Pune, India, 30 August, 2016 – TomTom (TOM2) today inaugurated its first global state-of-the-art Innovation Hub in Pune. The 1000 sq. ft. facility will be accessible to all 800+ employees in India. The innovation hub is a strategic platform that will enable employees to upgrade their skills, innovate, raise ideas and think like entrepreneurs. TomTom Pune aims to further increase its headcount to 1000 employees by end of 2016.
With this facility, TomTom aims to develop a deeper culture of innovation in the company with a free-flow of information and ideas across the globe, allowing experimentation and cross-boundary co-operation to drive change throughout the organization. The Pune innovation hub will allow employees to transform their ideas into proof of concepts and prototypes leading to new innovations.
“Innovation is at the core of everything we do at TomTom and we’re excited to open this new facility in Pune. It’s great to build on our existing R&D and innovation centres around the world. Of course, at TomTom, we believe that innovation can happen anywhere and encourage all our employees to be innovative in everything they do.” Said Alain De Taeye, Member of the Management Board at TomTom.
Commenting on the development, Barbara Belpaire, General Manager – India, TomTom and head of the Innovation Hub, said, “The Innovation Hub reiterates TomTom’s approach of being an innovative company with a focus on nurturing the talent in India. This will give employees a platform to develop new software, technology, applications, services and futuristic consumer products in the wearables, mapmaking and data services space. We aim to contribute to the Indian government’s ‘Make in India’ plan where our India team will contribute significantly to innovation globally.”
Pune is one of the key centers in IT, Automotive and Smart cities in India and therefore a great location for the new Innovation Hub. The facility is segregated into three sections: The Demonstration area is made visually appealing with videos and will offer hands on product experience, the Experimentation area will house TomTom and other technology products for reverse engineering, and the Break-Out Room will provide the right atmosphere to cultivate new ideas. TomTom will also look at combining the fun of innovation with a social impact to give back to the society. In future, the company plans to partner with top technical universities and tech start-ups to innovate jointly.
About TomTom
At TomTom (TOM2) our mission is to make technology so easy to use, that everyone can achieve more.
We created easy to use navigation devices, helping millions of people to get where they want to be. Today, we continue to simplify the complex, making technology more accessible for everyone.
We serve four different markets: Consumer, Telematics, Automotive and Licensing.
We make easy to use navigation devices, sport watches and action cameras for consumers. We enable businesses with vehicles to more easily manage and improve fleet efficiency whilst increasing overall business performance with our Telematics solutions. We also offer a world leading real-time map platform that is powering innovative location based services and helping to make automated driving a reality for the automotive industry.
Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Amsterdam, we have over 4,600 employees and sell our products worldwide.

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