Sonia Manchanda: Pioneering Telecom Expenditure Management with a Vision to Evolve, Enable and Empower the World

Sonia Manchanda
Sonia Manchanda

Success doesn’t come overnight; it comes with sleepless nights, immense effort, an extraordinary idea, sky-high ambitions, efficient planning, self-reliance, wise mind and intelligent thinking. Becoming a successful person isn’t easy, but becoming a successful leader is much more difficult. Every successful person paves a new path of life and shows an extraordinary way of achieving goal. And, life story of each one of them becomes an inspirational tool for us.
Here comes the astounding and impressive story of a successful businesswoman, Sonia Manchanda, Founder & COO at K.S. Airsoft Pvt. Ltd, a woman who believes in herself and has a vision to evolve, enable and empower a brigade of youth to do more, see more and be more. To her, empowered woman is someone who is somewhere in between inspiring others, meeting and exceeding her goals. Every woman has her own fears and weaknesses, but the one who push herself to shine beyond the words to explain and at the same time humble enough to know that she is not perfect, yet confident enough to tread the path to perfection is someone who achieves success. Sonia says that no matter what happens; a truly successful woman will talk with the crowd and keep her virtue and walk grand but not lose the common touch.
Empowered Woman, from Sonia’s Point of View
To describe woman in a bold and creative way, Sonia quoted a few couplets from Rudyard Kipling’s IF to give shape to her imagination of a woman already empowered by natural instincts.
She can dream but not make dreams her master,
She can think and not make thoughts her aim;
She can meet with Triumph and Disaster,
And treat those two imposters just the same;

And, most importantly, she appreciates and respects the value and worth of a man in her life.
Her Passion to Drive the Initiative Helps Her Achieve Success
Most interestingly, the qualities she looks for in an empowered woman are the qualities she has inculcated into her. While glancing at her life story, one can say that since the beginning of her career and the entire journey since then till now has been an experience which is quite remarkable among the lives of the prominent entrepreneurs.
With a distinguished academic record in to the core of Telecom Analytics as a young engineer, Sonia jumped straight into the deep end, with the uncertainties of an “undiscovered” industry-and succeeded overcoming the constraints of a startup. She said, “Being an entrepreneur has given me a chance to stand up for what I have believed in, and spread the word. It enabled me push the solution in the space no body ventured before.” Her passion to drive the initiative to the extreme end of success story that is, and will be built over years of sweat and perseverance, and that is what is helping her to achieve goals very often.
Like any other CEO/Founder of any unit in ideal state and holistic perspective of mind, Sonia too owns the foundation – purpose, vision & mission, and determines the strategic direction of her entity. She dedicates herself to build the culture of citizenship/ownership, provide proper resources, remove obstacles, and makes decisions with conviction. She proactively adapts, reliably delivers and engages herself for the impact.
About the Pioneering Company of the TEM Industry
Sonia firmly believes in what Lord Buddha said, “What you are is what you have been. What you’ll be is what you do now.” With such a belief in mind, she instituted Airsoft in 2007 with a simple but powerful idea: organizations should have complete control over their mobile and fixed communications assets and costs, with the ability to administer their telecom infrastructure on the web. It was formed with a motive to combine Man-Machine integrating Technology, Analytics, Service and Economics in one unified process, the company has been evolving each day to recommend solutions that are right for now and even for the changing future.
Airsoft pioneers the unique service domain of Telecom Expenditure Management; strategic product-service that combines decades of collective telecom consulting and financial analysis expertise. It’s being backed by an extensive and exclusive technology-driven knowledge base of telecom contrast rates, terms and conditions that delivers the market floor rates for an enterprise.
With a mission to provide enterprises with the business intelligence and be an instrumental pivot to reduce any expense related to voice and data (telecommunications); to create telecom as another profit center of a business enterprise of key telecom processes, including management; procurement and order management; invoice processing, auditing and cost allocation, and advance business intelligence and reporting, the company stays at the forefront of the industry.
Under the leadership of Sonia, the company plans to introduce their service into retail segment and also to get an exposure in government and at international markets. Being a self-funded company running on the internal accruals, the company feels confident to stay on the organic growth and ready to deal with any concern as soon as they arise.
Sonia’s Success Mantras
Sonia describes her mantras of success as, “One, I have not feared a move or a thing. Power ends the moment your fear begins. Two, I have taken personal responsibility and accountability – full and complete ownership of my actions and my circumstances and my life. When things aren’t the way they should be and the odds are stacked against my efforts, I look at how I got myself into the situation and how I can bail myself out. Three, the real secret to my path of empowerment is awareness of my strengths and weak zones. Awareness of opportunities and awareness to try each one of them to either succeed or to fail is always there, but I must always try.”

Source :- Inspiring Stories of Indian Women Leaders in Business

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