Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre: Achieving Excellence in Enhancing Patient Experience

Sri Ramchandra Medical Center

Medicine, as a human endeavor today, encompasses several facets which include specialized scientific knowledge, and the use of sophisticated technologies. Technologies such as those developed for diagnosis and intensive care, a complex institutional framework, and a resource-intensive enterprise with an intricate interface with society.

Considering the current scenario of the rising levels of infectious and chronic degenerative diseases or increasing drug-resistant varieties of diseases and many such challenges, it is clear that the hospitals’ approach towards the solutions needs to be very innovative. Not just only innovative but they are supposed to be according to the current practices. One such medical institution moving forward with such an approach is Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre (SRMC).

SRMC is a quaternary care multi-specialty hospital. It was founded by Late. Shri. NPV. Ramaswamy Udayar in 1985 with the intention of translating the experience and expertise of medical education into tangible and affordable health care to the community. The institute is functioning under the dynamic leadership of Thiru, Mr. V. R. Venkataachalam – Managing Trustee & Chancellor and Mr. R. V. Sengutuvan, Pro-Chancellor. Today, SRMC is a leader in health care delivery in South India providing cutting edge state-of-art care for patients who walk through its portals daily. The Medical Centre is located in a sprawling 175-acre campus that is lush green throughout the year. It is an 8 storied building with 724 in-patient beds inclusive of 157 critical care beds, 12 operating rooms, contemporary laboratories, radiology, and blood bank services. “We are proud to state that we have the best physicians, surgeons and health care providers across all medical, surgical and sub-specialties,” says the team of SRMC.

Guiding Factor

Mr. V. R. Venkataachalam, son of late Shri. N.P.V. Ramasamy Udayar, is a leading educationalist, an astute businessman, a philanthropist involved in extensive religious and social work and a successful industrialist who hails from an illustrious family of repute in Tamil Nadu.

Other than his involvement in different industries, Mr Venkataachalam is aligned with various public associations such as the Censor Board, Chemical Manufacturing Organizations Association. He also plays an essential role in driving other charitable public health and social service activities.

Striking a Balance

In the current era where access and entry into hospitals depend on gender, socioeconomic status, education, wealth, and location of residence (urban versus rural), SRMC strikes a balance by providing excellence in healthcare services in equal proportion to people from all walks of life.

At SRMC, patient-care is the top-notch priority. No doubt, it rolls out proactive healthcare solutions for their betterment and well-being. Leveraging Chief Minister’s Fund, it puts its best foot forward in carrying out a plethora of surgeries and deliver patient-perfect services.

In the delivery of healthcare, care and compassion are as important as the skills of professionals and cutting-edge technology. This human touch along with a patient-centric hospital design, high-quality treatment at an affordable cost and a soothing ambiance make SRMC the destination for accelerated healing. “We at SRMC have adopted a village near Rasipuram, where regular camps and health checkups are conducted for the benefit of rural people, for several years now,” shares the team of SRMC. “The people from rural areas are getting connected and treated by our doctors,” informs Mr. VR Venkataachalam.

To compensate for the doctor vs patients ratio for the next 2 to 3 decades, team SRMC laid the foundation of tech-enabled Telemedicine Centre. This centre delivers healthcare support by replicating the interaction of a traditional encounter between a patient and the service provider through the application of secure video conferencing technology. SRMC is one of the pioneers of this technology in India.This technology has been developed by utilization of world-class standard equipment along with specially designed software. The software assists in Radiological, Pathological & Dermatological image transferring, viewing and acquisition.

In a conclusive statement, Mr. R. V. Sengutuvan says, Our Intensive Care Units with 162 beds & ER having 30 beds are manned by team of experts with committed professionals having an average foot falls of 25000 patients per year. We have special facilities and services for the observation and care of critically ill patients, because of the special nature of the ICUs.”  

He further adds, “Our team is equipped to handle various organ transplant surgeries and is also a pioneer in renal transplant. All the high-end equipment and state-of-the-art infrastructure of the hospital helps the team to perform living donor surgery and cadaver surgery efficiently. The organ transplant team works with the organ donor and recipient before and after surgery to ensure the optimum likelihood for superior outcome.”

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