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Malika Sadani | Founder

One of the most important phases of a woman’s life is pregnancy, and giving birth to a child is undoubtedly an emotional moment. During this entire course of time, a woman goes through numerous changes internally as well as externally. In this phase, the woman goes through a lot of hormonal changes which can alter the emotions of the woman.

Craving for a specific food item at three o’clock in the morning to getting nauseous because of it the next moment, a woman has to deal with a lot of emotions. At times, the mother has to compromise everything she likes so that the baby is safe and healthy.

During pregnancy, women are advised to avoid the application of any chemical products on any body part, there are little options available for natural products. This same reason gave rise to The Moms Co. which helps pregnant women, moms and babies through its natural-based products.

The Moms Co. provides products to new moms, moms-to-be and babies. Its products are Australian certified toxin-free and made safe. The products are also Australian Allergy Certified which are natural, safe and effective.

The Journey

The Moms Co. was Malika Sadani’s idea. She is the Founder of the company. The idea of the company is truly based on her personal experience during her pregnancy. Malika faced a deeply concerning problem when her first daughter got a skin reaction and she could not find a natural product.

Malika faced a similar problem with her second daughter. She further talked to other mothers and found out they also faced the problem of not having a safer and all natural-based products. That’s when she came up with The Moms Co.

Before The Moms Co, Malika was working as a banker. She completed her engineering and further pursued a degree in management. An expert in her own right, Malika feels she has always been an obsessive mother. She believes there are many moms like her who want the best for themselves and their babies.

Range of Products

There is a vast range of products offered by The Moms Co. to its customers. Currently, the product range is divided into 5 groups: Pregnancy, Baby Care, Hair Care, Face Care and Skin Care.

  1. Pregnancy: During pregnancy, a woman goes through various changes due to hormonal effects. The Moms Co. provides products depending on the problems faced by the expecting mother. The products are divided on the trimesters as well as specified to certain problems. It has products for problems like dryness, damaged hair, morning sickness, etc.
  2. Baby Care: Baby care products are generally based on the age of the baby. Apart from this, the products are available on problems like skin dryness or redness, mosquito protection, etc. The company also offers different types of oils, moisturizers and hair care products.
  3. Hair Care: Many women during the pre-birth and post-birth phases go through a high rate of hair loss. Focusing on this concern, The Moms Co. offers hair oils, hair masks, hair protein, shampoo, conditioner, serum, etc. Depending upon the hair condition, the company also offers specific types of hair repair kits.
  4. Face Care: The face is one of the sensitive skin areas. During the pre and post-pregnancy period, the face skin gets deteriorated. Hence, The Moms Co. makes products that restore the suppleness and rejuvenates the skin.
  5. Skin Care: A mother of a newborn generally faces problems like stretch marks, dryness and itchiness. Taking care of these issues, The Moms co. makes products like oils, body butter, body wash, lotions and creams.

Certified Products

The Moms co. follows a standardized procedure for manufacturing its products. Malika says, “All our facilities are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant and follow safety measures to ensure we create the safest products for moms and babies. The ingredients that are used in our products are chosen once we’re sure that they meet various international standards across Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan and Australia.”

The ingredients are validated against international toxicity databases such as Environmental Working Group, Made Safe, Paula’s Choice, etc. This is followed by extensive safety tests to ensure product stability and that they are free of microbes. The products are then clinically tested by expert dermatologists to ensure that they are non-irritant and safe to use on sensitive skin.

The products are screened by FDA and Safe Cosmetics Australia. All the tests for harmful substances like carcinogens, parabens, heavy metals, GMOs, neurotoxins, developmental toxins, reproductive toxins, etc are done.

Awards and Recognition

The Moms Co.’s products have won the trust of many moms, and also awards across numerous categories. Namely, Kids Stop Press – India’s foremost parenting website has recognized the company as Best Emerging Skincare Brand in 2018 and Best Mommy Venture for Kids in 2017. Its Natural Body Butter was adjudged the best body cream by Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2019.

Apart from that,  Malika was awarded BW 40 Under 40 Achievers Award 2019 and Exceptional Woman of Excellence by Women Economic Forum 2019. Furthermore, Malika and her team will keep on protecting mothers and their babies from harsh chemical products by their constant up-gradation of these natural products.

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