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Established in the year 2017, Yende Legal Associates is a reputed law firm based out of Mumbai. Though the firm is new, the founder Dr. Ashok Yende and co-founder Adv. Abhishek Yende bring on board a combined experience of over forty-three years in the legal profession.
The Founding Pillars
Ashok Yende,  LL.B., LL.M. and Ph.D (Law) has more than three decades of rich and extensive experience in administration, teaching, and profession. Prior to establishing the Law Firm, he has held the post of  Professor & Head, Dept of Law in the University of Mumbai and headed several other leading law institutions in the country . He has participated in more than sixty-five National and International conferences including the ones organized by the United Nations and has seven books and forty-five publications to his credit. He has been awarded with prestigious “National Law Award”, by the International Council of Jurists (ICJ) for the Year 2018, and conferred “Exceptional Leaders of Excellence” Award – 2018 by Women Economic Forum (WEF).
Abhishek Yende, LL.B. from ILS Law College Pune and LL.M. from Birmingham University, UK has 10 years of practicing experience before the Bombay High Court and other Courts. He is ‘A’ Panel Counsel of Bombay Municipal Corporation and “B” Group Counsel of State of Maharashtra.
The Legal Works
The firm specializes in various branches of law such as Writ Petition, PIL, Criminal law, Civil law, Consumer law, Real estate, Consumer Law, IPR. Their most prominent case is that of “Dr. S.K. Kedia V. State of Maharashtra.”
Its legal team consists of experienced and highly skilled legal professionals in different courts at different levels including Sub-ordinate courts, High Court, Supreme Court. It focuses on rendering high quality and timely service to all its clients. It understands the problem and situation of its clients and provides a customized solution to each client by maintaining confidentiality, commitment, and dedication in its work. The firm’s aim is to achieve the highest standard in the profession at an effective cost. The team continuously updates its knowledge and skill base in the laws to provide the client with the best possible results and provide the best services to all clients who seek it’s services.
Views on the Legal System in India
Our legal system is based on British Common Law, Anglo-Saxon, and Adversarial System established by the then colonial powers. A well-organized system of judicial administration postulates a properly equipped and efficient Bar. The establishment of the Supreme Court of India in 1950 and Bar Councils at the National and State level, gave a new stimulus to the Indian legal profession.
In my personal opinion, to make suitable the existing justice delivery system in the existing socio-economic circumstances of our country, we have to simplify the laws and procedure of justice delivery system. It should be more victims oriented, than lawyer oriented.  Though I am of the strong opinion that dignity and decorum of the Courts should be maintained, less importance should be given to protocol, formalities.
The duo opines that people will respect the court and judicial system if they get effective, efficient, speedy and inexpensive justice. The current scenario also calls for sensitization of lawyers for the social cause. The legal education should be properly re-structured to equip students with professional and advocacy skills, than only class room and exam oriented teaching. In spite of some challenges facing justice delivery system, we cannot forget role of the Indian Judiciary. Though I appreciate proactive judicial activism when required, I feel judicial overreach is undesirable, and unconstitutional in the democracy.
E-Courts, they mention, is a step towards modernization in the Indian legal system. Modern India with information and communication technology surely needed this step. Ashok says, “Now, all courts are being connected at district and subordinate courts in the country, which will help in coordination between courts”.
Applying ICT in the judicial and legal process will increase efficiency, promote easy research, allow for easier information retrieval and will help in reducing inefficiency, inaccuracy, lack of transparency.. Technological revolution in the justice process and system, is a milestone.
Societal Responsibility
The firm provides free legal aid to poor people, and files Public Interest Litigations under the guidance of competent legal professionals as a part of its societal responsibility. Dr. Ashok also conducts workshops on “Clinical Legal Education” in various law colleges in the Maharashtra, besides, training young lawyers in advocacy skills through various programmes. To these young and budding lawyers, their advice is to, “Convert this profession into opportunity, be positive, believe in yourself and your inner voice, take a calculated risk, and try to provide  genuine justice to the people”
Future Works
For better future prospects and providing better solutions, Yende Legal Associates is using modern technology in providing its services. Legal service and consultation is provided through senior and competent lawyers. It will be making more connections / networking with leading law schools and leading law firms. It will also keep attracting young and brilliant talent to provide quality and timely legal service to its clients.

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