Dr. Urvashi Makkar: Improving Educational Opportunities and Outcomes

Dr. Urvashi Makkar
Dr. Urvashi Makkar

The idea of perfect womanhood is perfect independence” articulates Swami Vivekanand; inspired by him and believing in a similar ideology, Dr. Urvashi Makkar, has set out to empower women and youth across the world. She is a seasoned academician with a knack for entrepreneurship and a persistent passion for learning. Dr. Urvashi envisions an empowered woman as a picture of confidence, diligence, exceptional resolve,and comfortable in the skin of multidimensional roles.
Dr. Urvashi as a Leader
Born to parents with strong nationalist philosophy towards life, Dr. Urvashi had a highly centric upbringing with incessant emphasis on breaking barriers to set higher benchmarks every day. Urvashi’s dream, aim, passion and mission have always been to improve the quality of educational system in India. “Education is one of the primary needs for any nation to develop. Education is no doubt the most powerful tool to change the world but for that it is important that right people join this sector,” says Dr. Urvashi. With this mindset she embarked on a journey to promote higher education in India.
Currently, Dr. Urvashi is associated with G L Bajaj Institute of Management & Research (GLBIMR), Greater Noida as a Director General. In an astounding time of 10 years, the institute has demonstrated meteoric growth and has carved a distinct niche for itself in the field of management education. Achieving academic excellence integrated with skill enhancement is the core focus of the Institute. Dr. Urvashi’s focus on the Triple dimensional approach in innovative pedagogy, value based research orientation & academic excellence facilitates the development of future corporate leaders.
An Inspirational Philosophy
Since childhood, Dr. Urvashi has been very strongly inspired by the thoughts and works of Swami Vivekanand. His youth orientation, his teaching and his passion have always inspired her. She imbibes his teachings in her profession to make sure that she contributes towards the society. She claims to have inherited her passion towards work from her parents.“I have never stopped learning and re-learning in my life,” says Dr. Urvashi. She believesthat education empowers us with the ability to think, to differentiate ‘right’ from the ‘wrong’, and ‘good’ from the ‘bad’. Our country needs empowered youth with a wholesome education and Dr. Urvashi believes this to bethe responsibility of the teaching fraternity. For that it is of utmost importance that the teachers empower themselves first. Dr. Urvashi has dedicated a considerable time of her life towards research work than can help in the betterment of the education system in India.
The Future belongs to those who believe in their Dreams
Choosing education sector as a profession was never an alternative to Dr. Urvashi. She had the focus of getting into teaching and mentoring from the very beginning. “Despite the overwhelming haze of gender inequality and patriarchal society in our country, it has been an achievement to reach, where I am today,” says Dr. Urvashi.
Dr. Urvashi is glad that she is doing justice to her dreams and encourages women across the world to follow their dreams and believe in them. She believes that being a part of the Teaching Fraternity was her best decision because it has changed her way of thinking towards social, economic& national issues and has given hera strong conviction that the youth of the country can definitely be oriented as the biggest asset of the country. “As a Teacher, I contribute towards this National goal,” says Dr. Urvashi.
Awards, Rewards, and Accolades
Dr. Urvashi Makkar, with Ph.D., EPHRM-IIM Calcutta, MBA, and PGDCA has a varied experience of 21 years in academics, research, and training & consultancy. She has recently been conferred with “Eminent Director of Leading Institutes of India”award by Competition Success Review (CSR), 2016 & 2015. She has also received the prestigious “Rashtriya Shiksha Gaurav Puraskar” for the year 2014 by Centre for Education Growthand Research (CEGR) and,the “Confederation of Education Excellence Teacher’s Award”, 2014 in thecategory of Higher Education.
She has more than 76 publications in refereed International/National Journals and has authored/edited 10 books. One of herCRM Book with TATA McGraw Hill is the first book in the area of CRM which has been translated in Chinese language and adapted as a reference book by China Republic University.
Dr. Urvashi’s journey in contributing towards the areas of Research and Consultancy was appreciated when she was accorded as ‘TrainerAssociate & Local Coordinator’ for UGC sponsored workshops on Capacity Building for Women Managers in Higher Education. She has also started ‘Journal of IMS Group’ as Founder Editor-in-Chief, which has been listed in Cabell’s 11th Management Edition¸ USA. Furthermore, Dr. Urvashi is the Founder Chief Editor of “InternationalJournal of Customer Relations” and is holding the Chair of Sr. Associate Editor in Editorial Board ofIARS’ International Research Journal, Malaysia.
Forthcoming Intends
Dr. Urvashi looks positively at developing an entrepreneurial culture and a Global interface. “There is a strong need of encouraging Research orientation amongst students as well. In my current association I am very actively working on these issues,” ensures Dr. Urvashi. The young talent of India has to be nurtured in a way so that their ability can contribute for the economic development of the country. She aims to achieve this vision by connecting the young Indians to management education with apurpose to grow as entrepreneurs. At the same time she understands the need to redefine the management education in terms of employability to develop an entrepreneurship culture in India.

Source :- Inspiring Stories of Indian Women Leaders in Business

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