Diwan Advocates: A Renowned Name in the Legal World for Delivering Outstanding Legal Solutions

If you have ever faced with complex legal issues, then it is important to protect your rights, interests, and well-being. Because individuals seldom encounter legal issues, when they do arrive, they can be confusing and even overwhelming. This is the reason why it is important to partner with counsel that will help you address your legal issues efficiently and effectively while taking an approach that secures long-term well-being.
Diwan Advocates is a full-service law firm with a mission to provide an outstanding legal solution. They endeavor to deliver consistent quality solutions by focusing and understanding the client needs. The organization is providing pragmatic and solution-oriented legal advice, which is also cost-effective. The team Diwan Advocates represents their treasured clientele in above 30 District Court in Two-tier and 15 High Courts.
Diwan Advocates was founded back in 2010 by their founding partners, who realized the need and the necessity to establish a law firm, which can stand by its core values to keep their culture alive. Diwan Advocates has travelled a long way and now has established itself as a full-service law firm by providing timely innovative and solution-oriented legal advice in all areas of practice.
Headquartered in Delhi, Diwan Advocates has other offices in, Chandigarh, Noida, Meerut, and Allahabad. Their accomplished team members represent the blending tradition of time-honored values and modern applications of methodology in the competitive global legal arena, which helps them to gratify their client’s expectations. Diwan Advocates is specialized in providing quality services related to almost all the aspects of law under Indian legal framework. With the team of around 35 legal professionals on board, the organization has special division handling and managing litigations, court matters, arbitration proceedings, and general corporate and commercial matters (both contentious and noncontentious). Diwan Advocates derives special expertise in criminal and civil litigations and have successfully managed some well-known criminal and civil trials as well on the appellate side including High Court and Supreme Court of India. Moreover, their team has worked on an array of legal issues across the numerous sectors including Intellectual Property, Environmental law, Banking and Finance, and Real Estate. The renowned law firm Diwan Advocates believes client integrity; teamwork, business development; timekeeping, and high ethical standards are the key values of the firm. Those values have helped them to overcome the challenges that came in their way at the initial stages. Their team’s practical hands-on-approach invariably leads in achieving the best possible result in a given situation.
The Erudite Leader of the Company
Dr. Farrukh Khan is a distinguished Advocate and a Partner of Diwan Advocates. He holds a degree of Doctorate of Philosophy (PHD.) in Law, Dr. Khan has been able to effectively earn clarity in his concepts of law in every area. Before dedicating all his work to Diwan Advocates, he was associated with various entities in Middle-East and Europe as a Corporate Legal Advisor.
He is an enthusiastic and creative professional with excellent organizational and communication skills. His practical hands-on-approach invariably leads to achieving the best possible result in a given situation. He has diversified litigation exposure. His litigation skills encompass from criminal to civil and corporate practice under Indian legal framework & Common law periphery. He has represented several leading Banks and Financial Institutions, Government Entities, Real Estate Consortiums, Project Finance Companies, Not for Profit entities etc. in an assortment of litigations including of civil, corporate and criminal, arbitration and white collar crime nature. He has considerable experience in corporate law and in advising international and domestic companies. Dr. Khan advises General Counsel, CEOs, and Corporate Boards on matters involving litigation, corporate governance and ethics. In the boardroom and the courtroom, his philosophy of early evaluation of risks and corporate exposure consistently produces a cost-effective resolution of disputes.
Additionally, he has also been a contributor to the books published by various big publishing houses including the World Bank. He is a visiting professor in various states, central universities and colleges, delivering lecture & speeches to enhance learning for students. His interactions with the student community and his vibrant personality are moderately admired among the youth.
“We are providing Legal Support through our Solutions”, says Dr.Khan
The expert team of Diwan advocates focuses on understanding and anticipating legal needs of the clientele, providing them pragmatic and bespoke legal solution.Dr. Khan emphasizes on the superiority of its services, “We at Diwan advocates take pride in going beyond the call of duty to serve our clients. Our team strives hard to remain at forefront of the issues that affect our clients by constantly innovating new approaches and relying on our long-standing experience in the legal space. We are committed to providing our client best personal attention and proactive approach to not only meet but exceed their expectation.”
Their ‘out-of-the-box’ Strategies
The organization has an internal client relationship management system which assures preciosity of its solutions towards their clients in an efficient and effective manner. On the other hand, this system helps them to deviate from the standard practices followed by their competitors to the tailor-made solutions in accordance with specific needs of their client.
Proceeds of the Clients to Work with Diwan Advocates
Diwan Advocates ensure that its clients are satisfied with its services. In order to ensure the same, they have a client satisfaction feedback mechanism that helps them to improvise their groundbreaking services. The organization ensures that their employees go through an orientation session that guides them through the various practices of their firm to maintain quality check.
Future Endeavors
As a prominent law firm, Diwan Advocates believes that maintaining a healthy relationship with clients is the key factor for any organization. They desire to strengthen the bond with their appreciated clients which can help them to achieve more success. The organization increases their own strength reaching great heights in near future. Also, they will plan to serve their clients better using upcoming strategies in the legal sector.
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