Prashant Srivastava: Accelerating Your Biz’s Digital Success with Manak Analytics

Prashant Srivastava
Prashant Srivastava

There are numerous aspects to every business’s digital brand building. Mobile Apps, Websites, Web Apps, Digital, Social Media, and Multimedia Marketing are the facets that increase brands’ digital presence, visibility, reach, and scope. It, in effect, augments online traffic, lead generation, and consumer networking. It leads to amplified sales and repeat customers, creating an ever-increasing loyal customer base. It is indeed wholesome progress. Or in the words of Prashant Srivastava, the CEO of Manak Analytics and Developmentit is vertical and horizontal progress. Explaining the difference between the two, Prashant says that Vertical progress and horizontal progress are two different concepts used to describe different types of personal or societal development.

Wholesome Progress

Vertical progress refers to progress made in a particular field or area of expertise, where an individual or group became more skilled, knowledgeable, and accomplished within a specific domain.

This type of progress involves a deepening of skills and knowledge, often called “deep learning.” Examples of vertical progress include researchers becoming leading experts in their field. Or athletes continually improving their performance in a specific sport.

Horizontal progress, on the other hand, refers to progress made across various domains or areas of expertise. This type of progress involves acquiring a broad range of skills and knowledge. It is often referred to as ‘broad learning.’ Examples of horizontal progress include an individual developing a diverse range of skills. And acquiring knowledge by pursuing multiple hobbies or interests. Or a community that invests in developing a variety of infrastructure and services, supporting the well-being of its residents.

Both vertical and horizontal progress is important for personal and societal development. Vertical progress can lead to breakthroughs and innovations within a specific field, while horizontal progress can lead to increased adaptability, creativity, and problem-solving across various domains.  

Digital Parameters of Business Success  

Manak analytics and development is an India-based Digital Marketing and Web Development company. It provides exclusive web designing and development, App development, Graphic design, Animation video creation, Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, SMO, Content writing, marketing and management, E-commerce development, and software development services worldwide, primarily in the United Kingdom, Ghana, Africa, Australia, and India.

Prashant shares that they provide the greatest website solutions and have a reputation for providing their clients with the quickest and most efficient services. “Our services are diverse and span all aspects of web development and design,” he adds. 

Manak Analytics and Development is India’s Best Web Development Company, with a team of experienced Web developers and designers offering businesses the Best web development solutions. Web designing is a powerful way to showcase the professionalism and passion of the Company for its customers. He states, “We believe that a smart-looking website is the first impression on its visitors.” And the smart design of any website is the starting point.

A Plethora of Futuristic Tech Solutions

Manak has a special team for website design involved in designing professional websites of all categories, including •New Domain Registration, •Mobile Application, •Web and Email Hosting Services, •Artificial Intelligence Web Apps, •Branding and Marketing

The other services provided by the team Manak under Prashant’s exemplary leadership are

Web Application Development

Manak is a leading web application development company focusing primarily on creating applications that deliver value to your business. Prashant says, “Our team is an expert in designing and developing dynamic web applications that perfectly fit your business needs. We care for all your programming needs by providing access to high-quality and secure web applications.”

Mobile Application Development

In this digital world, the mobile phone has become an important part of daily life for everyone. Every brand or business needs a Mobile App to extend its business. A mobile application is the easiest way to connect with more clients and target customers. “We are the team of preserving developers to build the best-suited Mobile Application for your business,” he says. 

Digital Marketing

DM has become increasingly important in recent years as more and more people use the internet and mobile devices to access information. Prashant ensures that Manak brings cost-effective and faster techniques to kick-start your business, showing a rapid growth in your industry. Their professional digital marketing combines strategy, creativity, and technology in promoting your business across all social media platforms, SEO optimization, online advertising, and providing more exposure to your business. 

Data Science

Being the newest and leading influence in business analytics, where Prashant and his team Manak analyze and interpret complex data to help organizations make better and more timely decisions. The most exciting way to use artificial intelligence is with the explosion of IoT devices and the need to gather new data from them. “We have much data to analyze and give all your business insights. Our developers are experts in creating customized solutions to match your business needs,” he adds.  

Website Design and Development

Web development combines the best practices, processes, and tools to develop quality web solutions that meet your business objectives. Prashant says they create customized and innovative website designs to build a good brand image, increase conversion rates and boost sales. “Our web development team comprises highly experienced and skilled software professionals. They understand the importance of deadlines, quality, and customer satisfaction,” says Prashant. 

Under Prashant’s visionary leadership, the Manak team runs various services in Information and Technologies. They are renowned for providing IT Solutions with over three years of experience.

The plethora of Manak’s immersive services include, 

Impact Areas




Services Offered

  • Website Designing

  • Website Development

  • Software Development

  • Mobile Application Development

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Pay Per Click (Google Ads)

  • Paid Marketing

  • Graphic Design

  • Billing Software

Prashant furthers, “Our IT services converge business and technology experts to help to manage business processes of all categories.”

Product Designs: The firm is an expert in creating an efficient user interface that makes user interaction lively.

Big Data and Analytics: Statistical analysis to help an organization gain insights from large information web sets.

Maintain App Data: Prashant and his team create the optimal platform to develop and run digital applications for their clients’ apps.

Manak Analytics and development has received recognition from its clients for providing high-quality services economically. “Our dependable crew is available to our offshore clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are one of the few businesses constantly available,” assures Prashant. 

Further detailing SEO ACTIVITIES, Prashant informs that they include,

Initial Review

  • Competition Analysis

  • Keyword Analysis

  • Duplicate Content Check

  • In-Depth Analysis

On-Page Optimization

  • Meta Tags, Header, Title Tag Optimization

  • Existing Content Optimization

  • Image Optimization

  • Internal Linking and Anchor Text Optimization

  • SEO Friendly URL (URL Rewriting)

  • Keyword Include

  • Website Speed and Page Load Optimization

  • Mobile Friendly Website

  • Structure Data Implementation

Off-Page Optimization

  • Article Writing & Submission

  • Blog Posting

  • Web 2.0

  • Guest Posting

  • Social Marking

  • Profile Creation

  • Off-Site Link Building

Off-Page Optimization

  • Google Tag Manager Setup and Configuration

  • Google Analytics Setup and Configuration

  • Google Web Master Setup and Configuration

  • Robot.txt Creation and Configuration

  • XML Sitemap Creation and Configuration

  • Canonical Tag

Google Analysis Report and Keyword Ranking Report

Finally, Prashant says, “Our very satisfied and delighted clients include brands like Uttarakhand Government, Uttar Pradesh Government, Portronics, MW, Guardian Tech, Agrawal Properties, Sampy, Youngish Masala, 4 Element Softech, GoBeyondLearn, and many more. For the complete list, please visit our website”

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