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Vikas Puri | Co-Founder | HeadWest Migration

Immigration has always had an emotional angle attached to it – one of dreams, ambitions, and a better life. Vikas Puri, the Co-founder of Head West Migration Services, comprehends and acknowledges these emotions when he consults clients on the best immigration options based on their requirements.

In the following interview with Insights Success, Vikas shares his opinions and perspectives on the current landscape of the immigration sphere and how HeadWest has gained a stronghold in the related market.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Brief our audience about your journey into the immigration services space and how you came about with the idea of the company.

The seeds of Head West Migration were sown in 2015 when I returned from Australia and informally advised a few friends who were thinking of migrating to Australia and Canada. It set me thinking to look at this industry seriously and I started researching on the potential of immigration sector. I found that many skilled professionals were desirous of migrating to Australia and Canada. I started informally guiding my friends and they had success in their applications. In 2016, I formally entered the Immigration sector and commercially launched the brand which has now helped many in their Immigration journey for Canada and Australia.

Please highlight a few of your immigration services. Do you customize services as per the need and eligibility of your clients?

Being part of the immigration industry, HeadWest consults for skilled immigration and business immigration options for Canada, Australia, and Portugal. We also consult for study abroad options for Major destinations like Germany, UK, Latvia, Lithuania, Canada, and Australia. We slip into the role of a consultant and advice the clients for best fit solution for them amongst many available. The interest of the client is paramount, and they benefit because of our experience across all segments of immigration, be it, study, skilled migration, or business/investment migration.

Being an accomplished business leader, what are your thoughts on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the immigration services sector?

Year 2020 has been a turbulent year for all industries and of course it has impacted the immigration sector. The study abroad sector has been affected as students have to join the studies in the online mode with the travel restrictions in place. Parents have delayed their child’s study abroad plans due to this. Similar impact is seen in the skilled immigration and business migration sector. People have postponed their plans. However, as the Canada immigration and Australia immigration processes are 1-1.5 years, new applicants have shown confidence in progressing with their applications and getting their ECA (Education Credentials Assessment) done through WES and getting trained for IELTS test and saving on time.

What is your opinion on the future of the immigration consulting market, in terms of technological improvements, increase in demand, or the sorts?

Immigration sector has seen lot of changes over the years and there has been an increase in agents all across. Study abroad segment has especially seen surge as the disposable incomes increase in Metros and lack of opportunities in regional areas like Punjab have pushed the demand for education abroad. Many companies are developing technology platforms especially in the Study abroad application process and Online IELTS and PTE training. Online training mode has meant that students are getting quality education delivered through advanced technology platforms cutting across demographics and distances.

What would you advise the emerging entrepreneurs and professionals who wish to enter the immigration consulting industry?

The immigration consulting market is growing but you need to be self-funded for a period of 1-2 years as it takes time for your network to build and you would also take time to establish in the market with your goodwill. All the immigration products have a delivery time of minimum 6 months to 2 years; thus, your market goodwill will take some time to establish. The best way is to join hands with an established player and take their franchise, thus saving on time and money. A franchise is a quicker way to learn the ropes of the immigration business and get a mentor along with you to advise on multiple cases basis the experience through handling varied clientele.

What have you envisioned for the company for the near future?

HeadWest is on track to delivering complex cases including the Saskatchewan PNP, and free education in Germany. Right now, study abroad migration solutions are the main focus of the company and we are setting up our IELTS and PTE training facility in Gurgaon.

HeadWest is a certified PTE Training Centre and authorised exam booking centre with IDP. We have experienced trainers to deliver IELTS and PTE classes Online. HeadWest has also pioneered the NEPT test which is a preparatory test series to prepare for the IELTS exam. We have had good success with the NEPT test series which is evident with the 4.9 Star rating Google reviews which we have got. Our clients have been getting 8+ Bands after attending our IELTS training sessions and attempting our NEPT – IELTS test series.

Exhibiting Business Excellence

HeadWest has been acknowledged in the past as the best Immigration and Study abroad Consultant in India. The team at HeadWest was felicitated by Blindwink, a market research company, as the most promising immigration company in 2017, at a ceremony held at Bangalore with Soha Ali Khan as the chief guest.

HeadWest is an elite member of the Indian Chamber of commerce in Lithuania and has a strategic tie-up with the chamber for promoting Lithuania education and businesses in India.

HeadWest was also awarded the top 10 Canadian education consultancies in 2019 by The Knowledge Review Magazine. Many of HeadWest’s clients have got their Visas including Canadian PR Visa, Ontario PNP Visa and many students have successfully got their Study abroad permit and got through to Canada, Germany, and Latvia.

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