Chandrashekhar Lal: A Visionary Leader who is so Passionate about Providing Livelihood to the youths

The job of a leader is to develop other leaders and bring out the best in people who are unaware of their potentials. Leadership is no longer about a decorated position instead; it is about the passion for excellence and making the difference. One can surely lead without a Title.
A leader who has been shouldering responsibilities from a very young age is Chandrashekhar Lal. Right from his schooling days while stepping into the roles of class monitor, winning championships as the House Captain, excelling as a leader in the Rotaract Club, Chandrashekhar Lal has been moulded into a leader and thus after completion of his Chartered Accountancy instead of taking up a job he went ahead to pursue his dream and set up Rajesh Rajeev & Associates, Chartered Accountants (now merged with Kirtane & Pandit LLP).
The Inception Story of an Innovator
“If people are not laughing at your dreams at least once a week, you are aiming too low”-Robin Sharma. Inspired to the core by this proverb, Chandrashekhar had his goal of becoming a Chartered Accountant set right from Class 4. He was determined to start his own practice so that he could provide employment opportunities to the youth. Thus his entrepreneurial journey started very early and Rajesh Rajeev & Associates, Chartered Accountants was established, where he was a founding partner and had the first taste of giving employment to people. As a founding & managing partner of Rajesh Rajeev & Associates, Chandrashekhar is distinctively the only Chartered Accountant in India to have signed the Audited Financials Statements of 12 International Banks Indian Accounts, which is a rare achievement in itself.
Another feather in Chandrasekhar’s cap as described by him is, “I have also been instrumental in successfully completing the First Ever Rental Securitizing deal (LRD as it is now called) of INR 600 lac with Corporation Bank as the Banker and Phoenix Mills as the Client in the year 1998. Again, the first one to achieve this.”
It is the outcome of Chandrasekhar’s determination, vision and his excellent managerial skills that Rajesh Rajeev & Associates, Chartered Accountants (1990), now merged with “Kirtane & Pandit LLP,” has created a niche for itself in the banking, financial service, taxation and corporate advisory services.
However his purpose of life has always been to create a world class organization which would provide employment opportunities to the undergraduates. His passion and the burning desire to do something for others drove him to establish Fine Support Services Pvt Ltd somewhere around mid-2007. The company has now not only grown in numbers, but today it partners with D Mart to provide employment opportunities to over 6000+ youths. Thus with just about 10  employees at the start of  the organization, the organization has grown to providing employment opportunities  to over 25000+ employees over the years with almost 6500+ being on the rolls as of  now.
Extensive Experience in Various Walks of Businesses
Chandrashekhar carries the distinction of being the signing partner for many international banks’ accounts in India and has innovated and structured several loan instruments like the first ever rent securitization deal in the Indian banking industry. He has founded and partnered various companies and firms running successfully for over 27+ years. Numerous companies have the benefit of his rich experience in his capacity as their Director, including ICICI Investment Management Co Ltd, Fine Support Services Private Ltd, Society123 Support Services Pvt Ltd, Think Healthy Support Services Pvt Ltd etc. Chandrashekhar also leads a group of firms’ viz. Apex Solutions & Sai Support Services (Manpower Supply Firm) and Siddhi Foundation (A NGO which is carrying out humanitarian services to give back to the society).
Chandrashekhar is a fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (FCA). Last but not the least; Chandrashekhar has also received a nomination the prestigious Bharat Gaurav Award for excellence in Professional & Humanitarian Services at the function held on 9th June 2017 at the United Nation, New York.
Ideation without Execution is Delusion
Today, technology is not just an enabler, but a way of life for many budding entrepreneurs and, with the Internet, the world has become a flat surface where everyone and everything is now connected. The young entrepreneurs have very excellent ideas, but they lack the experience and capital to grab on the opportunities and succeed. Remember, there is no shortcut to success. Chandrashekhar believes in creating more leaders by encouraging creative thinking and improving on ways to make work more interesting and fun. He asserts, “When a person loves what he does, innovation will be an automatic phenomenon.”
Chandrashekhar advices young entrepreneurs to, “Fill your brains with giant dreams so there is no space for petty pursuits. One can be a complainer or one can be an achiever but you can’t be both.” According to him, small daily improvement with time, will surely lead to magnificent results.
Exceeding Expectations and Envisioning a Mark in History
To help their client succeed in their marketplace by exceeding expectations and delivering value in everything, Chandrashekhar and his team provide their innovative ideas and solutions giving a cutting edge over their competitors. Leadership has been defined as the art and practice of achieving desired results through others. The influential leaders create followers who want to follow as opposed to followers who believe they have to follow. Chandrashekhar has developed a well-nurtured ability to inspire his team to take ownership, responsibility and give their best in performance and thus create leaders within the organization.
Aristotle’s proverb ‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit’ totally sums up all as his organization has still retained its first few clients and customers over the last 27 years.
The organization aims to dedicate themselves to be “the one so outrageously good that what they do makes history, so then their craft becomes their shot at immortality”. The team believes that the secret of passion is purpose, so first find the purpose and follow it with full passion.

Source :- The 30 Influential Business Leaders in 2017

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