Rahul Chawla: A Trailblazer in Creating Landmarks in the Real-Estate Industry

Rahul Chawla| In4Velocity

Authentic leaders have the genuine capability to serve others through their leadership. They are more interested in empowering the people rather than being at the centre stage. They lead to make a difference with the purpose, meaning, & values and build enduring relationships with people. Here is the story of such an authentic and sporty leader, who is bringing innovative solutions in the real estate industry.

Rahul Chawla, the Founder and CEO of In4Velocity is committed to build a vertical solution for the property development market to manage complex construction activities and customer related sales transactions, with his focused efforts.

The Journey from an Employee to an Entrepreneur 
The legendary personalities like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, motivated and inspired Rahul, who dared to do something different. Rahul is born and brought up in Kolkata and is an avid sports person. After completing his schooling from St. Xaviers, Kolkata, he went to the Modern School Barakhamba in New Delhi for his HSC and then he graduated in Computer Science. While in college, he did several part-time jobs that work experience was much inspirational which made him a multi-tasking person.
Rahul started his journey as an employer with a start-up called Cambrige Technology Partners (CTP). With his strong technical skills and interpersonal skills, he became a key member of the leadership team. He helped in establishing CTP’s presence across several countries. Eventually, to establish CTP India, he moved back to India from Europe, by dropping his very lucrative salary package. With the strong belief, he is working dedicatedly, to build the CTP’s Indian organization.

“This opportunity of working at CTP, gave me a platform to develop my already in-bred entrepreneurial skills. It gave me an opportunity to grow, take chances and helps to build a super-fast growing company” asserts Rahul.
Over the time, Rahul realized that it was the right time to establish his own company and since then, he began his journey as an entrepreneur. The risk-taking ability is what made him different from the others. He left the CTP in the year 2000 and started Orbit-e consulting and merged it into a Bain-funded company. In the year 2004, he established In4Velocity, which is India’s largest Real Estate ERP Company for the Property Developers and Infrastructure players. The company continues to grow its roots into Asia. Further, he established ArrowPS®, and conceptualizes In4Sourcing®. Besides, he has also been a part of a global organization called the YEO (Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization), and now is a part of the YPO (Young Presidents Organization).

In4Velocity: Handling Complex Activities in the Real Estate Industry
Being a techie and an optimistic leader, Rahul identified the need for a Real Estate software platform that would work towards unifying a real estate developer’s workforce. While dealing with real estate developers, he observed that a single platform product was missing for this industry.  That was cost effective and easy to use, making the overall operations efficient. This led to the conceptualization of the product idea for building In4Suite® (as in – “Information Suite”) and over the time, the product enhanced customer experience.

Unique Key Aspects of In4Velocity

Rahul builds an integrated information chain across the organization thereby inherently building transparency in communication, cutting down lag time, increasing the speed of execution and providing real-time information for decision making. However, this concept itself was unique in its time. As In4 believes that the core of high performing organization is its expert team members, the company keeps its team challenging, interesting and motivating which ultimately bring a sense of professional fulfillment. At the same time, In4 ponders on -Making time for brainstorming, stressing the importance of creativity, actively solicit ideas, cross-fertilize, tolerating mistakes, rewarding creativity, and Acting on ideas.
People behind Rahul’s Entrepreneurial Journey
“I am very grateful to have an understanding and supportive wife! And believe me, this is a key ingredient of a successful ‘married’ entrepreneur”, stated Rahul. He has a group of 8 mentors, friends, and personal advisors, out of which one is his dad, who helped him along the journey to grow personally and professionally.
Rahul’s Enthralling Advice to the Budding Entrepreneurs
“I believe that everyone is born as an entrepreneur. They just need to develop certain skills and behaviors at an early age to truly grow into the successful and effective entrepreneurs” states Rahul. Further, he said- “Being an optimist, keeps us going and the realist inside us keeps one successful and sane!”  
Rahul also shared some traits that he believes in, which are needed to develop for business and life too. Today, by nurturing the skills such as Learning from failure and getting back up, Ingenuity, creativity, and critical thinking, Dedication and commitment to productivity, Curiosity and an appetite for knowledge, Confidence and conviction, Compassion and emotional intelligence, Positivity, and optimism, Engaging the community,  can create more capable and effective entrepreneurs, leaders, and responsible citizens.
Source :-The 30 Inspiring Entreprenuers to watch in 2018

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