HR Remedy India: Working as a Bridge between Employer and Employee to Fulfill Enrolment Needs

A company may require a consultant to complete tasks that the internal staff cannot perform due to lack of expertise, existing commitments, government regulations, or a need for an unbiased opinion. In such circumstances, consultants may work alone, with a team, or partner with company employees to accomplish a wide variety of functional and technical objectives. While accomplishing these objectives, the consultant might serve as an implementer, an adviser, a trainer or a publisher.
HR Remedy India is one of the fastest growing HR Consulting, Corporate Training & Manpower Outsourcing Company in India providing a wide range of HR solutions specific to the client’s requirements.
HR Remedy India, established in December 2007, within just 10 years has flourished into a leading Manpower Outsourcing, HR Consulting and Manpower Training consulting organization with more than 550 clients across the globe. The organization is offering a range of HR Services like HR consulting, Corporate training, Payroll Management, Compliance management, RPO, HR Training, Digital Marketing training, Virtual HR Head Services, Executive coach services and HR Analytics services in Europe , Middle east ,Singapore , Malaysia & India.
With over 12 years of rich experience in the field of HR & Marketing, the dynamic young trailblazer Mr. Sachin Patle, founded HR Remedy India, in December 2007, which is involved in Recruitment, Consulting, RPO, and Training. He is currently holding the position as CEO & MD of the organization. He has graduated from Nagpur University with a Bachelor of Pharma and has done his Master’s in Business Management from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune. His vision is to provide quality services at affordable prices to all the clients and making HR REMEDY INDIA as Best HR Consulting and Training Company Globally.
The Well-devised Service Strategies that Aligns with the Core-Business Resolution
Executive search – HR Remedy India’s search methodology, the mapping system is extremely strong to get a most appropriate candidate in within time frame. All CXO level hiring is catered by their senior recruitment team.
HR Practical Training – Very unique and cost-effective training specially designed for HR students, HR professionals and people who want to enter in to HR field.
RPO for Life Insurance Industry – With the help of Application tracking system, their expertise in bulk hiring in life insurance Industry that the company has developed and designed special  RPO system for Life Insurance Industry.
HR Analytics – Very unique and special techniques used for analyzing the employee’s behavior in Recruitment, attrition & PMS.
Virtual HR Head Services (HR Coach) – HR Remedy India is the first company who started providing virtual HR Head services in India for small and mid-size companies who don’t want to hire full-time HR head.
“Our Creative & True Business Sense helps us to Provide Complete Customer Solutions,” says Mr.Sachin Patle
Sachin describes, “I believe, based on quantum principles that our true business scene is to easily create all we dream for our clients. Our co- creatively concept is dedicated to Win-Win situation & leading-edge concepts to solve the client’s issues. We have a team of Expert HR who are empowered & jointly work with clients. We gently help clients to accomplish their targets on time.”
Some Inventive Steps of HRRemedy India
Today everything in business seems to be about catering ease to the customer.  Advancements have opened a whole slew of doors to do just that, and whoever provides the most ease will get the most customers. Hard to believe that some systems, like recruitment, are still lagging innovation-wise and here HR Remedy India has a lot of Innovative things for HR field.
Provide Legendary Customer Service – The organization treats their clientswith royalty. All clients have an expectation of great services. Around 75% of customers state that they consider customer service a true test of a company’s competence. They have discovered the loyalty-generating power of remarkable customer support.
Come Up With Something New – Continue to reinvent the company by adopting emerging technologies and introducing new processes and solutions. For example, Virtual HR Head services are not just to cut the companies overhead but also economical.
Cost-effective Solutions to HR Issues – HR Remedy India believes research & innovations can help the world if it is available at affordable price, and here they are always offering affordable solutions for each and every client.
HR Remedy India’s Unique Methodology
Due to the pioneering recruitment methods, the organization is able to providethe most suitable candidate within the specified time frame ata cost-effective price. Their executive search methodology provides most suitable CEO, CFO, and other CXO level applicants to their treasured clients in within time frame. HR Remedy India’s ‘executive coach service’ and ‘tailored training services’ are very much beneficial for the clients to get the desired result from the business. Additionally, their clients are saving huge recruitment cost due to the expert recruitment advice.
Future of Recruiting is Very Exciting!
At present, social media offers a fresh way of finding and researching the best applicants for open positions. Most of the companies implemented ‘Gamification’ inside the workplace and discoveredinnovative and faster ways to recognize and engage high performing employees. Experts assume, new and innovative business process changing tool can bring the consultancy firms on top in HR business. Moreover, all HR solution providers are making Innovations in HR field and providing the solutions to clients at affordable price. The organization believes all innovations will help them to make better future in consulting industry.
Source :-The 50 Most Prominent Consulting Companies

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