Meghana Saraogi: Figure of Inspiration for Women Entrepreneurship

I see woman who have left an impact on many lives. An empowered woman is someone who knows her strengths and isn’t afraid to embrace them. A woman, who has taken a stand for herself, aware of her rights, is confident to face the world and is not scared of taking risks and making strong decisions. An empowered woman will empower other women and show them the right path. She is a great leader and an inspiration.
To be empowered means to be in control of your life, aware of your capabilities, and ready to take on even your biggest dreams.
Journey of Meghana Saraogi
The time Meghana decided to give up her job and start StyleDotMe she had many challenges outspread on floor. She wasn’t as confident but being a passionate spirit it all helped her to see a clear vision to innovate something interesting. In the journey there were many people who helped, stood by but many opposed and discouraged. At every step when people told her that she cannot do certain things, she initiate with a zeal and worked harder to prove them wrong and moved ahead.
People tried to pull her down, and discourage to stop. So she thought of becoming stronger in every word of discouragement. People would judge her on the basis of her gender. It’s difficult for people to accept the fact that a woman is running a company and has raised funds on her own, building her own team, hustling every single day for various things without a sign of demotivation. She does not want that just because she is a woman, rather she should be treated differently.
Meghana do not expect special attention or benefits, but what she expect is respect! Equality! What she expects is that when people make decisions for investment, collaborating or even joining her company it should be on the basis on her qualification, vision, and strengths than Gender. She resent questions that dwell on her commitment towards her work post getting married or having children. Meghana would like to answer questions on how she can create a difference in the world by the product she is building. How they can build first ever global fashion-tech product.
With all the experiences with people and situations she became stronger. She learnt how to let go of things which doesn’t matter and stand by the once that will take her places.
Inception of StyleDotMe
StyleDotMe is a fashion application that lets users virtually Try-on things along with getting instant fashion advice from experts around the world. Through this platform, users can see themselves in things without actually wearing it through their augmented technology (starting with jewelry, earrings) and get instant fashion advice from experts around the world. The experience is quick and in real time for instant advice. The company stands world’s first real-time AR tech platform for jewelry and are working towards expanding in other domains.
Founders Take by Meghana Saraogi
Keeping the right people and letting go of the ones that don’t fit in the company is one of the most important decisions for any founder. Right team is the foundation for any company. As a leader, giving the team the freedom and opportunities to grow, authorities to take decisions and making sure they come before everything else should be on the top list of any founder.
Understanding to Live Freely
Her most important learning till date has been though experiences, bad good, ugly, everything has taught her something and left an impact on her life. She even tried to gain something from these experiences so that she couldn’t make the same mistakes again.
She confessed that she was a very emotional person and would let emotions flow and affect her professional life. Then she realized that people would take advantage of this weakness and take herself for a ride. Over the period of time she also experienced that it’s not bad to be transparent and vulnerable but wrong to show the emotional part and get weak in making decisions. What’s most important is being humble, grounded, having strong values and integrity, what will keep one going is how well they can connect with people and make them feel special.
Meghana learnt these lessons from her mentor Mr. Sanjeev Bikhchandani. His thoughts, value system and intelligence keep her on toes and teach her how one should be in life.
Meghana firmly believes passion, persistence, values and integrity are the most important qualities that she attribute success to. For woman in business, she believes them to be more confident and stand by themselves. Always stand up for your rights because if you won’t you would be the most depressed person ever.
The statement and the reason behind such amazing positive attitude is she only does some form of exercise that makes her fit and happy. She also had a word with her family and friends to distress her anxieties.
Significant Advice to the Society
The captain lady, Meghana Saraogi says, “Respect People and do not Judge them on the basis of your limited knowledge or information about someone. You don’t know what they are going through and rather than helping someone you might be the reason of their further problems.
Do little things that will make a difference in someone’s life every day. Share a laugh, Smile, encourage people around you, making them feel loved and special, share your story and inspire.”
Future of StyleDotMe
StyleDotMe aims to build the world’s largest fashion platform where people can see themselves in things (literally everything) without trying them, get instant fashion advice from experts around the world and shop. From fashion inspiration to shopping StyleDotMe becomes one stop solution for everything fashion.
The growing fashion industry and people getting fashion conscious encourages the organization to build the platform. StyleDotMe has got huge traction and users seeing it as a platform that gives them a social validation makes us want to work harder.
Source :- Inspiring Stories of Indian Women Leaders in Business

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