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The growth of the global GIS (Geographical Information System) market is being driven by increasing availability of spatial data and cloud technology. In addition, the development of smart cities in India has driven demand for 3D GIS. Acceptance by commercial enterprises especially in the real estate, journalistic, and retail industries continues to expand greatly. But government continues to be the dominant adopter of GIS.
GIS, even being a developing industry, some of the individual agencies may have staff freezes or layoffs, still the rate of acceptance of geospatial technology by new agencies keeps arising. At present, there is a strong consulting segment that continues to grow in order to supply supporting GIS to those agencies. Arianrhod GeoSpatial Solutions, a firm amending assistance to GIS with GIS and Remote Sensing services and consultancy where hydrographic and land surveying, 3D mapping for smart cities and sub-sea basins, Application Development of the urban and rural real time data mapping, Climatology, detailed Environment and analytical research is carried out with the use of world class GIS software, Total Stations, Differential Global Positioning Systems and High Resolution Satellite Aerial Data.
Contribution of Abhishek for GIS
Abhishek Rathod is the Founder of Arianrhod. He has a rich work experience of more than 8 years, where he worked with NIO (National Institute of Oceanography), Jammu and Kashmir tourism, NTL (NASA Tournament Lab), Tomtom India and Hexagon Metrology for Asia region. He has established a private limited firm which provides Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing consultancy. The solutions Arianrhod offers  help effective and accurate decision making strategies in GIS.
Defining GIS with Unparalleled Services
Steadily, Arianrhod is understanding the market conditions in India compared with the other countries. The company holds vivid range of products which helps user to understand the potentiality and importance of the GIS technologies. Now, Arianrhod has become one of the leading companies in India, which provides products to Indian as well as International Government. Their products help for effective urban governance and statistical management tools. Moreover, Arianrhod also provide solutions for critical GIS application development and data integration; right from data acquiring to data release. Now, they have expertise in integrating GIS with exhaustive client requirements.
Words of Wit
Road to success is very difficult for a GIS startup company in India. At times, it is easy to achieve success but it is more difficult to maintain that success rate. It is essential to spread GIS awareness in society as well as in the system but at the same time, it is also an undeniable fact that GIS industry is at boom in India. As this is an expensive technology, this can only be used by government agencies or big private players.
Challenges are queued up in GIS Industry. As documentation is the prime aspect, without documentation, it is not safe to step in GIS world because Data plays critical role in GIS applications. It has become mandatory to complete atleast three years for a company to be able to participate in bidding the GIS tenders. The first three years of a company is all about making strong network with reliable team, saving good amount of money in the bank and waiting readily for the perfect time to launch your idea on right platform with sustainable long term technology.
Luminating the worth of Data Storage
The Future of GIS is very much spatially advanced and more technologically strong. If a company wants to survive in GIS market, then that company has to work more on application development. As previously mentioned, the data is a primary objective for any GIS application. Data server should also be one of the key factors for the company, where data can be stored and then sold to other agencies. GIS data banks are cloud based, therefore; data security is also a very big responsibility for us. Setting up GIS data server, data maintenance, application development for eradicating social problems in day to day life and integrating Artificial Intelligence with GIS are some of the preparations made by Arainrhod to sustain in GIS market.
Drive of GIS throughout India
Indian Government is now focusing and understanding the vital use of GIS technology for India. The fact that India has a great and stronger market for GIS technologies is well-received. The trend of implementing GIS in India started from land surveying; Location Based Services and Remote Sensing.
In India GIS is used in a number of sectors such as Oceanography for tracing carbon secretion/ fluids for very high mineral natural resource in deep sea of 4500M, for Urban and Rural development such as Digital India which helps to connect all the villages and every state of India digitally, GIS for education sector where universities and private agencies provides training to youth and also government officials.
Clients being Centre of Attention
Arianrhods always believes in giving fast track solutions and pin point consultation. Understanding client requirement thoroughly, explaining the client, the technology which will be used for the construction of their GIS applications or project, making the client understand which GIS technology will be beneficial for them, in an order to achieve their desired output while maintaining the targeted tenure of the project completion; are some of the working values and factors Arianrhod work with to drive their company ahead slowly and steadily.

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