Ashima Obhan: Challenger, Seeker & Achiever

Ashima Obhan | Partner | Obhan & Associates
Ashima Obhan | Partner | Obhan & Associates

The relevance of teachers in shaping young minds is immeasurable. A good teacher goes beyond textbooks, and can be instrumental in shaping a person’s opinion, values and much more. And the first teacher that a child gets is its mother who nurtures and prepares it for the life ahead.
Ashima Obhan, Partner at Obhan & Associates believes that her mother is precisely: her first teacher, a superhero, and her role model. She has seen her hold a full-time job with a national bank, pursue an MBA while working, bring up three children, manage the house, and take care of her grandparents; all of this, with a lot of love and no complaints. Amazed at all that her mother has achieved, Ashima says, “If I could do even half of what she has managed to achieve, I think I would have accomplished a lot in life.”
The second set of influencers Ashima met in her journey were her teachers at Lady Shri Ram College, where she majored in English. In three years she learned about the value of independent thinking, critical analysis, a questioning mind, never to take anything for granted, and to keep pushing boundaries. These valuable lessons came in handy when she chose to pursue Law as a subject and as a career.
Changing the Status Quo
Ashima sums up her professional journey as exciting and deeply enriching – at times more exciting than she could handle. From starting her career with one of India’s leading law firms to now heading the corporate law practice at her firm, her journey has been full of learning. Working with a leading Indian law firm for almost 8 years got her unmatched experience in terms of time. But over time, she found the work getting less and less challenging. In search of new opportunities and intellectual challenges, she decided to quit a well-paying and secure career, and establish her corporate law practice. Starting as a lone ranger, she set some initial goals for herself, which she now is very proud to say that she has achieved.
Obhan – The Firm, Her Pride
Obhan & Associates offers end-to-end services in the fields of Intellectual Property law and Corporate law intending to aid and assist its clients at every stage. Recognized as one of India’s leading firms, it was conceived to address the critical requirement of a specialized team that intimately understands the working of the Indian legal system and is technically qualified and competent in understanding and appreciating the clients’ requirements. It provides dedicated and customized attention to each client ensuring their business needs are met.
As a Partner of the firm, Ashima has been single-handedly responsible for establishing the corporate law and M&A practice within the firm. Until she joined, the firm operated as a boutique intellectual property (IP) firm. Over the years, within the corporate team, it has curated specialized practices for the Publishing and Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) sectors. It also started developing an Arbitration practice within the firm, which she heads, along with the firm’s Managing Partner.
Time to Celebrate the Hard Work
Ashima has been ranked as one of the ‘50 Rising Stars of India’s legal profession’ by the India Business Law Journal, where the Firm’s services and work in the publishing industry have been recognized. She has also been ranked as one of the ‘Top 100 lawyers for the year 2018” by the India Business Law Journal. Obhan’s work with the acquisition of Cube26 by One97 (PayTM’s parent company) was widely covered in the media. The firm was ranked in 2018 as the ‘Best Indian law Firm for Women to Work’ in by Vahura, a leading legal recruitment firm.
Building Work Culture on Deep-rooted Values
The firm strongly believes in the principles of diversity and inclusion. All members of the firm are assured the flexibility and support that they need to ensure a healthy work-life balance. Ashima adds, “The sanctity of the letterhead – that is foremost on my mind while working. I constantly remind myself and my team that the quality of work delivered by us must be of the highest standard. We also believe very strongly in trust, collaboration and teamwork. All of these are a strong part of the work culture at Obhan & Associates.”
She envisions the firm to be recognized as one of the leading firms of the country for its specialized services and its unique client management services. The team comprises an extremely talented and experienced set of lawyers and technical industry professionals, who are very well equipped to serve clients in a wide range of sectors, from start-ups to multinationals.
Words That Matter
For Budding Entrepreneurs:
“Be fearless but be conscientious. Do not compromise on quality at any cost. Maintaining a good reputation and keeping your client’s faith is key to a sustainable and successful venture.”
For the Women Trying to Make a Difference:
“It is very encouraging to see the growth in women taking charge in the business world. Women in different industries are not just breaking the glass ceiling, but in many cases, shattering them! Women have always been leaders, but lack the support and opportunity to continue and excel in their chosen careers. This is only the beginning of the journey and there is a long way to go. But, it is a great start nonetheless.”

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