Amith Srinivas: Navigating a Successful Voyage towards Pinnacle

Amith Srinivas

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.”
~Hellen Keller, Renowned American Author
Experience can be termed as the magic key of a successful life. The success story of Amith Srinivas, the dynamic CEO of RecoSense is a perfect example of such a glorified life.

This man of diligence and vigor derives almost 15 years of experience in the industry working in the roles of product engineering, product marketing and business development across the globe. After pursuing his engineering in Computer Science from Bangalore University, Amith started his career as a software engineer. Later, he built experience in roles of global product marketing for deep technology products across startups to enterprise companies. Amith’s expertise lies in the business development for deep technology products across the globe. “A strong business value addition with a deep technology differentiator will deliver growth with the support of aligned sales & marketing strategies,” asserts Amith.

The Journey that Shaped ‘the Brilliance’
According to Amith, any journey of pushing a new initiative is very challenging, be it with a capitalistic value of entrepreneurship, championing new transformation within a big enterprise or bringing out a change within the society.

He glances over his journey till date. His vision spreads far beyond capital generation or gaining applauds for himself. In his own words, “My journey so far in establishing RecoSense has been a phenomenon of internal transformation of my own mindset about perceptions on problems / need of the market and society, people relationships and ways to leverage technology for a meaningful impact of value addition rather than just for capital generation.”

Previously, Amith worked with two successful startups. “Experience of working with the founders of those companies added a lot of learning to my journey”, he says.

Amith reflects about his father, who became a first generation entrepreneur building an independent traditional business. For Amith, his father still continues to be his guiding spirit and inspiration in the battle.
An avid reader, Amith was strongly influenced by the books like ‘Good to Great’ by James Colin, ‘In the Plex’ by Stephen Levy, ‘Zero to One’ by Peter Thiel etc. He recommends ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ which is a good movie for perseverance and ‘Silicon Valley’ TV series which is undoubtedly an inspiring one.

The Other Fortes of Success
“Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.”

This saying by Roy T. Bennette, a renowned author, shows us one of the indispensable elements of success and excellence. Amith, as he claims, surpassed all the challenges in the way with his unshakeable self-belief. His robust self-belief always encourages him to stand up after encountering a catastrophe like situations and made him stand tall with gratification.

Beyond self- belief, the proper mindset is another problem solver that can help any individual to overcome all the obstacles. “In downtimes, I try to come up with micro-milestones to achieve for better optimistic results and help myself navigate through the falls.” His insights towards life and its problems are praiseworthy indeed.

About the Company
RecoSense was incepted with a vision to enable enterprises to have better understanding of users based on their content data and user behavior. From the past experience of working with data led companies in the internet domain, it was most obvious for Amith that online companies should  focused on marketing to acquire users, on operations for building content and on delivery but there is a big need of ROI on user acquisition for longer retention. The company’s focus is on pioneering user personalization for strong end user experience and more value added audience engagement.
RecoSense added value in the ecosystem by offering platform to digital enterprises with deep-tech automation for data intelligence. The company strives to equip its customers with data engineering expertise with low cost and faster time to market without sacrificing their own core focus areas.
NLP and Machine Learning- the Unique Features
One of the key strength of RecoSense is an IP called Knowledge Graph which is built on advanced Natural Language Processing and Machine learning framework to interpret the content data across any domain in multiple formats. The RecoSense knowledge graph generates an automated Meta structure around the enterprise content by identifying the data patterns and by associating related content within the enterprise and also by constantly learning from open source data repositories online across multiple domains of Retail, Media, Travel, Finance, Healthcare etc.
Once the system independently understands the content, it will be able to associate with user behavioral data obtained from touch points of both online and offline for our customer with the offerings from our customer. The system at RecoSense does three dimensional mapping of User to User, Content to Content and User to Content.
The Roadmap for Future
Amith believes in achieving the targets like meeting the daily milestones on customer relationships, product enhancements and issue resolutions and also with dedicated time allocation for learning macro aspects like – Industry Trends, Technology Updates, Market Movements, Strategy Innovations and more.
I wish to see myself as impact driven leader in upcoming years to have built an organization where scale doesn’t just come by defined process but by multitude of teams across the geographies who would work towards delivering an impactful product in the work areas aligned to the organization,” concludes Amith
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