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SPINDS Engineering

In the 2000’s Building Information Models (BIM) were introduced to the architecture and engineering professions as the latest medium for designing and drawing a building. In spite of the evolution of technology over the years, construction disputes continue to occur. A current trend in Information Technology is the adoption of a Geographic Information System (GIS), to improve the acquisition, management and analysis of spatial (geographic) data. However, the possession of a computer hardware and software system does not ensure successful application. Appropriate tools should be selected for appropriate tasks. In a GIS, you connect data with geography. Because you cannot fully understand your data until you see how it relates to other things in a geographic context.
The integration system of BIM and GIS enables 3D GIS the effective management of information in various stages of a project’s life cycle, namely planning, design, construction, operation, Simulation and maintenance. The information at any spatial and temporal scale can be available in such system for different applications. Effective management of heterogeneous information from different sources can also provide essential supports for decision-making. A prominent name engaged in BIM, Geospatial and Multidiscipline Engineering services is SPINDS Engineering Private Limited. SPINDS Engineering strides to provide impeccable solution in advance GIS and comprehensive Multidisciplinary Solutions for the civil engineering industry with in house software solutions. They provide you with the best range of building construction, CAD design & project management with effective & timely delivery.
A Plethora of Ardent Services
SPINDS Engineering offers services across various verticals including; Geospatial Services, Design Consultancy and Engineering Services, Construction Engineering, Interior Designing, Training & Support along with Augmented, Virtual Reality and Walkthrough. They have extensive experience in managing a wide spectrum of large, complex, multi-phased and fast-track buildings and infrastructure projects.
SPINDS Engineering empowers the Civil engineering ecosystem from Feasibility Studies, Surveying, Investigation, Planning, Designing, Land Acquisition, Tendering, Construction Management, and GIS Based Asset Management, Training, Hand Holding and Project Management. The company envisages BIM Practice and implementation, BIM/GIS Conglomerate intervention, Scan to BIM, Walk through, Home Automation, Virtual and Augmented reality applications in competency with light and sounds. SPINDS provides impeccable solutions to civil engineering ecosystem that covers advanced surveys like LiDAR (Terrestrial and Mobile), UAV (Unmanned Aerial vehicle), Total Station Surveys, and Establishment of control points, CAD/GIS Conversions, Remote sensing, Photogrammetry, Designing of Structures, Public Health and Engineering, Water Engineering, Highway Engineering among others.
A leader who is always on the technological forefront
Sandeep Sharman, ‎Managing Director at SPINDS Engineering, is a diligent leader who keeps himself up-to-date, enlightened, and extremely well informed about the latest developments or research in the field of BIM, GIS, LiDAR, Photogrammetry, Remote sensing, Gaming, Feasibility study, DPRs, Designing, Construction Management, Project Management, Structural Analysis and much more. Sandeep is a tech enthusiast and a business strategist, who has got hands-on experience in civil engineering and software which in turn succumbs with a wide range of expertise in the field. IoT (Internet of Travel) is an added feather on his future endeavors. His simplicity, dedication and problem solving skills are his key strengths.
Sandeep Sharman is a name among millions who struggled and failed .Surged ahead not in search of success, but will power, happiness and contentment led him.  Had a bunch of unclear dreams and blurred vision on goals too but all he had was an undying learning attitude to hold on to and very practical in life. Academically average but very much reluctant to board based education. All he was looking for a value based education which never get in any universities. He conquered his own way of “how to handle failure”. A self-learner, humble and a restorative thinker.
“Objective is to look positive in a negative equation and to bring positive results,” asserts Sandeep.
Quality one-click solutions in minimal time-frame
Any product with superior quality actually improves the business, and has a positive effect on the investment, sales and growth of the company winning an advantageous position over the competitors as well as avoids litigation. SPINDS Engineering is blessed with a group of versatile tech enthusiasts who works efficiently in a stipulated time frame with never compromising on quality delivery. It’s in-house Software Development and Support to solve the complex issues with a minimal time is one thing that always stays unique in the market.
One click solution in entire civil engineering ecosystem is another USP of SPINDS. It provides service from reconnaissance stage till digital outputs in any means is the key factor that lifts SPINDS up in the international market. Upgrading themselves to new trends and technologies and continuous improvement is the key factor that drives the company ahead.
The Road to Glory had a lot of Ambiguities
Owing to the major technological disruption in the industry, initial hiccups are always there for any business or organization. Proper planning, working capital investment, people management, time management and effective usage of resources are the factors that generally face intricacy in this field. These are the fundamentals for a company to thrive on.
Despite a recent beginning, SPINDS Engineering has been catering to a complete spectrum of solutions in the GIS space. SPINDS believes that its versatility lies in their committed approach to bring quality solutions combined with the technical expertise and dexterity of a dedicated team of professionals. The company hopes to leverage this to bring about a change in the market with novel solutions that can produce the desired output in a short span of time.
Future Roadmap for GIS and SPINDS
To most, GIS is still a strictly academic system. While an increasing number of people are at least vaguely aware of GIS programs’ mapping and analytical capabilities, the actual applications are not particularly well understood. But as these specific programs become more popular and are used more frequently, their applications are becoming more mainstream and they’re often tied in to Internet of Travel (or IoT) with comprehensive GIS initiatives in business. The basic idea behind this tie-in is that augmenting IoT data with interactive GIS mapping can significantly improve understanding of the data.
SPINDS Engineering sees immense opportunities in leveraging IoT using hardcore GIS. They are working on various resources while in-house APIs, SDKs and Pythons are emerging and hitting to international market. Their prime focus is on integration of BIM to GIS, Underwater GIS, Smart Cities, Agriculture and Mining etc.
The Areas SPINDS is extensively have a wide spectrum to operate service with diligence on Digital City, Electricity, Feet Management, Health, Land, Agriculture, Mining and many more.

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