Aakanksha Gupta: A Vibrant and Powerful PR Professional

Empowered women are the one, who dares to freely live their life with the sense of self-worth, respect, and dignity. They are the ones who can fight and go the extra mile for attaining their socio-economic liberty and have the audacity to make their own choices and decisions for their benefit as well as for the society. Ambition, aggression, and compassion are the character traits of an empowered woman who has the potential to exercise her freedom fearlessly to chase her dreams. Aakanksha Gupta, Founder, The Other Circle, has become the epitome of women empowerment with her successful stint as PR professional and entrepreneur.
Her impeccable style, creative vision and rich experience of over ten years as a PR and Marketing professional has made her one of the best PR & Marketing professionals in India. She has executed successful launches of various products and events for numerous multinational clients and won the praises for the same. Aakanksha is a diligent and committed professional who always believe in delivering much more than what she promises to her clients. Her forte lies in execution and analysis of Marketing and PR strategy, Press relations, Social media management, Product launch, Writing requirement and many more.
The prestigious Xavier Institute, Narsee Monjee College of Commerce & Economics and Mumbai University are her alma mater from where she learned the fundamentals of Marketing and Public Relations.
Traits that made her Stronger
I think anything is possible if you have the mindset and the will and desire to do it and put the time in”- Roger Clemens, Ace Baseball Pitcher. Aakanksha also believes and follow the said ideology.  For her, there is no such thing as impossible in the world. “If we put our mind, heart, and soul into it, then everything is achievable” asserts Aakanksha. Today, she is riding on a success trajectory, but it was not a smooth sailing at all. She has seen many professional challenges, but with a single-minded focus and determination, she turned it into an opportunity to grow further. She is humble enough to credit a part of her success to the family members, co-workers, and friends who stood behind her all the time. She also considers her team as her backbone and a source of inspiration, which drives her to the office every single day with a smile on her face.
Apart from professional work, she loves Dancing, Meditation, and Reading which assist her to maintain a work-life balance and help her to rejuvenate her mind.
Attributes required in a Leader
Aakanksha believes that any leader should be an expert in their business field, who knows all the nitty-gritty details of their business and have a deep understanding of all the core skills required. One should also have the humbleness and openness to acknowledge their shortcomings and learn from their mistakes. To hire, train and incentivize right talent is also a vital trait, which a leader should have. If any leader bypasses these qualities and expects top class results from the employees will only turn out to be a disappointment, she asserts.
Aakanksha, even being an expert in her field, she still considers herself as a “learner” and got an impulse for further learning. She does not even hesitate to acquire anything new or interesting, even from her junior colleagues. Another critical quality, which a leader must possess, is the “vision to look into anything without a set of preconceived notion.” This helps a leader to explore and invent something new, which might turn out to be the new fuel for the engine of company’s growth. Aakanksha has this quality, and she always has a fresh perspective on any given task which helps her in delivering “out of the box” and “innovative” solutions. These qualities have assisted her in delivering top-class results for her clients, and help her to won accolades as well.
The other circle is a young, ambitious team with unmatched capabilities to think of creative solutions and strategies. Aakanksha has an eye for detail and loves challenging herself and pushing herself to newer heights always. She is quick on her feet, a thorough professional and always eager to learn. It’s an absolute pleasure working with her and it is truly inspiring to see her work the way she does.”- Celebrated Chef Ranveer Brar
Services of “The Other Circle”
Incepted in 2013, Mumbai-based “The Other Circle” is the brainchild of Aakanksha. It provides all types of contemporary solutions like Marketing, Public Relations, Content Marketing and Research for varied client base. The Other Circle (TOC) has a proven track record of crafting right perception for a brand, by connecting with the targeted audience with a correct ideology, culture, and features, blended with quirky, innovative and creative ideas.
Future Business Expansion
Aakanksha’s team is expanding across India and South East Asia as well. TOC is also planning to start financial services vertical for start-ups with an end-to-end incorporation and tax planning, rolled out into a single service.
Message and Vision for Women across the Globe
Aakanksha believes that multitasking is by default imbibed in women’s DNA. If women shed their inhibitions and dream big with fearlessness, then there is nothing in this world which can be unachievable. She has a humanitarian vision as well and wants to create more women-centric jobs that offer flexibility and also uplift women across the world.
Source :- Inspiring Stories of Indian Women Leaders in Business

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