Nitin Chacko: Perseverant Leader, Leading the BPO Sector with Adaptability

Life of an entrepreneur is not easy. In any entrepreneurship, while the profits are very high sometime, the losses upsurge too. What keeps an entrepreneur strong and helps him to fight all the odds that come in his/her way are the qualities like adaptability, perseverance, risk taking ability, accountability, farsighted, dynamic and maverick. Challenges and roadblocks are there in every step of an entrepreneur and one such businessman who successfully overcomes all the hurdles that appears in his path with all his entrepreneurial skills and qualities is Nitin Chacko, SBU Head and Managing Director, ICAN BPO Pvt. Ltd.
Ican BPO was formed in 2009 with a vision to provide full service solutions while focusing primarily on the SME segment in North America and Western Europe. Since its inception, the company has rapidly grown into a vibrant diversified organization with a strength of over five hundred professionals including outsourced positions spread across various locations. Under Nitin’s leadership, Ican has attained and maintained a position of leadership in its field. For more than a decade, Ican is satisfying clients with a complete service solution in the areas of customer acquisition and retention across verticals along with their domain expertise. With Nitin, this BPO company is helping businesses achieve their goals and financial objectives and that too without even letting them move out of their comfort zones.
Story of a Successful Entrepreneur
With an extraordinary working experience of nearly two decades, Nitin Chacko is leading the team at Ican along with Jagdish Iyer, President and CEO, Vinod Rao, Sr. Vice President of Operations and Quality and Adarsh Shetty, Sr. Vice President of Business Development. Though all the four pillars of Ican are very strong, Nitin leads the company in such a way that ensures the smooth management of Finance and Technology in the business. Nitin possess a solid experience of more than 15 years in managing all the sectors and aspects of call center operations. He has shared his experience, knowledge and skills while earning his working practice in some of the most known names in the IT and BPO sectors like Wipro, SITEL, Infosys and Adventity, which is now a Sutherland Company.
Most interestingly, Nitin has not just earned an amazing work experience of 15 years, he has run a gamut of operations ranging from high end tech support to customer service and back office desks for a lot of fortune 500 clients like Microsoft, DELL, AOL, CISCO and North Fort Bank.
Being a boss may be easy, but to earn the respect from a subordinate is difficult, it takes a lot of effort and time. While talking about the way a business strategy can lead his company to the path of success, Nitin Chacko said, “To make all this happen, formulate a set of clear strategy like the ability to fold your sleeves and literally do everything that your junior most staff can do is the biggest trait that helps any leader to build a business successfully. This in the true sense is what it means to lead by example.
Ican from Nitin’s Point-of-View
In Ican, Nitin has made a strong belief in culturing and promoting talent within the company itself. He involves himself in constantly encouraging his staff to think out of the box ideas and pilot them to work with the idea to do mass roll out. While most BPO consultancies cater to the needs of the large corporate houses and Fortune 100 or 500 Companies, Nitin leads the team of Ican to extend its adroit services to the SMEs. While maintaining a laser-like focus on ROI, SMEs require a specialized and flexible dashboard management system and under Nitin’s leadership, Ican fulfills all the things SMEs require. He leads his team to initiate work process in such a way that their clients get the feeling of larger centers and expedite things and work around to enable quicker ROI with unparalleled cost benefits.
According to the Managing Director of Ican, unlike others, Ican is acutely conscious about its social and environmental footprints. Under the umbrella of such a leader, the BPO consultant is serving as a one stop solution for all call center requirements including but not limiting to backend finance and accounting. They also offer payroll and tax management services. Along with assisting businesses with their expertise in credit card processing and transaction, Ican assists in acquiring merchant solution at favorable rates and discounts. It also provides customer support desk on per instance billing rather than typical per seat or per hour rates.
Distinctive Approach to Cater Clients Exceptionally
Ican is a professional outfit run by experienced professionals with over 110 years of relevant experience in all aspects of business process outsourcing. The company believes in partner relationship than vendor client type model and willing to work start-ups on profit share. It has retail online experience in US and can assist in getting prominence on the Web through Pay per Click (PPC) on leading search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. It can be a one stop solution for all call center requirements including and not limited to backend finance and accounting but also payroll and tax management. Ican brings in transaction and credit card processing expertise and can help assist in acquiring merchant solution at favorable rates and discounts. The company provides customer support desk on per instance billing than typical per seat or per hour rates.
Insights about the future
The way to success is always filled with steep inclined slopes and high with loose rocky pebbles. Even though facing all the difficulties, Nitin Chacko has led the team at Ican for about a decade and has brought in fame to the company year after year. With Nitin, the company has earned a brand name which SMEs would prefer to work with. In the future days, Nitin plans to further strengthen the SME based business by adding more in the domains of health-care, home based products and insurances. Currently, he is looking forward to growing the business in the UK and Australian markets along with the markets of India. His intentions were clear enough as was the expectation to see an extremely strong demand for the services and plans to grow the current portfolio of business. Nitin has shared his plans about expanding the team to almost double its present size very soon.

Source :- The 30 Influential Business Leaders in 2017

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