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Sagar Paliwal | Founder, CEO | Autokartz | Insights Success
Sagar Paliwal | Founder, CEO | Autokartz

Assisting users to look for automotive spare parts, accessories, services and pre-owned cars, AutoKartz Internet Private Limited is an online marketplace covering very vertical of vehicle ownership. Intending to make car ownership hassle-free, AutoKartz, let’s get more insights about its prominent services and uniqueness in an exclusive interview with Mr. Sagar.
IS: Kindly brief us about the Founder/CEO and the motivation behind venturing into this particular industry.
Mr. Sagar Paliwal is the Founder and CEO of Autokartz Internet Private Limited. He is an automotive engineer with masters in E-commerce, having deep expertise in businesses and technology; he started Autokartz in September 2015.
India is the world’s third largest automotive market but till date there are no multi-billion dollar entities in the aftermarket space, contrary to International markets like USA, UK and China. This shows the huge potential in the market and just how complicated it is. Autokartz was started with the aim of organizing the unorganized Independent Aftermarket Parts economy.
IS: Kindly brief us about the company.
Autokartz is an Automotive ecosystem, trying to organize the Indian Independent aftermarket automotive economy. We are creating an eco-system which benefits all key stake holders of the automotive industry such as: Parts Manufacturers, Parts Distributors, Used Part Dealers, Importers, Car Manufacturers, Car Dealers, Independent Workshops and Mechanics.
We have an Online E-Commerce platform catering to all categories and qualities of automotive parts such as accessories, original equipment parts, performance parts, imported parts, aftermarket parts and refurbished parts.
We are an On-demand online parts shop, where we can supply any part from any brand for any car. Customers can simply list their requirements online and we will cater to it.
IS: What are the different products and services?
The aim of Autokartz is to be the only platform a car owner ever needs to visit. A one stop shop for all car needs. As we are focused on the hurdles of vehicle ownership, our platform provides complete end to end solution for car ownership; From Diagnosis – To Discovery – To Delivery – To Installation.
We help customers Diagnose the exact problem in their vehicle the consult them on how to fix the said issue (precaution / repair / replace), accordingly suggest the best product for the job, get the product delivered swiftly and then get it installed in the customer’s vehicle.
The AutoKartz platform has two sides; one is focused on parts and the other on services. The parts section helps you discover all possible parts for your vehicle under different brands and qualities so that you can make an informed decision on which part to purchase and why?
The service section has curated quality garages / workshops from all over the country who fit as per our standards of workmanship and customer experience. This enables our customers to identify the best garages in their locality who are experts in specific services for specific car brands.
We have also created a media-based platform for car enthusiasts which curate automotive content from across the globe. The platform also helps car owners to better educate themselves about their vehicle through our dedicated car troubleshooting guides and DIY content.
All our products are available on, under parts, garages and media tabs respectively.
IS: What is the USP of the company that serves as an advantage over competitors and benefits clients/customers?
We are car experts. Our aim is make car ownership a hassle free process. We are the only one who is trying to solve the issues of vehicle ownership holistically. We help the customer diagnose the exact issue with their vehicle, and then we consult them about all possible options, provide our customers the widest range of products in their budget range and then get it delivered and installed. We provide our customers with complete peace of mind when it comes to taking care of their vehicle.
IS: Share with us the challenges faced by companies in your sector.
The Indian Automotive Aftermarket Economy is highly unorganized, with scattered sourcing and zero price transparency. Counterfeit parts, lack of formalized pricing structure, random inventory availability, lack of service quality standardization, lack of formal education at garages / mechanics. These are some of the key challenges faced by the industry today.
IS: How is the company leveraging technology for better services?
Being a tech-oriented company, we have managed to leverage technology on all fronts of our business. We are very heavily invested in technologically upgrading everyone in our network, be it our suppliers, customers, service partners etc.
We have developed IP in a number of processes, which have enabled us to remain lean and yet expand this rapidly.
IS: How does the firm intend to handle its Societal and Environmental Responsibility?
We are a very socially inclined especially towards our service and retail partners. We have been a positive influence in their lives, with the help of our technology and through our wide range of value-added products; we have successfully changed the lives of several independent garages and retailers.
From the consumer side, we try our level best to educate car owners on how to best maintain their vehicles, which in a way can be our biggest effort towards securing an healthy environment for the future.
IS: What would be your advice for the budding start-ups and entrepreneurs in the industry?
My personal advice to any entrepreneur would be to only pursue those opportunities in life which are inclined with your passion and those which help in changing the lives of a wide section of audience. Only go after excellence, create products / services which enrich the lives of everyone associated with your company, everything else will automatically fall in place.
IS: Brief us about the company’s future perspectives.
Autokartz has a very progressive attitude towards growth and self-sustainability, and is expanding very aggressively across India and overseas. We are opening our 1st overseas office shortly. We are expanding very rapidly across categories and have managed to create a wide range of products & services for all stake holders of the Indian Automotive Eco-System.

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