VishwaRaj Hospital: Setting New Benchmarks in Healthcare Services

Dr. Aditi Karad | Executive Director | VishwaRaj Hospital

The Indian Healthcare space has seen tremendous growth over the years. The dynamics of the medical industry has affected each and every patient or a person seeking healthcare at an economical level. There have been times when the treatment and cures of a particular condition have been discovered, but the implementation of it is very expensive and time-consuming. Whereas, some conditions have been so normalized that, their treatment is provided free of cost.

Now, how to balance these two extremities has been a tough question to answer. There are very few options available that can mediate between these two extreme situations and provide optimum solutions with respect to it. Some medical organizations and healthcare services providers are diving deep into this situation and striving to come up with solutions that are feasible for everyone.

One such healthcare facility is VishwaRaj Hospital, dedicated to providing quality and affordable healthcare treatments in Pune. It initiated providing services in 2016 as a 300-bed hospital. Now, it is recognized amongst the top emerging tertiary care hospitals.

From the past three years, the goal of the hospital has been to offer ‘exceptional care to every patient every day.’ With an aim to create the best healthcare experience possible, the hospital uses advanced medical technology, comfortable stay options, and a wide-spread network of ambulances, etc. We have a team of experienced yet compassionate doctors that are committed to healing a wide array of health problems and help you live a healthier tomorrow,” says Dr. Aditi Karad, Executive Director of VishwaRaj Hospital.

Visionary Leadership

With a dedicated allied health professionals team and 24×7 back up senior consultants, Dr. Aditi spearheads VishwaRaj Hospital which is providing the best services for the most critical departments. She works with the intent of delivering qualitative and affordable medical facilities to the masses. Her dream to enter in the medical field with sheer dedication and commitment towards this noble cause has evidently led to the rise of VishwaRaj Hospital.

She believes that there is a huge gap in the country, in terms of people’s demand for quality healthcare and accessible availability of such facilities. If a healthcare solution is not affordable to all then it is not a solution at all,” explains Dr. Aditi.

Dr. Aditi is an MBBS, but she has also completed her MA in Hospital Management from the University of Leeds. Her proficiency in hospital management and adept leadership qualities has made VishwaRaj stand top amongst its competition. Its soaring success is due to her meticulous attention to each process. She has truly become an epitome of women empowerment by successfully running such a huge multi-speciality hospital.

Dynamics of VishwaRaj Hospital

The ground reality of the current state of India’s healthcare sector is that it requires thorough facilitation of affordable healthcare services. A lot of people have to even sell their houses to avail appropriate healthcare in India, which is very disheartening to see. This particularly has driven Dr. Aditi and the team at VishwaRaj to work towards the cause inherently.

The hospital, under her guidance, continuously works to achieve the optimum operational efficiency of the facility. It includes availing certain packages that prove helpful to patients with long-term benefits. Every process or SOPs are set in such a way that, all the activities carried out by the team of VishwaRaj contribute towards pocket-friendly healthcare for the patients.

Especially, the cardiology department of the hospital has become one of the prime focuses in the venue. It is providing packages for the treatment of heart-related issues in a specific approach. The cost to the hospital is calculated per treatment when it comes to cardiology services which result to be very feasible for the patients.

Amongst many facets, VishwaRaj Hospital is focused on building its medical tourism department in order to provide quality medical treatments and services to guests from outside the country in an affordable manner.

Medical tourism is moving at a fast pace in India. Every Hospital is trying to grasp its vast market share and have a piece of the pie just to increase its credibility and financial position by putting efforts into acquiring patients from abroad. The availability of good medical infrastructure and well-qualified doctors makes India a suitable Medical hub for people coming from different countries in the hopes of efficient and economical healthcare services. Hence, VishwaRaj is also making consistent efforts to facilitate excellent services in this domain as well.

The Point of Distinction

The trends in the Indian medical sector keep changing rapidly and the most important array that is grabbing the attention is the daycare procedures. According to Dr. Aditi, the number of patients coming to the hospital and leaving after getting the treatment, it all comes under the daycare procedures.

While improving the procedures, reducing the stay time of patients is what Vishwaraj is putting its efforts into. Initially, when the hospital was launched, the services Vishwaraj provided were more of secondary and a little bit tertiary in nature. Now, after three years, the hospital has moved on to facilitate all kinds of tertiary level medical services with its fully functional resources (other than transplant services).

Though in 2020, the hospital is planning to bring-in the liver transplant services for its patients which is a big plus for the medical facility. The diversified focus of the hospital will be on healthcare services, academics, and quality improvement.

In healthcare services, the centre of excellence for VishwaRaj remains Cardiac Sciences, Neuro Sciences, Critical Care, Mother and Child Care, Renal and Urology, Gastroenterology and Joint Replacement. Apart from cardiac transplant, the hospital is equipped to perform all kinds of surgeries under its domain with all its dynamic resources. All of these services are upgraded from the last year which has proved to be an advantageous change for VishwaRaj.

In academics, the hospital is facilitating DNB and CPS courses. Dr. Aditi believes, “We can never grow without academics.” 8 months ago Vishwaraj was recognized by the NABH as well. Through its CSR activities, VishwaRaj instils a great amount of time and resources in building up the strata of society which is under-privileged.

If there is a girl child born in the family, the hospital provides a 50% concession on the total bill amount of the services charged for that particular family. It is just one of the social initiatives that the hospital carries out as it operates as a charitable trust. VishwaRaj Hospital is making a difference in a lot of lives and is on its way to bring in more happiness for its patients from every section of society by constantly enabling affordable healthcare.

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