A Designer’s Entrepreneur Journey

Abhishek Chadha | Founder & CEO | The KariGhars
Abhishek Chadha | Founder & CEO | The KariGhars

“A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for”

Achievements, big or small, have an irrevocable connection with ‘Action’. Successful people keep taking hits but never stop moving. For them quitting is never an option as they continue to adapt and evolve. Entrepreneurs are built from the same fabric of perseverance and diligence. The only thing common between an engineer and an entrepreneur is that they both are ‘Dreamers’. An entrepreneur dreams about an idea for a commercial, civic, or creative project and research on the viability of his idea with some business or financial planning. Entrepreneurs may be employed in a current position unrelated to their dream. However, the transition from ‘dream’ to beginning to build their venture may include managing the fear of taking the dive- from a steady job to going all-in on the dream.

I have always wanted to give back to my community, and that was the exact reason why I chose to pursue a career in Engineering. So, I graduated from Delhi University with a Bachelor of Science. It was only through hard work and perseverance that I was able to ace all my subjects at University. Before starting my career as a Senior Software Engineer, I started my career in the year 2001 as a lecturer in Indonesia, teaching IT. In Bangalore, I was the vice president of a company, consequently, at the same time, I and my wife had chosen to get our interiors done. However, our brush with the interior design and architecture industry left a sour taste in our mouths as it was very unprofessional and unorganized, making our experience with them highly unpleasurable.

We were the clients in this case, and the sheer joy we felt by owning a house went down the drain due to the taxing experience we had. It was easy to arrive at the conclusion wherein other clients must’ve felt the same way as there was no form of user experience or client satisfaction management. This was the conception of our brain baby – The KariGhars. Starting out our own firm and business was daunting, but upon receiving positive feedback from clients we were able to incorporate bespoke luxury interiors along with top-notch customer experience and professionalism.

Through trials and extensive study about aesthetics and interior design, I was able to develop my signature design style that caters to the cream of society. I was able to see that many different styles overlapped with each other, but what drew us the most was the “contemporary” style of design as it is trendy, chic, and easily adaptable to all clients’ needs. However, I also like to incorporate elements of minimalism and mid-century modern styles as they allow sleek likes and greater control over the stylistic designs. As a person, I have always believed in upgrading myself. So, when clients approach our company calling for vintage or traditional styles of houses, we readily agree to it and execute it with as much passion and care as we give to our contemporary houses.

I also think it is absolutely crucial that every interior designer should have their own distinct style that will set them apart from the crowd. Personally, I like to play a lot with the creation of space that can be customized with the help of mirrors, lighting, or simply glass. It is absolutely important that we need to be cognizant of the changing times and trends, but at the same time, some classic principles of design have to be adhered to.

No matter what the principles of design and structure are, they will all go away in the face of the demands that the client makes, after all, the client is king! Clients also need to know the type of work we give to them will be handled with the utmost professionalism, care, and will be delivered on time. I also believe that the space a person lives in is very telling of who they are as a person. From the get-go, I like to be very involved with my clients with regard to how they like the space in order to give them what their heart desires.

From starting my journey as a software engineer, I have definitely switched career paths, and I feel that the creative industry is where I have truly found my calling. That being said, The KariGhars has also had a consistent pattern of growth through the Compound Annual Growth Rate chart, clocking in at over 100% every year. I would like to think that I am blessed, but through the unwavering dedication and support of my other half and the hard work we have put into this company, we are able to reach, touch, and improve so many lives.

About the Author

Abhishek Chadha is the Founder and CEO of ‘The KariGhars’. He graduated from Delhi University as a Bachelor of Science. Dedicated and diligent, he aced every one of his subjects and topped the university. He began his profession in 2001 as a lecturer in Indonesia, teaching IT. Later he moved to Bangalore as a senior programming engineer and advanced forward as the VP where he took a shot at UX & UI.

During this time, Abhishek and his better half—Aashita Chadha—got the interiors of their home done. The entire experience left them exasperated and inspired with a craving to begin their design firm. With the idea of bringing a glorious client experience and fresh design perspective to the table, they established the framework of ‘The KariGhars’.

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