Chitrak Shah: An Artificer of Organizational Structures

The real estate sector is one of the most globally recognized sectors. Being the second largest employer in India, after agriculture, Real Estate sector is slated to grow tremendously. Particularly, Ahmedabad city, which is considered to be a hub of textile, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, was a low-key city, devoid of any flashy and swanky lifestyle. The late 90’s witnessed a significant growth in the population with an influx of people from other small cities looking for greener pastures and also due to large scale expansion in the industrial segment, giving rise to a demand for residential and office spaces. The next ten years witnessed a complete turnaround of Ahmedabad cityscape, especially in infrastructure.
Amongst many real estate developers who contributed to this phenomenal growth in the real estate segment, Shivalik Group has played a pivotal role in creating niche properties, both in the commercial and residential segment. Synonymous with the brand name ‘Shivalik’ is, a young fellow Chitrak Shah. Chitrak was a born leader; he dabbled in the rise and fall of market indices as a teenager when most of his friends would indulge in flamboyant lifestyles. Today, Chitrak, in his role of the Managing Director of Shivalik Group, is the frontrunner of the successful venture.
Journey from Teenager to Tycoon
Chitrak’s father, Mr. Satish N. Shah, use to experiment in the share markets in early 90’s, but the unpredictability of the stock markets perturbed him. In order to shelter his son from the uncertainties, Mr. Shah established a company named SN Developers in 1996. Chitrak was introduced as a trainee in the firm and that’s when his journey in the real estate market began, learning about the nuances of construction and architecture. He has the most important quality, required in an entrepreneurial DNA, of taking risks. He was aware that without the pitfalls, he would not experience the thrill of winning.
Five years were spent in the scorching sun for a hands-on experience at the construction sites while he honed his skills in marketing, developing unique concepts in architecture and bringing innovation in designs. He gradually learned the art of strategic decision making, project feasibility and improving revenue cycle. Today, he’s a well-established leader committed to taking decisions head on and plan the growth of Shivalik group regularly.
Building State-of-the-Art Landmarks
Shivalik was fortified as a brand in itself later in 2000 with rolling out of Shivalik Arcade, their first commercial project. Chitrak sensed an opportunity of expansion in Rajkot and Surat by 2005 while the real estate sector was on peak. His focus has been on developing unique designs in architecture. Chitrak’s chief principle is to provide utmost client satisfaction. Almost 70% of Shah’s clients are reference based customers. A conscious effort to create an exclusive brand in real estate has paid off with loyalists vouching for his quality, ethics, and clarity. Chitrak has boldly accepted marketing as a challenge particularly in the recessionary phase and has successfully proved to be a visionary in marketing, taking it to greater heights. He has also proved himself to be a successful administrator adopting the modern methods of management and projects conceptualization as well as its implementation. His core competency lies in Innovations, project feasibility, planning, designing, and Out Of Box Thinking. Besides, he was the mastermind behind giving the company a brand name “SHIVALIK”. With time he shone like a rising star and is known as the ace of marketing of the company.
An Awardee with Words of Wisdom
Chitrak’s consistent hard work has brought in many awards and credits. Chitrak Shah’s “Shivalik Projects” won the “Best Realty Brand” award and a certificate of recognition in 2015 from The Economic Times. Planman Media crowned him the “Realty Lord of the Land” in 2011-12. Chitrak has also bagged the ‘Business Knight’ award proving his mettle in the real estate sector in Gujarat.
“Dreams don’t work unless you do”. “Every entrepreneur has to face roadblocks in his/her career to achieve success. Well, the principal values onto which I or the group collectively were attentive about were providing the customers with the finest products, constantly innovating designs, thinking out of box to provide best after sales services to the customers, not to forget embracing the internal & external challenges also were part of our regime”, asserts Chitrak.
Strategies to Thrive
Since the inception of the company until now, with the help of their strategic implementations, Chitrak and his team have crafted their dream of developing the city very well. They always intended towards procuring superlative resources for constructing the architectures. Moreover, they seek to acquire the best locations for their buildings resulting in an ease to sell the properties. Lastly, they plan properties that offer good sustainability in the market.
Customers receive the entrusted brand name “Shivalik” which they have earned due to decades of hard work. Their commitment, best products, and focus are on constructing properties which offer ease of re-investment & does not raise difficulties to customers in exiting the properties. They have focused on constructing the commercial building with shops below and offices on the top which provide great sustainability to the property.
Foreseeing Growth and Expansion
Chitrak’s Shivalik Group intends to look towards more joint ventures, growth & expansion in near future. He makes short term goals depending on the day to day routine and looks forward towards achieving those efficiently & effectively. This encourages him more towards increasing the number of goals per day and respectively working more hard towards achieving it.

Source :- The 30 Influential Business Leaders in 2017

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