LexOrbis: Leveraging the Most Endorsed and Highly Rated Comprehensive IP and Legal Services

Innovation has always been a catalyst in an increasing economy ensuing in more innovation. The advent of new innovations gives growth to healthy competition at macro as well as microeconomic planes. IP laws help guard these innovations from being oppressed unlawfully. In view of IP and Competition laws, they have to be applied in tandem to certify that the rights of all stakeholders including the innovator and the consumer or public, in general, are protected.
The common objective of both policies is to promote innovation which would eventually lead to the economic development of a country however this should not be to the detriment of the common public. For this, the competition establishments need to ensure the co-existence of competition policy and IP laws since a balance between both laws would result in an economic as well as consumer welfare.
Established in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, LexOrbis is one of the most endorsed and highly rated comprehensive intellectual property law firm extending IP and legal services. It provides end-to-end services and practical solutions to all aspects of patent, design, trademark, copyright, competition, sports, media and entertainment, unfair competition, e-commerce and other related laws.
The company has an extensive presence in the start-up ecosystem and has been providing numerous legal services to the individual investors of start-up to help them protect their innovations from infringement. It also provides Prior art Search & analytics Services, Global IP Prosecution Management, IP watch Services, Patent Translation services, Invention Mining, Technology Scouting, Commercialization like Tech/Product/IP/Market, Partner Identification, and Regulatory Compliance.
Inspiring Lady of LexOrbis
A distinguished lawyer and Founder Partner of LexOrbis, Manisha Singh, has an experience of 20 years and has been advising and handling dispute resolution for a wide-range of clients. She has studied law from Campus Law Centre, Delhi University after completing her master’s degree in Economics from Patna University. She was recently recognised amongst the top 100 powerful women in law by the World IP Forum and was also recognised amongst the A List of India’s Top 100 lawyers by India Business Law Journal.
Superior Execution of Business Strategies
A lot of challenges were faced by LexOrbis in their initial days due to the complexities in the administrative and legislative structure at that time but, they have always inculcated discipline, professionalism, responsibility & excellence in their team members that eventually resulted in an increasing sign-up of clients. Today they have an extensive client base of 1500+ clients that includes many Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations, public sector organisations, government-funded research institutes, small and medium-sized enterprises and technology start-ups from a wide range of industries.
LexOrbis actively takes part in discussions to exchange business-friendly intellectual property policies. They are advocates providing bold and practical advice that will create conducive environment for companies to advance and promote their products and services. They develop and employ cutting-edge technology systems to advance their processes and efficiency by constantly asking their client’s for feedback. They use these suggestions to develop unique systems that increase their capacity to meet and exceed client’s expectations every time. These technology tools have helped LexOrbis in cutting down the service delivery cost and passing this cost advantage to their clients.
LexOrbis is among a new generation of intellectual property law firms having extensive knowledge and expertise across the entire IP gamut. It has evolved and adapted itself in the dynamic environment through continuous education programs and provided practical and prompt services and solutions to its clients that empower them in creating and executing effective legal strategies to meet prevailing and future needs. LexOrbis’ unique and robust combination of technical, business and legal acumen gives it a great competitive advantage.
Future Transformations
Manisha describes about the company standards by asserting, “At LexOrbis, we aim to provide practical, effortlessly comprehensible and superior legal services and solutions to all our clients with a global and industry specific perspective. And to achieve these objectives we are continuously recruiting, developing and retaining the best legal and technical experts in the country, having sound business understanding of industry environment in which our client drives their business.”
In today’s dynamic business environment, the company possesses the ability to evolve and adapt, which is absolutely imperative. They have the resources and services that combine technical, business and legal acuity to advice. At LexOrbis, they offer a competitive edge that supports their clients to promptly respond, the changing developments and empowers them to create and execute an effective business strategy to meet fruitful results. .
The experience LexOrbis have gained in the past two decades allows them to provide clients with comprehensive assistance and advice not only to global corporations but also to the small and medium enterprises, emerging businesses and individuals.
India is witnessing a rapid evolution in laws, rules and practices related to corporate and commercial transactions, so LexOrbis’ future perspective is to evolve and adapt in this dynamic environment and render customised services to their clients  with due diligence, consciousness and promptness by improving  the flexibility and overall effectiveness of quality control mechanism.
Source :-The 50 Most Prominent Consulting Companies

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