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In India, International Immigration has acquired a sense of urgency in recent years. The immigration pathways are changing within the country and the effects of immigration are impacting the countries differently.
Today, migration is one of the continuously changing fields in the world. In this evolving era, Aspire world Immigration Services LLP was incorporated with MCA in the year 2014. Headquartered in New Delhi, Aspire World Immigration Services has its sister branches in Australia and South Africa are pioneer and heading immigration industry
The Profound Partners of Aspire World Immigration
Dr. Shivani Sharma– A Doctor and MBA holder by academics, A counsellor by passion and an entrepreneur by choice, having an experience of more than 10 years in immigration industry she is heading this industry with grace and passion
Ms. Hina Bhutani An MBA by profession, an entrepreneur by family and a passionate employee oriented boss by choice have served this immigration industry since 8 years with boldness
Exploring the Journey of Duo
Dr. Shivani Sharma kick-started her career at the age of twenty-two as a Doctor in a small charitable clinic , where her work was to diagnose people give them treatment and that lasted for 1 year during that time her assistance use to say “ Doctor sahib aap apni baton se hi patient ko theek kar dete ho woh treatment kum aur baat karne zyada ate hai, that time she didn’t realise the depth of it when she use to say it , even after being in most respected profession she was never satisfied as her passion was in counselling ,then after serving there for 1 year she joined a multinational company as a medical coder. At that time, she realised that her core interest was in counselling people. Apart from the salary and hard work; she was not feeling satisfied with her medical profession still
One day, suddenly, she got an interview call from an immigration company having no idea about immigration or visa or any travelling still she went for an interview for experience, and she was selected in firs go . It was the turning point of her life, where she had to make a very hard decision either to continue her medical profession or to completely quit and follow her passion for counselling,  And, finally, she decided to continue as an immigration counsellor without telling anyone in family .Within a short span of time, she banged to be the top Counsellor among 400 people , she owe her success to her boss who made her believe that she is best Mr.Sachin Rastogi . This was the turning period in her life, where she realised her passion was in counselling and started her own venture Aspire World Immigration consultancy services LLP
Dr. Shivani Sharma started her new entrepreneurial journey with Hina Bhutani who was her team member in the previous organisation. Within a year they grew office from five people to close to forty people.
During the start-up time, both have faced lots of challenges. Unfortunately, Shivani met an accident where she was bedridden for over 6 months, then she lost her mother. Despite all these issues, Hina and Shivani were the strength of each other as they stood up in every storm faced every challenge and emerged as one of the most trusted immigrant consultant of India with excellent success rate.
Very bold and strong personality holder, Hina did masters in international business and started her career at the age of twenty-one yrs. She has worked with many organisations and the turning point was when she started working as a team member with Mrs.Shivani in one of the company. Both of them had an excellent sale and marketing strategy and boomed out to be toppers amongst the entire branches of that organisation.
As being very bold and decisive, she is a perfect ideal for all the women in today’s era. During the time, along with all these obstacles, Hina has made Aspire World Immigration as one of the topmost organisation and managed everything from top to bottom without fail. Today, she is the major contributor of the Aspire World Immigration organisation. The one, who rules like a lioness with no fear, Hina is always appreciated.
With time, Aspire World has become the strongest brand in the field of immigration and visa related services.
Incredible Services
The company provides many consultations for visa services. The company is incorporated with the Ministry of Corporate affairs and an ISO certified firm. The major services Aspire world includes:

  • IELTS Online Coaching
  • Immigration Services
  • Investor Visa
  • Job Search Services
  • International Resume Writing Services
  • Internship Services
  • Study Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Dependent Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Spouse Visa
  • Appeals

Conquered Challenges by Recruiting Best staff
Both the partners have faced many challenges but good services were always their priority. So, initially, the challenge for them was hiring qualified and talented manpower. Finding the right people that are diligent in work and it took them a lot of time to screen the best candidate. But, today, we proudly say that we have got this name in such a small period of time is all because of our staff,” they said.
Recognition of brand was another major challenge as there were big brands who were also serving the same services. But then, after doing a lot of R&D, they launched visas which were very new to the industry and the company was successful in the excellent results.
On-Cash flow management challenge: Since the firm was a start-up firm they had limited resources financially but they managed their accounts and within one year they grew from a company of strength of three to thirty-five employees. This is one of the big achievements of the company.
The Success Story
Over the years the company has been performing excellently and was recognised at various platforms while working with various immigration lawyers across the globe. The company has been rewarded among top 5 immigration consultancy in India.
The Aspire World Immigration Services is best in providing with post landing services to the client once he/she reaches the desired country. “We are unique firstly because we are a women concentric organization and 99% of our staff is female,” says Shivani. Furthermore, she adds, “Our company is only who have successfully placed clients on work permits for various countries”.
And it has many more to cater. Its employee strength is more than fifty, which includes Counsellors, visa documentation expertise, HR, Operations team, legal team, feedback team and many more. With an excellent success rate, the company is registered with the Ministry of co-operate affairs and is ISO certified 9001:2015. The best part of Aspire World Immigration Services is that they don’t invest money on marketing and get clients from mouth to mouth publicity. With their good work and post enrolment client services, it makes clients to easily clear the entire interview and visa hassles smoothly.
Striking Future
Over the years, the company is continuously believing in its one of the goal when people think overseas settlement they should just have one name ‘Aspire World Immigration Consultancy Services’ and continue working hard for that.
The company is impanelled and associated with various immigration lawyers across the globe like ICCRC (Canada), MARA (Australia), IAA (New Zealand), Immigration lawyers of UK, immigration lawyers of South Africa and many more across the globe and becoming a one-stop solution for all visa confusion.
The Beginner Colum
Just be honest with the services and give your 100% while serving your clients.

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