Vikas Owdhbal: Ensuring Power Management, LED Lighting, Solar and Security Solutions

Vikas Owdhbal

Stepping into the digital era, the importance of power management has increased trmendously. As a matter of fact, the earth is offering millions of its inhabitants with the natural resources of its power. While the world is trying to find innovative solutions, to deal the situation, Vikas Owdhbal has offered his bit of contribution, by coming up with his cutting edge solution in Power Management and LED Lighting, Solar and Security Solutions.
Senaxus Technologies Pvt. Limited, Vikas Owdhbal’s dream project is a very young and dynamic company. It is a team of over twenty young Engineers and Management graduates, who are working with the agendas of making STPL a strong platform with stronger augmenting. The team has been working on integrated projects, especially in the corporate sector.
Vikas very passionately has taken care of the work culture and shared the practice, and he says “We have a very open and unique work culture. We have no bosses, only colleagues. We all respect each other’s point of view and suggestions. We work cohesively as a family with only one aim “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”. We believe that if we keep our customers happy, they will keep us in business”.
The Outstanding Duo
Vikas Owdhbal has successfully delved into the project with the strong support of Rajesh Kumar Budia, his friend for 27 years! Both have a profound experience of more than two decades in the core of Power, Solar, LED Lighting, electrical and security solutions industry. They both are the CoFounders and Directors who have their fair share in making Senaxus Technologies Private Limited (STPL), a colossal success. While Vikas spearheads the marketing, business development, customer-support portfolios and strategic tie-ups in Senaxus, Rajesh handles the supply chain/sourcing and project execution part. At the beginning of 2014, the duo came up with a panacea to all these hassles in the form of an organization –which offers quality, comprehensive and end-to-end Power Management and Solar, LED Lighting & Security solutions.
The Brand with a Multi-Dimensional approach
The things around the world are changing every second and the two major things which are affecting the most are Power and Security. STPL is probably one of the very few companies in India who are into designing and execution of Customized Product Solutions for the both these domains. In Power management they offer highly efficient state of the art Online UPS systems, Complete LED Lighting Solutions, Grid Connected Solar Solutions with complete EPC. In the security solution, they are designing complete IP based CCTV network for the corporate clients as per their requirements and complete SITC (Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning).
At the beginning of the Financial Year 2018, STPL proudly launched its flagship brand “DIVAINE” LED Lighting solution, and the team is confirming: “We are providing all types of indoor, outdoor and Solar based Lighting solutions.
Phenomenal Services
Today’s dynamic market is flooded with mediocre and unreliable Chinese products and even the large suppliers for quality products end up high and dry with lack of timely after-sale services. In such a dynamic market condition, Senaxus Technologies offers quality, comprehensive and end-to-end Power Management, Solar, LED Lighting & Security solutions with utmost gravity on 24×7 after-sale services. It allows its customers to sit back and relax during the installation, along and even after the warranty period. In other words, with STPL, the commitment only gets bigger after the product installation.
Risks and Journey so Far
There is a beautiful saying “Eat the ugly frog first” and Vikas goes by that. Thus he prefers to do the most difficult task first. “This will give you a peace of mind and you would be more productive. We actually follow this principle and attribute our success (which we feel is yet to come) to our continuous efforts for excellence in whatever we do.
Every day is a new beginning and one can learn so much from it. The biggest risk that Senaxus Technologies have ever taken so far is launching their own Brand DIVAINE for LED Lighting solutions at the beginning of 2018 financial year. Vikas shares his experience: “It is a big risk as this market is already densely populated by branded and even Chinese products. But, we are trying to create a narrow path for ourselves by concentrating on niche quality product market demands. We would say that our entrepreneurial journey has been phenomenal so far.
Vikas is very open about his journey so far and states: “During the last four years of our journey, we have seen many highs and lows. We lost many strategic projects in spite of being Techno – Commercially superior to our competitors, just because we were a startup company and client wanted more experienced people. The learning has been that we regrouped ourselves are presented ourselves more strongly with more zeal for all our future projects.”
Marching towards Eminence
Commenced its operations with a humble seed funding, the company has grown by leaps and bounds doubling its size each passing year. When the company started its operations, the first year’s revenue was around Rs.5 Millions, which scaled up to Rs.15 Million in the second year and Rs.30 Million in the third year. Thus the team of Vikas and Rajesh are too hopeful about their blooming future and declares: “Currently growing at a CAGR of 100 percent, we aspire to be around Rs.100 Million by the end of this year and around Rs.1000 Million by 2022.
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