Yashoda Hospital & Research Center: Offering Trustworthy and Affordable Medical Treatment

Yashoda Hospital & Research Center

Today, India is in an advantageous position to tap into global opportunities in the medical sector. With the advancement in technology, the healthcare industry is also experiencing an upgrowth in its technology. This has led to the benefit of the entire population of the country.

Providing proper medical care has always been given a high priority in India. With the same aim, Yashoda Hospital & Research Center started its journey in 1990 with 100 well-organized beds. It is one of the first leading NABL AND NABH accredited hospital of Delhi-NCR.

Through the years, the hospital has successfully managed to grow by opening two branches. The Nehru Nagar branch accommodates 306 beds with multispeciality services. On the other hand, the Sanjay Nagar branch in Ghaziabad has 100 beds dedicated to cancer treatment.

Exemplifying Leadership

Yashoda group of hospitals is led by the honorable Dr. Rajat Arora, Founder, Trustee and Director of Yashoda Foundation. Through his dedication, the Yashoda Group is now a successful healthcare provider in the NCR region.

Dr. Arora has been credited as a brilliant cardiologist of high academics. He completed his MBBS from Baba Shahib Ambedkar University. He has done his post-graduation from the prestigious GSVM Medical College, Kanpur.

Dr. Arora has a very noble mission to educate the rural masses about the importance of medicine and healthcare. He and his team organize camps to create awareness on issues like sanitation, personal hygiene, periodic medical check-ups, nutrition, safe drinking water, etc. He also focuses on female health care and childcare to strengthen the rural healthcare system.

Distinct Facilities 

Being a multispeciality hospital, Yashoda Hospital and Research Centre provides various healthcare services which include:

  • Centre for Accident and Emergency
  • Centre for Nanotechnology and Pediatrics
  • Centre for Cardiac Science
  • Centre for Cancer
  • Centre for Lungs, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
  • Centre for Stroke
  • Centre for Nephrology (Kidney Transplant)
  • Centre for Diabetes and Bariatric Surgery
  • Centre for PET and Gamma Camera
  • Centre for Gastroenterology and Liver diseases
  • Centre for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine
  • Centre for Cosmetology and Pastic Surgery
  • Centre for Neuroscience

Selflessly Providing Healthcare 

Some of the biggest challenges faced by the hospital during the initial days were the handling of trauma victims and medico-legal issues. Equipping Trauma Care with vascular, neuro, plastic and ortho surgeons round the clock was also another big challenge the hospital faced.

But as time passed, the hospital successfully implemented all the factors required. Soon, the hospital gained the people’s trust as it started providing medical care at an affordable rate.

Every specialty and subspecialty is attended with consultants who fulfill a requisite. This practice of privileging doctors according to their expertise, knowledge and skill base was another significant milestone in the quality of clinical care provided.

Apart from providing excellent healthcare, Yashoda Hospital gives great importance to its employees. The management follows the employee’s first attitude which helps the team to stay strong and together. This, in turn, develops a sense of ownership and commitment in the different job roles they perform and work together as one family.

As mentioned before, Dr. Arora has been selflessly working towards providing medical assistance to the rural population. He has successfully held various medical camps. These medical camps included specialists, paramedical staff and necessary drug delivery staff to the areas needed.

After the camp, it was followed up by workshops where people were educated on the basics of sanitation, personal hygiene and nutrition. One of the greatest initiative by Amar Ujala foundation and Yashoda hospital – healthy children, healthy village was taken up. Also, through this initiative, several camps were organized for girl students.

Along with these camps, Dr. Rajat Arora has coordinated with Gram Panchayat and Aganbari Centres. He has ensured that awareness about the preventive medication pre and post-pregnancy was created in rural areas. Vaccination camps have also been conducted in the adjacent villages of districts like Bulandsehar, Aligarh, Ghaziabad among others.

Public shows in rural areas have been taken place with a view to educating elementary issues that are faced by the people. This was done for up-gradation of rural health issues including information regarding the regulation of medical care and medical ethics.

Exhibiting Excellence

Yashoda Hospital and Research Centre has been approved as an Institutional Associate of Healthcare Sector Skill Council (HSSC).

Yashoda Hospital and Research Centre further assures to keep working on its vision. It will continue to create a comprehensive and integrated world-class healthcare facility. This will be done by providing the best clinical practices and cutting edge technology with compassionate patient care.

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