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Mr. Sharad Jain | Managing Partner | Agranika Techlabs LLP

In today’s competitive scenario technology-based solutions add a competitive edge to businesses and let then reap maximum benefits from their operations. Noida-based Agranika Techlabs LLP strives to aggressively pursue a mix of Product technology and Technical Support while providing the complete solutions to its clients.

Mr Sharad Jain, Managing Partner, shares how the company has been delivering and thriving on continuous innovations and uncompromising excellence.

What are Agranika’s objectives?

The primary focus is to be a Total Solutions provider; this includes feasibility studies, selection of cloud infrastructure and software, project management, installation, implementation assistance, customized software development, system integration and performance and reliability testing. It ranges from “evaluation of application-needs” to “provision of solutions as a project” or through array of products We are continuously partnering with various Leading technological companies to increase our array of products & services to provide best solution to our customers as per their requirement with competitive pricing and “Value for Money”. Leading brands like LG, Bajaj Energy, Libra Mattresses, Nord Drive Systems, and Hindustan Gums are few customer names trust our services.

Please share your flagship product/service that stands out and how?

Cost & Harassment of litigation is increasing day by day and sometime its runs in Crores, besides occupying precious time of the management. There is a business risk that litigation can potentially sink a company or put the promoters or board members personally into the prosecution. Legal departments of corporate generally face disorganization due to involvement of third parties & hence management tends to weaken its control over them. To conquer these challenges LexMantra is a corporate legal solution designed specially to streamline the legal workflow of a corporate with comprehensive reporting at a single click which helps in reduction and prevention of litigation. Its main functions include managing notices/litigations, corporate decisions, court dates, calendaring, related documents, docketing, notices / case database, contact management, generating ondemand Analytical reports & MIS.

It is suitable for Large Companies, having multiple offices, companies having lot of cases/ notices, companies having 138 cases or business house across multi-location dealing with various agencies.

R&D is critical to the success of the company. What measures do you take to keep the focus on research and stay a step ahead of competition?

Innovation and R&D is critical to the success for any company especially for a Tech company, Agranika possess expertise skills on the latest tools and technologies that are emerging in Software Industry, and we are geared to deliver the technology-based competitive edge by continuous upgrading and updating our knowledge and processes. We strive for continuous improvement and unending attention to detail in all our projects thereby enhancing our offerings to customers. Our expert and efficient development team is always working on new projects which allow us to have more and better products to cater to different industry segments. This gives us a leading edge over others as we are always looking for horizontal product line expansion.

What according to you is the one takeaway/lesson from the COVID-19 pandemic?

The biggest learning from the COVID19 pandemic is that no one can predict day to day what will happen next. As a business owner we have to give more focus on Business Continuity Planning & disaster recovery plans and brainstorm regularly on strategy and the ways to mitigate risks.

What are the company’s future endeavors/objectives and where do you see yourself in the near future?

We endeavor to extend our offerings to developing strategic alliances with the leading Tech companies and also looking forward to expand the business horizon with international tie- ups and presence in key global locations. With office in Noida currently operational, we are looking forward to our presence in other metropolitan cities to cater the needs of potential businesses and clients.

About the Leader

Mr. Sharad Jain, Managing Partner, with a cumulative experience of More than 20 years of strong technical software product development as well as management experience is one of the driving forces behind Agranika Techlabs product portfolio and is responsible for its growth. An experienced & Seasoned professional with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry Sharad is highly skilled in Sales, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Market Research, Account Management, Business planning, Process management and Software as a Service (SaaS) Products.

His IT expertise, domain knowledge, and how to translate business processes into IT enabled solutions trigger off the Idea to create an technology startup to provide IT enabled solutions to enterprises to get technological advantage to reap the maximum benefit.

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