Anand Jha: Lifting the Future of Gaming & Technology Service Provision to the Newer Heights

Anand Jha

Anand Jha is the CEO and founder of Nilee Game which was started in 2009 and was officially registered as Nilee Games in 2011. It was started as a flash gaming portal but later changed its entire identity of Nilee Games from online flash gaming portal to corporate game development service providing company. Today in 2018, it is known as Nilee Games and Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd (NGFT).
NGFT teamwork on product and services in Gaming, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, , Simulation, Motion Sensing, , Robotics, Embedded Systems and Custom Made Technologies, which can be used in various sectors like Media, Publishing, Entertainment, Pharmaceutical Companies, Housing Company, Consumer Goods, Education,  Banking, Engineering and Construction, Hi-Tech, Automobile Industries, Health Care, Futuristic Game Zone.
Altering the Path to make a New Choice
After completing B.Sc. in Maths and Physics, Anand started his career as a faculty in an institute. Soon he realized that teaching was not his goal and his passion lies somewhere else, so he started exploring different ventures. Driven to make a difference on a global scale, Anand started learning to programme and then started working as a flash game developer. While witnessing the drastic change in the technologies over the years and after earning seven years of rich work-experience, he emerged with an out-of-the-box idea and founded Nilee Games.
Rising above the competition
Being a 360-degree service provider, NGFT is always in its front foot to work towards the never- ending future technologies. The company’s greatest strength lies in their vision. While everyone thinks of today, Nilee Games not only thinks about tomorrow, rather it thinks three years ahead of the emerging technologies.  NGFT’s pillars of success rest on its three verticals that include Gaming, Future Technologies and Animation & VFX and each vertical has its own expertise in its core area of work.

  • Gaming : NGFT provides game and application development solutions for online, offline, android, iOS, gaming consoles, handheld & desktop to game publishers and studios, e-Learning companies, advertising companies, film & series production houses and corporate companies globally. In recent times, NGFT witnessed corporate companies embracing gamification as a learning tool for their employees and marketing tool for their customers. Gamification for employees and customers work differently and require a deep understanding of their market segment and consumer behavior. NGFT have successfully gamified many brands and companies, few companies even reported some excellent growth with gamification in their business.
  • Future Technologies: Nilee Games’ well-knitted technology team constantly works on product and services in Virtual Reality (VR) – a computer technology that replicates an environment, real or imagined and simulates a user’s physical presence and environment to allow for user interaction, Augmented Reality (AR) – a cutting-edge technology that is used to superimpose information on the real world we see, motion sensing, robotics, embedded systems, simulation, and custom-made technologies. These technologies are used in several sectors which include entertainment, media, publishing, pharmaceutical, housing, manufacturing, consumer goods, education, retail, banking, engineering & construction, hi-tech, automobile, healthcare, theme parks and many more.
  • Animation and VFX: Nilee Games has a talented team of Animation and VFX, who plays a pivotal role in providing quality graphics and, VFX for all the projects they undertake. Also, they work on other 2D/3D Assets Development, Animation and VFX projects and provide services across the globe. Anand says, “There is huge competition in the game development domain. As we are an old company with a strong grip in the market, a team of qualified & experienced professionals and huge client base, we are supple enough to abreast with top-notch technologies and implement as per their demands.”

Failure is the Pillar of Success
Considering his entrepreneurial journey which is nothing less than a roller coaster ride, he is well prepared for the same in the future as well. He is a firm believer of the prudence that says one is always benefited by one’s experiences irrespective of whether it’s a good or bad one. In his book, same theory is applicable to success and failure as well. Among the motivations that guided him on the path to success, he rates his Mom’s support somewhere at the top. Additionally, he considers motivational books and videos as a great helps in getting through the tough times of disparity. There were many failures he has been through and learned that one should always give a second thought while taking any financial decision.
The Future Ahead
Anand belief that Nilee Game would become one-stop solutions for every industry’s need within their operation and business strategy. He reads a lot about the industry, new trends and technology which help them to automate their process to scale up their business across the world and generate revenue and open job opportunities within the organization.
Source :-The 30 Inspiring Entreprenuers to watch in 2018

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