TIZOLA FOOD DELIVERY: Celebrate the Most Delicious Feast at Your Convenience


Every time we crave delicious food, we know making it ourselves is not feasible due to many constraints–sourcing ingredients, raw materials, finding the recipe, learning, and preparing it with a fifty-fifty possibility of a perfect/imperfect outcome. If only we could order it anywhere-anytime from our nearby favourite restaurants, hotels, eateries, or even from our homes and get it delivered to us with an assurity that the delivery personnel will be maintaining all the safety norms perfectly. 

Don’t you worry, food lovers! You can. And as easy as taking your smartphone, downloading the TIZOLA FOOD DELIVERY app on it and surfing through the widest choices of food joints and the broadest range of menus available at your fingertips. 

Driven by the charismatic leadership of the Founder and CEOSuresh Balusu, TIZOLA’s mission is to provide its valuable customers with the most professional, fast, dependable, and technologically advanced delivery service from surrounding local restaurants. 

Feasting on Mouth-Watering Cuisines

Suresh says, “We promise our customers to celebrate life’s special moments by offering the best food with the best service app.” 

TIZOLA is a fast-growing online food ordering portal and an internet-based application that will accept individual or group orders, process payments online and offline and trigger the prepared food delivery to a designated location. With a low budget, restaurant owners who want to take and grow their business online free of cost can start their online business and get orders from TIZOLA’s ever-growing customer base. The restaurant owner can make more visibility over the internet without any knowledge and investment. Suresh adds, “We strive to provide quality services for the satisfaction of our customers.” 

TIZOLA is bringing a social impact by creating employment for unemployed males and females willing to be self-employed. Suresh says their main motive is to provide service to small restaurants that can expand their business online without cost. Hundreds of restaurants are being registered with TIZOLA, and many more will be registered soon, which ensures each customer will get a wide range of food and can choose their favourite food from nearby restaurants. In a few months, TIZOLA has reached 14+ cities. “We will expand all over INDIA in a couple of years,” he informs. 

With the growing competition and changing consumer demands, Food delivery service providers kept adopting unique innovations to overcome market requirements. Suresh and his team TIZOLA are concentrating on all tier-2 cities. Even small towns also have good business with many restaurants. In recent years, the number of working women has increased in the Indian workforce. As a result, the number of double-income families has also grown up.

Owning TIZOLA Food Franchise

Suresh expresses, “With TIZOLA, we aim to create Entrepreneurs.” In the last two months, Investors from USA, DUBAI, and FRANCE approached to own the company. But TIZOLA aims to create Employment and also encourage new entrepreneurs. “For this, we introduced a never-before Franchisee model in this Food delivery industry,” reveals Suresh. 

While both partners are working and part of hectic work schedules, it becomes difficult for people to get time and energy to cook at home. Moreover, the dual-income scenario has increased the overall spending capacity of families.

TIZOLA VOS – restaurant owners can use Vendor Ordering System to get raw materials used in their restaurants, like sauces, chilli powder, packed processed material, etc.

According to Suresh, in India, most of the fast food demand comes from 18-40 years old. What’s more, by the year 2025, the Indian middle-aged demographic is expected to touch 550 million. TIZOLA has the opportunity to grow and expand the business and help interested young entrepreneurs who are unemployed. 

In the past, Fast food was only available in metropolitan cities, but now with digital transformation and social media impact world has become a global village. There was huge demand by the old and young generations being attracted towards ordering food from restaurants, even in small villages, rural towns and cities. With more people using smartphones, increased literacy, and Internet access, the fortunes waiting to be reaped from the home delivery business are just a click away.

Suresh furthers, “We always strive to improve technology and customer requirements and update the app with new features. To help restaurant owners who have no idea about the availability of raw materials. We are introducing TIZOLA EASY and TIZOLA VOS to overcome these situations from restaurant owners.”

TIZOLA EASY is also a FOOD Delivery system it offers food to be delivered from home to home. Using TIZOLA EASY, the food prepared from your dwelling shall be delivered to the housemate at the prescribed location as per the customer on a daily or monthly charge basis. Home food lovers can utilize this new option.

TIZOLA Is India’s First ISO-certified Food Delivery App. Its legal entity is a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Recognized by India under Startup India Scheme.

“Other vendors in the food delivery service sector take up to ten business days to settle the amount with restaurant owners, but we have streamlined process to settle dues within 24 hrs,” assures Suresh. He also reveals that they charge a minimum commission from their partners, unlike other peers in the industry, as their priority is to deliver the best food and a great experience to customers than providing vast offers. “Items can be updated with the latest prices by owners through the app.”

