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Data Collection InfoTech India

Every new day comes with a new challenge. In this era, the most important factor stands to be data, its storage, security and maintenance. It often becomes troublesome for enterprises to manage such huge amount of data in proper coordination. In these times of change, GIS seems to one of the sector which has seen a major reformation in its process, usage and availability. To help industry cope up with this enormous amount of data and develop GIS sector, Data Collection InfoTech India Pvt Ltd (DCIL), ISO 9001:2008 certified company, enters the market to provide top notch geospatial solutions, including Land Survey, Aerial Survey, Scanning, Mobile mapping, Remote sensing, LiDAR mapping, Records Management, and Application development.
Specializing in highway asset and pavement management, aerial image analysis, LiDAR cloud data analysis, topography drawings, 3D & DEM creation, Geo Spatial solutions & other IT enabled services, DCIL has helped businesses all over the globe to be benefitted hugely with their extraordinary services. While providing cutting edge and economical design solutions that augment the profitability of their customers’ business, the company is developing GIS web, Mobile app and Desktop applications using various technologies and platforms. DCIL provides a huge range of customized products for various purposes including field asset data collection, survey management, asset management services, and spatial visualization of data.
Provides Solutions which Help GIS industry Perform Better
DCIL aides the industry with an enormous amount of solutions, one of which is Smart City Solution, in which the company does extensive planning by combining geospatial data with strong analytical approach to improve its sustainability and resilience by fundamentally improving the way it engages society, application of collaborative leadership methods, working across discipline and city systems, and uses data and integrated technologies in order to transform services and quality of life of those involved with the city. DCIL has a team of experts providing the advisory and solution development services in the areas of land-use planning, infrastructure planning and utility planning and management through their Infrastructure and Urban Utilities Planning solution.
DCIL is a Geospatial company playing a prominent role in the building smart cities with their City Planning solutions. With the Urban Planning solution from the team of DCIL, leaders can transform vision into implementation. The company is a proud pioneer in the field of urban master planning for smart cities and they help enterprises from strategic city landscape planning to detailed local area planning while ensuring that all perspective for topographical assessment are captured accurately. This GIS Company clearly mentions that the assessment is made based on the various factors like transportation plan, strategic land use and optimal disbursing of public services. Likewise, while making such assessments, they are also known to consider population density and industrial fields.
The Leaders Who are Giving a New Shape to the GIS Industry
DCIL is a private limited organization lead by two directors with a strong engineering background. The company holds an extremely high position in the industry with the Directors namely; Mr. A.Lakshmi Narasimhan and Mr. P.V.Balaji. Mr. A. Lakshmi, one of the founders of the company, is a man full of knowledge and excellence. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore, and a Master’s Degree in Tool Engineering; was also a part of GTTC for a period of two years. While working in various industries including VTV Industries, Arvind Exports, Customized Technologies, Mr. A.Lakshmi has earned a vast experience of over 15 years in numerous sectors including product development, robotics, IT and automation technology.
Mr. Balaji, on the other hand, is the promoter of DCIL. Being a man with a wealth of immense knowledge, skills and expertise, he has hands on experience in printing, packaging, and specialized product development. This man of excellence holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology and a Master’s degree in Tool Engineering. He was also a part of GTTC for two years and has a rich experience of almost two decades.
Helping Industries with Satisfactory GIS Solutions for more than a decade
DCIL is known to have an extensive experience in GIS services for more than a decade. They are quite popular among the enterprises for maintaining best-in-class quality standards and their efforts in making continuous improvement to stay ahead of the industry. The immensely skilled team of professionals at DCIL is known for their unparalleled experience and technical expertise. In this sector, data is not just gathered-but assembled, assessed and analyzed by feeding into intelligent information systems.
The developments of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have been playing a critical role in the process of developing online maps, augmented reality and other incredible tools. With the recent advancements taking place in the industry, the technology has achieved tremendous growth in the recent decades. While talking about the collaboration of modern technology and the DSIL, the company says, “GIS and 3D are the two technologies that allow us to create impressive solutions already.” The company is using technology to improve the world through Geospatial solutions and Analytical services. DCIL maintains and promotes a proper balance between accuracy, quality and financial performance while keeping their highest concern as the people and the environment.
Harnessing the Potential of Geospatial realm
With a mission to ensure that DCIL is the preferred destination to harness the potential of Geospatial realm around the world, and an aim to enhance productivity, lower costs and decrease inefficiencies across the focus sectors, DCIL offers solutions that are comprehensive, highly intelligent and are built for the industrial requirements. The company keep themselves updated, yet strictly following their values of integrity, commitment, teamwork, innovation and professionalism.

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