ThoughtFocus Wins the Prestigious Express IT award for Innovation in the Mobility Category


ThoughtFocus wins the prestigious Financial Express silver innovation award in the IT Mobility category. Amidst a power packed audience and much celebrity fanfare, which included the nation’s leaders in technology like Google, Cisco, SAP, Adobe, TCS etc., the Financial Express honored ThoughtFocus for its innovation in the Mobility space for an IoT solution that transforms the Milk Collection process in the Dairy Industry. Over 317 entries from leading technology companies were submitted and evaluated.
ThoughtFocus was given this honor for building a commercially successful solution that made a difference in the lives of the farmer community at the grass roots level. The solution improves the dairy milk collection process, incentivizes the farmer to produce higher quality milk and ensures the farmers get paid in real time. All at a price point that doesn’t burden the low value transaction of the farmers.
About ThoughtFocus’s Winning Solution
The innovative solution connected the rural milk collection centers to the dairy head-offices over the wireless network allowing real time decisions based on live data on the milk quality, quantity and a number of other parameters all collected without manual intervention. The real time information from the milk collection centers with granularity to the individual farmer enables the dairy companies to constructively engage with the farmers on their milk production. Prior to the solution the dairies had very little control in maintaining or improving the milk quality. Now they can manage track and analyze the mike production history of individual farmers and incentivize them to improve.
Real time information on the milk collection has also enabled dairies control pilferage and adulteration, that has traditionally been a huge problem and disconnect between the dairy and the farmer.
In the past manual paper based data that was processed centrally introduced a lag of 2-3 days and introduced human errors. With ThoughtFocus solution, the data is processed real-time. Reliable field information combined with an integrated banking facility for money transfer, allows the farmers to see money in their account within minutes of supply, as against 15 to 30 days traditionally.
The solution addresses many of the challenges of the dairy industry namely: Assets distributed in wide geography with limited connectivity. Remote monitoring of the assets, managing the purchase rates, detecting fraudulent practices etc.
ThoughtFocus’s key to commercial success has been the “software as a service model”. There are no upfront IT investments for the dairy companies, they pay for what they use. The per use costs are low enough to not burden the low value transactions of milk collection.
ThoughtFocus also offers similar IoT solutions in Municipal Water Distribution & Energy loss management in electrical pumps.
About Express IT Awards
The Express I.T. Awards – an initiative of The Financial Express, honour innovative companies every year for solutions at the cutting edge of technology that have created a tangible commercial impact on the society. The Awards discover, recognize and reward IT initiatives that have enabled businesses to go beyond the ordinary, and have had a positive impact on the community at large. Embodying the Indian Express Group’s spirit of excellence and credibility, The Express I.T. Award nominations undergo a thorough scrutiny by The Financial Express editorial team and our Knowledge Support, PWC, to ensure that only innovations that have made a market impact are brought in front of the eminent jury comprising a panel of globally recognized innovators.
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