Convenience, Ease, and Comfort 

On account of the rising cases of COVID-19, some of the key players operating in the industry are introducing contactless delivery services, “Which ensure that the food reaches the customer safely with adequate social distancing measures we always follow,” says Suresh. 

Live tracking is an essential element of a food delivery app. “While a person waits for his food, they might check on the status of their orders. We have introduced that option in a user-friendly manner,” says Suresh.  

TIZOLA offers various payment options that ensure a secure and smooth transaction, contributing to their widespread popularity. Nowadays, most people are going digital, and the mode of payment through credit and debit cards have been the most used option. Also, digital wallets can be linked with the TIZOLA app.

Through push notifications, the customers will be notified if anything new is being introduced or if any new offer has been launched. The address book has a feature where one can add several addresses for various locations, including home, work, office, etc.

It is easier for the customers to give feedback, and the ratings can be checked before ordering food from one place. These apps are easy to use by accessing your location and showing the restaurants close to your location, and they also show the restaurant opening time and delivery items list with price and quantity details.

A Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship

Social media has become one of the strongest tools in the business development strategy. “Mobilizing and publicizing one’s product or service most quickly is made possible by social media tools; we use numerous social media platforms for advertising our idea digitally,” says Suresh. 

TIZOLA accomplished tremendous success in a short period despite the COVID pandemic. In Telangana itself, 50000 app downloads in mere 18 months from customers residing in rural areas, tier-3 cities and towns, surpassing one lakh orders delivered with utmost pride and customer satisfaction. 

“We also believe in giving to society by every means whenever an opportunity comes. Some examples are free food donations during strict lockdowns imposed by the State and Central governments to 10000 plus needy people. Delivery boys assigned to distribute food to orphanages and old age homes from the ceremonies and functions in those cities, and TIZOLA served more than 5000 poor people with ‘One Rupee whenever they saw such opportunities,” says Suresh, who shares the saga of his journey, reflecting that learning has no end

The Inception of an Innovator

Committing oneself to be regular and diversified learning will build prospects for new business ideas. No matter how much a person has gained and achieved, there will always be more and more to explore for success. Before Starting the TIZOLA, he worked in print media as a journalist and owned restaurants. 

He spent over eight years in print media, banking, and NGO and decided to start his own Food Tech Startup. Being young, enthusiastic, and entrepreneurial, he always looks for innovative ways to increase customers and business. He also created the company named AMENITY FOODS in 2018. 

In those days, he was inspired by RAMOJI RAO and Koti Reddy Saripalli, the Founding Presidents of the KOTI GROUP OF VENTURES. Before becoming a successful entrepreneur and contributing to social causes, Suresh faced many struggles. 

Since the time he started his venture, he has faced many struggles. At the time, one of his friends supported him very well. Her Name is CHANDAMAMA. “She was always encouraging me and supporting me. We also started the social service organization Named CHANDAMAMA FOUNDATION,” says Suresh. 

Since he has been in the restaurant business for two years, Suresh has in-depth knowledge of how to maximize business through direct and online and reduce waste in restaurants.

Sharing the challenges faced by him, Suesh says, “Today, we can see businesses struggling hard to stay afloat in the market of changing demands and requirements. Frequent changes in the business environment and increasing exploration of technology have upshot the need to improve strategy and approach towards success.”

The Success Strategist

According to him, a few business strategies are widely used to surpass the hurdles in the changing business environment.

Since they are seeing success in small towns, in the future, they plan to expand globally, including major and minor cities all over India. People have been looking forward to trying their food. Not everyone can go and dine at a restaurant. Hence, the on-demand food delivery app development came into being, which not only made it easy for customers to enjoy scrumptious food at the leisure of their homes but also offered a wide variety of cuisines from several restaurants.

With increasing digital literacy and enhanced access to high-speed internet facilities, there is an increasing number of people using smartphones in India. This, coupled with the rising working population and consumer expenditure capacity, represents one of the key factors catalyzing market growth. In line with this, the emerging trends of on-the-go foods and quick home delivery models, which offer convenient, ready-to-eat, and cheaper food delivery options, contribute significantly to the market growth. In addition, discounts and cash-back offers are provided by online food-ordering apps.

Finally, Suresh wishes to thank Mahesh Karnati, the Co-founder. “He had six years of experience in Marketing and Insurance. His valuable suggestions have a measurable impact on the success of TIZOLA,” he concludes.

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