Adnan Gandhi: The Man Who Redefined Webcasting

Every organization’s motive is to reach as many people of interest. Pharmaceuticals are always looking for new ways to reach their end users by investing smartly.  But there remains a lot of anxiety among these enterprises before any new service is adopted in their business operations. They are always surrounded by questions like whether these services would work, what if they fail, how will the teams adapt to the changes and are they better off continuing with their traditional methods or not.
It is important for any provider in this market to calm those nerves, handhold the client throughout the transition and meet their specific customization demands. Sensing the dire need to help these business transitions, Adnan Gandhi, Managing Director and the Chief Executive officer, formed Webstream Communications Pvt. Ltd,where they sell “a promise and not just a service”. Under his leadership, the ideology that runs through every individual at Webstream is to help the customer and not just fulfill a business transaction.
Integrating cutting edge technology and top-notch communication stratagems, Webstream Communications empowers companies to drive audience participation and engagement at any physical event & beyond. With state of the art, professional & enterprise class Webcasting, Video Conferencing and Voting Pad solutions, Adnan and his team has assisted over 800 leading Indian and Multinational Corporations to transform CMEs, KOL Webinars, Town Halls, Product Launches, AGMs, and Conferences into high audience response events.
When webcasting just started to earn recognition all around the world, Adnan incepted the idea of redefining webcasting with Webstream Communications. Since 2006, this webcasting company has successfully executed more than 5000 events across the globe.
Wondering what Webcasting is…?
Webcasting is one such technology which is spreading throughout the Indian market ever since its emergence in the mid ‘90s. Webcasting is defined as “a broadcast of audio-video and PowerPoint presentation over the internet. It is similar to watching a live event on the television where the viewers can directly connect with you from wherever they are. The viewers can ask questions live and in real time.” The concept of webcasting has been there in India for only 14 years now and Webstream has been winning the trust of people in this sector for more than 10 years.
Inspired by his Mother, Nurtured with Experience
Adnan started working at an early age; at the age of 15 where he honed his marketing, business development, and public relation skills in varied sectors. It’s his hard-work, patience, passion and dedication that helped him gain a substantial growth over the years.
An American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Men are what their mothers made them.” Adnan too, was moulded into an entrepreneur by his biggest source of inspiration, his mother. The journey of Webstream dates back to a time when he was the only one running the company. “My mother had given me three lac rupees from her FD with which I started my venture. Initially, I was operating from home and was functioning as a one man army. I knocked the pharma doors for almost 2 years before these solutions were accepted and then it was no looking back. Soon things fell into place, people of high caliber joined the organization and things got streamlined,” he says.
Adnan completed his engineering degree in Electronics and Telecommunication and later, went on to complete his MBA in Marketing from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS). Adnan had also worked at CISCO Web-Ex for four years before starting his own venture.
Adnan’s Mantra of Success – Individual Attention and Unique Solution for All
Adnan does not believe in the idea that one size fits all. Webstream follows a policy to provide the best and unique solution to each one of their client’s problems. When he meets his clients, he asks them about their core objectives and the outcome that they wish to achieve from a particular set of activity or event and then the Solutions Team decides to design a customized solution with all points in consideration before deploying it.
Webstream Communications: Pharma’s reliable Webinar Experts
Webstream’s technical facilities set them ahead of its competitors.  Webstream was the first company to evangelize the concept of Online Continuing Medical Education (CME). Webstream brings to the table an in depth understanding of the pharma & healthcare industry, their communication needs & the rich technical expertise stemming out of the experience of conducting a variety of events over the years.
Adnan changed the way how businesses approach their target audience. In any event, the speaker does not need to be present on a particular place to give a lecture, instead the speaker can take Webstream’s help to broadcast the lecture live, in real time. This saves the clients from investing a lot of money in travel and stay of international speakers, at the same time, clients can do more events within the same budget.
The Leader’s Message to Budding Entrepreneurs
Adnan believes that reputation is more important than the monetary gain. He still meets his clients and observes event execution to make every webcast a satisfactory experience for the clients.  One must address their work as their first ever assignment. This would drive you to deliver quality service. He advises young entrepreneurs to be obsessive about the quality of service they deliver.
Envisioning Scope All over the Globe
Adnan started Webstream with an idea focused primarily on providing webcasting services but soon he realized that the market demands more and so he started 5 more divisions to Webstream. Today the company provides services like video conferencing, voting pads, transcription, DVD authoring and event production.
Established in 2006, it now has presence across 109 cities in India, 5 countries worldwide and virtually across 93 countries through partners, with a blueprint to advance to another 15 countries in the next 5 years. The company has assisted their clientele in showcasing brilliance to their internal and external customers

Source :- The 30 Influential Business Leaders in 2017

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