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Travelling is one of the best things there are. Packing your bags and disappearing to some-place new. Think of all the possibilities, all the adventures, finding a new place and capturing a new moment that is just yours.

The experience of travelling to a new place is simply awesome, so much so, that whatever words one might choose to describe it sound unspeakably lame. To all the wanderers and seekers, some of the best places/countries to visit are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, Hong Kong, and the UK. To aid with the journey, you may need some expert travelling and consultation services to handle all of the pesky formalities. And very few firms cater to these needs better than Apical Immigration Experts Pvt. Ltd.

Need travelling recommendations and consultation? Need migration services? Need efficient and swift visa services? Well, Apical Immigration Experts have your back.

At Apical, quality client servicing is given high priority in those areas that are not aided by government or any governmental bodies. Apical excels in every arena of immigration related services, including looking after the rights of recent dwellers, and making sure that they are entirely protected and represented whenever needed.

To gain some insights into the immigration industry, we conducted an interview with the team over at Apical Immigration Experts. They generously heeded our questions and imparted their wisdom on the matter.

So, without further ado, lets dive right into the conversation and relish the knowledge we are about to receive.

Brief our audience about your journey into the immigration services space and how you came about with the idea of the company.

Apical Team: I certainly had this strong instinct within myself to assist people to achieve their best potential and as moving to a new country gives the desired wings to the dreams of an individual, this further gave me the motive to establish an authentic business in this industry. However, as we are aware such decisions are born out of tenacity within a person, so we decided to move ahead on grounds of string knowledge base, commitment, dedication, and trust between all our clients, which has taken us a long way and we are all set to make it larger than life for all of us.

  • Apical Immigration Experts laid its foundation with transparency & honest advice. 
  • Vision– to become the foremost immigration and visa service provider in India, in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. We are always looking ahead to provide transparent consultation to our clients, assisting in their dream immigration.
  • Mission– to contribute to the prosperity and security of our clients.
  • Free consultation – Immigration Experts do not charge their first-time clients with any fee and offer them free consultation across all types of visa streams for both Canada and Australia as well as for other countries such as New Zealand, Hong Kong, Germany, and others.

Maximum other Immigration Consultants for Australia and Canada, whether a new client is qualifying for the PR process or not, they do not miss a chance to charge them with a consultation fee. However, Immigration Experts conduct this first step free of cost.

Please highlight a few of your immigration services. Do you customize services as per the need and eligibility of your clients?

Founded in the year 2010, Immigration Experts can be totally perceived as one of the most reliable and technically advanced immigration consultancies across the country. Its primary aim is to provide immigration and visa related solutions and an array of related services on an individual level as well as to the families of potential clients, thereby helping them reach overseas as professional skilled workers for countries that prominently include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and others.

However, to highlight we specialize in permanent residency visas for Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Along with its main headquarter located in Noida, Immigration Experts is successfully helping clients across the country with its branches located in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Jamshedpur and with our reach out to main centres in Australia, Canada, and USA also.

We work with accredited, government recognized regulation authority across all the destinations like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK in which we offer our advice.

We are accredited with:

  • ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council)
  • MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority)
  • IAA (Immigration Advisers Authority)
  • OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner, Level 3)

We have evolved ourselves in such a manner in few years that we have made our clientele worldwide. With a number of satisfied clients around the world, we are one of the most reliable Immigration Experts while earned a plenty of client’s trust by our expert services and consultations offered.

Below mentioned are few points that make us stand-out from the lot of other immigration experts functioning in India:

  • Dedication towards the services.
  • Mission zero defect – always.
  • Maintains transparency in dealings
  • Step-by-step easy guiding through the process
  • A one-stop shop for all your immigration needs
  • Easy assessment of the qualification and other skills
  • Reasonable consultation charges
  • Easy relocation services without any hassle
  • Customized according to the client’s needs and requirements.
  • Quick and smart response to any visa or documentation problems
  • Functional consultation provided by licensed and authorized representative
  • Offering “no visa – no fee” service! Which means your application and money is in “safe hands.”

We provide each and every prospective applicant with personalised immigration and visa options and ensure that anyone with overseas dreams succeeds in making it possible. Be it the consultation, training prospective immigrants for a personal interview, visa application filing, or the post landing assistance, we offer outstanding support to clients.

Being an accomplished business leader, what are your thoughts on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the immigration services sector?

Pandemic drives demand for international migration. Immigration Sector have not been affected by pandemic. There is a huge misconception that due to the pandemic, countries are not accepting applications for migration. However, the pandemic has impacted only short-term visa applicants due to the international travel restrictions in force. In fact, countries like Canada, Australia, the UK, and Germany are accepting long-term visa applications online.

Canada has announced to increase the number of immigrants to 1.2 million until 2023 to help in economic recovery after the pandemic.

Covid has taken the demand for life’s Plan B to new heights. As the astute American writer and mathematician John Allen Paulos put it: “Uncertainty is the only certainty there is – and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security.”

Today this sentiment is being played out by the surge in demand for immigration and second citizenship and residency to answer needs such as personal safety, visa-free travel, and a secure destination in times of crisis.

Covid-19 has massively changed the way that business operates, both internationally and domestically, and the impact on immigration practice has similarly been dramatic.

Skilled immigration is one of the best backup options for those looking for a secure life considering the fact that countries like Canada and Australia provide social benefits to residents straight away.

There has been an extensive rise in the number of people migrating and investing in second passports. This pandemic has affected us as a whole. With that being said, it has put things in perspective for everyone.

What is your opinion on the future of the immigration consulting market, in terms of technological improvements, increase in demand, or the sorts?

Amidst the travel bans, it is of utmost importance to bring this essential information in place that the most prominent process to move to Canada/ Australia, having no impact due to COVID-19 situation across the world.

Our Industry has not been affected by the pandemic, as most of the countries we deal with have offered the facilities to file application through online system.

Moreover, we have been conducting zoom meeting to help and guide our clients and make their dream for the dream destination come true. We have successfully handled our retained old and new clients through online technology with no in-office meeting.

Today, we even have more enquiries as these are backup plans in fear of what the future holds. The immigration industry is more dominant than ever, and this is just the beginning.

We foresee rapid growth in the immigration industry as our world begins to become more integrated and travel constraints are lifted.

What would you advise the emerging entrepreneurs and professionals who wish to enter the immigration consulting industry? 

Skilled and talented professionals, especially from India are still in great demand across all states of Canada & Australia and are availing online services during the lock down and after upliftment of lock-down. Before entering this industry, the start-up must have strong knowledge team with updated information, fully loaded with latest technology for their staff and their clients, as staff will be working from home and for client data storage, security of data, timely response.

  • Changing business model to online setup
  • Leverage staff, as its work from home culture
  • Process and technology to grow business.
  • Building customer first company
  • Automate entire business for scalable growth
  • Have all required licenced for giving advice for migration.

What have you envisioned for the company for the near future?

To scale up business with more branches with like-minded people; to become the top immigration firm in the country; to help our clients be successful and make the country a little better place; to thrive with kindness and sensibility by providing right guidance though ethics, integrity, knowledge, and professionalism.

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