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Sanjeev Kumar | ervent Software Solutions

The Geographic Information System (GIS)-based maps and visualization is the go-to technology to better know the locations. GIS has greatly assisted in understanding geographic space so that optimization in maintaining schedules and daily fleet movements can take place. To better serve the spatial information, a call for evolution has come upon from distinct software market into supporting technology that fulfills industry-specific business process requirements. Fervent Software Solutions (Fervent) assaying the same, works for many international and national agencies and clients in delivering both ArcGIS and Open Source GIS solutions. Fervent has a vast experience in implementing GIS in various domains for multiple clients viz. airport, transportation, agriculture and US Government departments. Right now, they have the capability to implement medium to small projects in these domains and they are continuously endeavoring to deliver even larger projects in these as well as in other domains.
Make Headway in GIS  
Fervent Software Solutions was founded by Sanjeev Kumar in 2006. He has vast technical experience of 17 plus years in different domains. He founded another successful startup prior to starting Fervent. He has worked with small to very big companies in different roles. His domain experience includes ERP, eCommerce portals, desktop utilities and developing Open Source software. Now, Sanjeev has the vision of taking Fervent to the next level and helping to develop India by utilizing GIS.
Fervent got the better of Challenges
Fervent Software Solutions has grown from strength to strength in its decade long existence. During this journey, like most of the companies Fervent has also faced a lot of challenges not only technical but also financial and others. As a company, they have always tried to explore new and latest technologies but it always did not work. Initially, it was challenging to get good projects but their perseverance rendered this fact to overcome. Since technologies are changing very fast and one needs to update oneself with the latest developments; that was another challenge, but not any more. Now technologies do not challenge Fervent any more.
Technical and Functional experience distinguishes Fervent
Fervent has its own client base and target market, but they overarch expansion and wider vision. Standing by versatile domain knowledge, agility, quick adoption of the latest technologies, dedication to their clients’ success and a highly motivated team are the factors that distinguish them from others. Most companies have experience in a particular domain (say one or two); but Fervent Software Solutions has worked in multiple domains and with various categories of clients. Fervent has experience in domains like agriculture, transport, airport etc. Ability to work with national and international clients using offsite or onsite model and in any domain makes them unique in this segment. Apart from GIS, they also have experience in eCommerce, ERP and other web based applications. Fervent works on both the commercial and open source environments for GIS development. Their vast technical and functional experience in GIS sets them apart from other players.
Manifold Opportunities in GIS
Fervent Software Solutions is cognizant of the huge potential and the rising growth rate in global GIS market and has been constantly working to build a team skilled with latest technologies and tools, especially in the Open Source GIS domain. The GIS market in India, too, offers a great opportunity. However, in India, this still is the domain of Government and PSU agencies primarily. Fervent keeps an eye on the opportunities that might become available at enterprise and retail levels in the times to come. In India, GIS has a great opportunity in all fields, say, agriculture, transportation, government departments, security agencies, real estate, business houses (e.g. marketing, finding and targeting audience) etc.
Endeavoring Digitalisation of India for GIS
GIS services in India will definitely be growing, given the digital push by the government and the advantage that LBS and GIS offers to not only the Government and organizations but also to the end users to a large extent. Fervent Software Solutions is aligned to this growth and will work further to target some of the enterprise and retail customers.
As for Fervent’s preparations, whatever experience they have gained in working with international clients, they would want to implement and deliver the same in India to a large extent. The company wants to see India as a giant for GIS services market. They want to help Indians to get the best out of what they have now. By digitalizing India in GIS, they can minimize the costs of operations, achieve better coordination with different interest groups and help Indians in getting better information which is useful for them, e.g. providing information to farmers about weather, soil, best climate for their crops and to commuters about traffic updates. Fervent wants to achieve this quickly in a short span of time.
Idolatory for Employees
Fervent Software Solutions is an agile startup which has always been at the forefront in adopting the latest state-of-the-art technologies. Their core expertise remains in GIS, Analytics, Cloud and Mobile segments.
With the adoption of the latest technologies, both Open Source and Commercial GIS, the message that Fervent wants to convey about themselves to both their clients and audience is,
“We strongly deliver innovative solutions to completely meet our clients’ business objectives, requirements & expectations; employ maximum state-of-the-art technology at minimum delivery costs to our clients; drive collaborative and positive engagement with our clients; cherish motivated, ethical, happy and productive employees; and  aim for a healthy and lasting social impact.”

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