Kunal Kerkar: An Inspirational Technology Impresario

Someone has rightly said that there is hardly any difference between maintaining a business partnership and a marriage as they both need a high level of commitment. Co-founding a startup company is a high-octane, high-consequence, long-term date. Have you ever wondered how it would be to have a tech co-founder to your business without any share in the equity? A First Generation Entrepreneur with a core belief in building and scaling companies built on strong value driven principles is Mr. Kunal Kerkar, Founder, MD and CEO of Helix Tech Pvt. Ltd. He is working with some of the most crazy and innovative startups across the world to build and manage next-gen mobile experiences rapidly!
Through his holding company, Kunal handles the entire Business sector of the company along with overall project management delivery and design for most of the clients. Kunal wanted to work with entrepreneurs helping them validate or scale their idea and understand the right market fit. With a vision to achieve that, he launched his venture, Helix Tech, for startups with its flagship product Helix Swift.
A Startup for Startups
Based out of Goa, Helix Tech is a Mobile-First startup helping Entrepreneurs & Enterprises to Build and Manage next-gen mobile experiences rapidly. They’ve recently launched Helix Tech LABS a product division of the company. It has its Focus on the Internet for the Next Billion in growing markets of Southeast Asia. The company further looks-up to Build Apps for the new users of Internet in areas of Healthcare, Education, Economic Empowerment and Public Utilities.
Originated with humble beginnings in an incubator by two IT grads fresh out of college, now close to under 4 years into operations, today the company has a strong foothold in the area of Mobility and is looking to expand into Wearables, IoT & Machine Learning. They have a network of partner companies and business offices in Istanbul & Hanover and are set to open a full-fledged Europe business head office in London!
Providing Cutting-Edge Services
Kunal and his team takes pride on their ability to provide clients with apps that are high quality and secure, while maintaining flexibility to best support the unique security needs of each client’s product. Both your company and your mobile have unique security needs. Helix Tech works with you to align your organization’s priorities with the level of security your product requires.
From native apps to responsive websites to chat bots to voice apps, they start by asking how they might make a process or experience better. After which, the world class team of designers & developers begin to shape incredible digital products. Mobile Product Strategy, Product Design, Mobile Engagement, Native App Development, Data Science, Big Data, Web Development, Rapid Prototyping are some of the areas they focus on. Helix is offering new tech such as Integration with Chatbots, accelerated and higher app reliability via multiple OS & device testing using automated test platforms.
A Born Innovator with an Entrepreneurial Smidge
A regulated learning environment is necessary for the young minds. But, eventually, the freedom to experiment and to create begins to take precedence. Kunal always had an inclination towards business from a very young age. His first stint at Entrepreneurship was, in the 5th semester of his graduation program, with a product named Papercrunch. It was a platform that enables engineering students to access study content and network more efficiently.
Kunal’s urge for providing a technological front for learners and innovators propelled him to establish Helix Tech. As a part of the leadership team at Helix Tech, Kunal spends most of his time on two key areas to build a great team and get great work. Kunal’s core focus is on hiring competent talent for the company along with spearheading the business team while overlooking sales, also creating new partnerships and synergies to help leapfrog the company. Kunal loves traveling to places of historical significance and into the wild.
Keeping Pace with the Technological Edge
In the last decade, the mobile phone industry has grown leaps and bounds. The mobile industry is being shaped not only by the increasing usage of smartphones but also through mobile apps, operating systems and even associated devices such as smart watches. There are also other advanced technologies such as the “Internet of Things” and cloud computing which are making their presence increasingly felt in the mobile world. When it comes to mobile app development, developers are continuously experimenting with newer things and promising a lot of changes. Some of them are Further Advancement of IoT, M-Commerce, Hybrid HTML5 App Development, Growth of Cloud-Driven Apps, Micro-interactions, Messaging apps, Augmented Reality based apps.
Kunal and his team envisioned most of these developments well before time and started working in that direction. For instance, they have partnered with other startups in the IoT space that will help their swift growth, they have started training their resources in react JS and ionic framework to strengthen their hybrid offerings. They were one of the early startups to work with VR/AR with a New York based startup Time Looper and they continue with their R&D keenly. With  much hype about BOTS due to advancement in NLP and AI they have started to invest considerably on that front as messaging apps are used by as many as 35% of users of smartphones.
The Impelling Fact that Drove Success
Kunal’s company has been fortunate to work with some of most innovative and promising startups from around the world. The deep satisfaction and content from having built something from scratch and watching it grow day by day encourages Kunal to thrive. The current times in India and the sub-continent are very exciting for any tech entrepreneur, given the smartphone penetration and internet coverage. “Just thinking why we started and why I started in the first place helps me move ahead and the appreciation from close quarters just helps boosting it,” asserts Kunal.

Source :- The 30 Influential Business Leaders in 2017

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