Kedar Sabne: A Curious Entrepreneur Defining the Boundaries of Innovation

Kedar Sabne

Entrepreneurship is a demanding and exciting field, one which brings forward new challenges, a sense of satisfaction, and adds spark to your ambitions. But jumping from the mundane 9-5 corporate job to being an entrepreneur is by no means a small feat to accomplish. It requires a positive mind-frame, effective planning, unwavering courage, and long-term vision to survive the entrepreneurial bandwagon. Kedar Sabne, Director of Inteliment, is one such individual who took off his corporate hat to put on his entrepreneurial hat and led his company to what it is known as today.

Boasting years of Corporate Experience
Kedar grew up in a corporate environment, one which he liked but felt the lack of freedom to get involved in things where he had an inherent capability to make things work better, efficient and simple. Born and brought in Pune in a middle-class family, Kedar took up Company Secretary Course along with graduation and immediately after that he completed Chartered Accountancy from one of the big 4s, Deloitte (erstwhile AFF& Co).  It was a good start of a CS & CA career, handling audit, finance including legal aspects. Kedar had the privilege of working in larger organization since the inception of his career and had rose to level where things were streamed lined and growth was basically counting additional zeros either in numbers or geographies in which they were operating.

Jumping off the Toxic Ship
For Kedar, leaving the corporate landscape and associating with Inteliment was the boldest decision that he ever made. He realized that the road ahead would be full of obstacles, but he wasn’t entirely prepared for the challenge. He always wanted to get associated with such organization to which he can say it’s his own company and use all his years of experience in shaping up that organization for great heights, he wanted to play a role of a catalyst and be impactful. That’s where Kedar got associated with Inteliment through Prashant the CEO. Though, they knew each other as professionals, working with the founding team is has been a different feeling altogether. The freedom to take a decision is what matters the most.
Being a finance and legal professional and handled business set up in more than 20 countries, extensively worked on international and domestic arrangements and agreements, managed IP/trademarks, helped in filing and deciding patent strategy, raising finance and handling mergers and acquisitions helps him in pivoting the corporate strategy at Inteliment and perform his  finance and legal role effectively. Every function works on data, KPIs and a qualified charted accountant is the best professional to add value. Inteliment is an EFQM Business Excellence accredited company for their quality of work and the way in which they do it, they have a process in place and always aims to benchmark the best practices, and once that is achieved, it translates into winning over competition.

Turning a Perceived Risk into Success
Kedar compares risk with a dream, to dare to dream is the most significant risk and being an entrepreneur is one such risk. Difficult times are bound to be there and withdrawing without trying enough is a “failure.” Kedar believes that just being passionate and dedicated towards work is not enough to convert the failure to success but the time to market is extremely crucial.
He further explains that one has to apply the rule of 80:20 in life, where one can give 80% as per the third party’s expectation, while 20% one should always be ready to work upon; only this will ensure that one doesn’t miss the opportunity.
There are times when things are beyond control, Complicated and frustrating, overriding that situation and remaining afloat is “success.” Kedar feels privileged when he compares himself with the underprivileged class of society. In the past 18 years, he has been working for the betterment of the lives of underprivileged kids. He likes to spend his weekends with such kids studying in nearby Municipal Schools to make a positive impact on these kids.
Understanding of their problems with their life situations puts him into a comfort zone, his worries become subdued. He says that this is the best way to be grounded in life and keep oneself motivated. At Inteliment too, they have their CSR initiatives on the same philosophy.

Delivering Data Science Solutions at an Affordable Price is his Company’s New Mantra
The data science platform that Inteliment has developed and productized will make data science a phenomenon for masses. The aim is to provide tools to enhance better decisions to everyone involved in the process; one need not be a data scientist to achieve the decision analytics. The pre trained and structured algorithm using machine learning techniques can process the structured, unstructured, sensors and social data in a very effective manner thereby making this product the most efficient one . The affordable SAAS based licensing price point is the USP of the product apart from its intuitive UI / UX capabilities. Inteliment seeks to target enterprises and innovators, who aspire to disrupt with data about anything, be it IoT, Mobile Devices, Applications, Networks, Smart Products, Digitized Services with optimal cost efficiency, increased productivity and elastic scalability.
A Future of Continual Growth
Life teaches us many things, every day is different, being a student  always will lead to success, maintaining relationships with all stakeholders will not only get their support  in difficult times but also their blessings for growth. They have a collective dream at Inteliment, they have their vision and mission and the company aims to achieve that in next 5 years to come. They dream to be a unicorn in data science and Kedar sees himself with the team celebrating success and also solving bigger problems of growth … that’s Life!!
Kedar’s Sound Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Follow you dream till it becomes a reality, be in charge of finances from day one, build passionate team even if you cannot afford fat salaries at the start.”
“Don’t invest half-heartedly, do everything that it takes, attract right partners to grow and always be compliant”.
Source :-The 30 Inspiring Entreprenuers to watch in 2018

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