Banthia & Co. Advocates: The Leading Legal Solution Providers

Established in 1953, Banthia and Co. Advocates is one of the India’s oldest and leading law firms, having its presence in more than seven countries including the USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, Turkey, and Japan and over 12 cities all across India. With a passion towards serving the legal profession and real estate matters internationally, Banthia & Co. Advocates operates two delegate international offices in the New York and Chicago, provides multiple services pertaining to Legal Outsourcing, Paralegal and Secretarial Services.
With expertise in Indian local laws and specialization in property law and real estate matters, the firm serves Archdioceses/Dioceses and Religious Congregations of Roman Catholic Church across the globe. The firm has also efficiently aided some of the biggest organizations of the world, including Clinton Foundation and World Bank with regard to the settlement of their matters and counsels them on investments worldwide. Nationally, it deals with all areas of banking laws and serves the topmost banks in the country including ICICI and HDFC.
The journey of Banthia and Co. Advocates started from three offices and workforce of 10 advocates, while, at present they have a full-fledged team of more than 350 advocates and 24 offices across the world. The firm believes in the core values of commitment, dedication, honesty and punctuality. Driven by the motto to ensure prompt legal services wherever & whenever needed, they believe to adopt the dynamic changes brought forward by the transformations rather than following the conventional methods of advocacy.
The Driving Force of Banthia and Co. Advocates
Late Shri Mishrilal ji Sb. Banthia started his career in 1927 at Baran, Rajasthan, where he exercised his judicial powers during the British period. The legacy was continued by his son Late Shri Nihal Singh ji Sb. Banthia, who established Banthia & Co. Advocates with the Headquarter at Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) India. His vision was to bring together the dedicated and specialized advocates under a single roof to provide the best possible legal services in various sectors in central India.
Currently, Neelesh Banthia and his father Mr. B.S. Banthia (Supreme Court Advocate) are the Managing Partners of Banthia & Co. Advocates, are running the firm with full dedication and commitment throughout the country.  Neelesh is a seasoned lawyer and well experienced in dealing with legal matters across the globe. He has around 19+ years of rich experience and currently supervising a team of around 350+ lawyers, specialized in handling variety of legal works from different jurisdictions across continents. Being the owner of one of the leading law firms in India, he also acquires the position amongst the youngest law firm owners in India. His commitment, vision, dedication and persistence have helped Banthia & Co. Advocates to emerge as a multifaceted international law firm.
The Extraordinary Approaches of the organization
Banthia & Co. Advocates believes in maintaining personal and long term relationships. They provide 24 x 7 services to their clients across the globe. While handling a dispute they not only concentrate on the basic facts of the situation, but also studies about the overall picture of the case. They understand the need of their clients and come up with the best possible solutions that they can implement to solve the problems. Banthia & Co. Advocates focuses on providing the best customer service and experience by:
Access to client: – With their global reach, it becomes feasible for them to get in touch with the client as soon as possible with their professional services.
Personal relationship: – Maintaining a long-term, comprehensive relationship with their esteemed clients and encouraging friendly atmosphere at the workplace is the vision of the Company.
Confidentiality and Reputation: – Banthia & Co. Advocates ensures that all the information in their possession about the client is kept strictly confidential and their reputation is not taken at stake at any level during and after the course of consultancy.
Core values: – Banthia & Co. Advocates undertakes their work with excellence, growth and perfection, entrusted to them. It believes in adapting the dynamic changes and the technological advancements in the profession rather than following the conformist methods of advocacy.
Anticipation of consequences: – The firm assures to provide the best possible legal solutions to their clients through experienced professionals in diverse fields. They provide numerous and concentrated sessions with the professionals so that they can understand the possible legal consequences of their problems and can choose best options to satisfy their requirements.
Client’s involvement in action: – In this firm, the professionals deal with varied experiences and client’s requirements. Such embodied practicing has made them experts to cater their clients in the best possible manner for business, finance and legal issues and also understand and counsel their sensitive issues.
The Future of the Connoisseurs
Banthia & Co. Advocates plans to expand globally. Apart from the ventures they have already entered, like Knowledge Process Outsourcing through their registered company in UK in the name of Banthia Legal Services UK Ltd, they have also started working in the field of due diligence and compliance in relation to property and investment matters. The Company’s future developments include starting the office in Abu Dhabi, Australia, Canada, France, Kuwait and venturing into more legal fields.
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