BFC Capital: Delivering Contentment through Holistic Planning

It has been seen that people usually chase returns and speculate on the stock market. Sometimes investors are not very clear about their investment goals and they invest without proper planning. As Financial Advisors, BFC Capital helps their clients to understand that instead of returns what they should chase is the fulfillment of their financial goals. The company specializes in helping their clients to plan comprehensively, invest intelligently and achieve contentment from their investments.
BFC Capital is a wealth management company and BFCIA is a wholly owned subsidiary of BFC Capital and a SEBI Registered Investment Advisory Firm. The company operates on advisory model, giving recommendations for all wealth management products. Attempting to make its customers financially content, the company offers unique range of services like corporate investment planning, treasury planning, financial planning which involves goal based planning, tax planning and wealth management.
The Company is managing around 5 billion of assets under management, serving more than 500 retail families and more than 150 institutional clienteles.
‘Out-of-the-box’ Strategies
The Company developed its own wealth management matrix called “Prodigy” to deliver unbiased and client centric solutions. Prodigy is their 5 step process of doing 360-degree financial planning of their clients catering to their holistic needs.
Also, for the purpose of providing optimum solution to product selection process, the Company has developed its in-house theory of comparison and analysis of Mutual Fund Schemes called “Reverse Pyramid theory”.  Management of the company believes that this theory will change the way people compare and select Pass-through instruments like Mutual Funds in India.
“At BFC, our methodology is unbiased and has a long perspective which sets us apart from other Wealth Management firms. We do not predict the market; instead, we brace ourselves beforehand to face the volatility of the market. We believe that we have been successful in understanding retail investors’ psychology and consequently providing them product best suited to their requirements, giving them information only relevant to them, delivering solutions exactly what they need for,” says Mr. Sunil Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, BFC Capital.
Clairvoyant Attitude
In 2009, when the whole wealth management industry was trying to survive to get out of menace of 2008 sub-prime crisis, SEBI came up with a historic decision of abolishing entry load in Mutual Funds; thereby curbing commission based sales practices in the market.
The message was very clear from the Regulator that it intends to rationalize whole wealth management industry from commission based industry to Advisory based industry.
In 2010, the management of the company decided and started working on Advisory Model which made the company pioneer in advisory model based wealth management companies. The company started working on Advisory Model in 2010 well before SEBI came up with SEBI (Investment Advisors Regulation 2013).
Moreover, realizing the importance of Digitalization in the Industry, BFC Capital got fully online integrated in 2011, way before their peers.
Social Initiative
Considering the very low level of Financial Literacy in India, the management of the company realized in 2010 that the only way to increase retail participation in capital market investment, is to make people aware of the basic guidelines, do’s and don’ts of investment so that they will not again and again become victim of missellings prevalent in the market.
For this purpose, the Company in 2010 developed a Financial Awareness workshop called “Quality Circle Programme”. Attending this programme will enable a person to understand financial planning as a whole and how to avoid losses due to mis-selling of products.
The Company followed its conviction on this and till date it had conducted more than 180 Quality circle programme benefiting more than 7000 people and helping them managing their finances effectively. Glimpse of these programmes can be seen at the Facebook page of BFC Capital.
Educational Initiative
The Company also believed upon the Idea of the Regulator that to rationalize Investment industry, they need more professional and serious players. To strengthen this idea, BFC Akademia, an educational arm of BFC Capital, has taken rights of providing training for CFP courses to students and working professional in investment industry.
Digital Solution
For a retail investor, taking investment decision is a complex process because he/she is usually flooded with loads of information, 80% of which is not at all relevant for him/her. The Company, for the benefit of retail investors, launched its mobile App called “MF Prodigy”- a simple app that advises people on which Mutual Fund scheme they should invest in.
MF Prodigy works on a well written and tested Algorithm and is fully automated without any human bias towards any specific product. It advises people what is best suitable for them.
Through this app, investor can see their real time portfolio as well as execute the transaction also. For example, putting redemption from any scheme will take only 60 seconds through this App.
One can get the advisory through this app in less than 2 minutes and can get the transaction executed simultaneously.
“Investment Consultancy has never been such an easy and seamless process. Being Registered Investment Advisors, we are subject to most stringent regulations known in our time and therefore Clients can expect unbiased advice from us. Product selection is done on the basis of well written algorithm without human bias” adds Mr. Sunil.
Source :-The 50 Most Prominent Consulting Companies

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