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Design Café is the most recognised and trusted brand that delivers dream interiors for new homeowners. It specializes in creating personalized designs that are harmonized to every client’s requirements, budgets, and aspirations of their homes.
Design Café was started by a team of Architects and Interior Designers, who have been in the business for more than 10 years. After executing more than 200 projects across India, they found a severe lacuna in this particular genre, where even to create the interiors of one’s dream home, one needs to coordinate with over 15 different vendors, travel across the city to ensure that one finds and is able to install every piece the way they have always dreamt of. Besides this, they found that the quality of material, the workmanship, and the standards that are prevalent across India are just not what a customer should expect when she pays top dollar for it. Keeping these things in mind, Design Cafe decided to focus on the Residential Interior genre, and created a series of solutions that will ensure that a new homeowner doesn’t look back at the process of designing one’s interior in dismay but rather enjoys and participates in it.
Truly, the mission of Design Cafe is to “Democratize Designs.’ Everyone truly deserves to have the best possible home in their budget, and that is the vision with which Design Café was started.
Design Café’s Journey:
Design Café was founded in 2011, by award-winning Architects and Designers Gita Ramanan and Shezaan Bhojani, who together bring more than two decades of national & international design experience to the table. They have designed over 500 projects in the different genres of residential work, hospitality, commercial and institutional work. They are the recipients of several awards in this field and their work and ideas have been featured in several magazines and presented on many stages.
They are a pair of workaholic entrepreneurs, innovators and magicians alike, driven to bring the power of design to millions of homeowners. The two of them have a vision to transform Design Café as one of the largest solution providers for customized Home Interiors in India. At the same time they want to ensure that each and every homeowner can proudly say that they participated in the design process and enjoyed it.
With their efforts Design Cafe raised investments from Angels and Venture Capital to truly bring the vision they saw for Design Cafe to life. Every action taken in Design Cafe is inspired by its mission to ‘passionately design, manufacture and install the most beautiful homes in any budget for everyone.’
Building Creative Home Solutions
“Every action at Design Café is executed to serve the larger mission – to passionately design, manufacture & install the most beautiful homes in any budget, for everyone.” This idea is reflected in each and every interaction that anyone from Team Design Café has with their clients and vendors.
All of the client’s interaction happens at the company’s Experience Centres. Design Cafe has a 10,000 Sq. Ft Experience Centre located in the heart of the Bengaluru. The purpose of the Experience Centre is to showcase possibilities of designs, materials and finishes in home interiors. Most customers have an idea of what they want but are unable to visualize it all coming together in their space or convey the same. Therefore, once they come to the Experience Centre, which has different options to showcase each and every space in the customer’s home, it gives them much more clarity on what they like and now they can envision these options in their own space. Customers can also touch & feel every single material and be sure of what’s coming to their home.
Additionally, they create VR (Virtual Reality) based 3Ds, which allows each and every customer to walk into their future space and experience it as if it was already completed. The Designers at Design Cafe are trained to visualize spaces as if they are completed. One of the stumbling factors they found earlier was that customers found it difficult to do so. To bridge this gap they used the power of technology to create the VR 3Ds that give the customers the ability to visualize their homes. Customers have responded positively to this, and are much more confident in moving forward and taking steps quickly and happily.
Design Café has received a lot of positive feedback about the processes that they have set out they have one of the highest NPS (Net Promoter Score) in the market. Before reaching out to them, most customers go on to their website ( to see the different designs that are showcased. On the website, they have openly shared the details of pricing, materials, specifications & finishes. This gives customers a really good starting point for their discussion with DC’s Designers.
Future Prospect
Shezaan & Gita articulate about the company’s future by asserting “Each and every day we are struck with how far we have come, and at the same time, how far we still have to go. And this is happening in every department, whether design, new materials & vendors, manufacturing, installation or project management; no aspect is too small or irrelevant. With the cooperation of our entire Team, we ensure that we get better each and every day.”
This no longer is a vision and mission that is just of the co-founders’, as Design Cafe is a team of close to 200 people today. Each and every person is invested in this mission, and they think daily about how they can truly add value to this mission articulated by the founders. At Team DC, every endeavour is made with the mission to benefit the customer: and the results are from the coordinated effort of so many people working to give the customer, the most beautifully designed home that they can get, in their budget, for all their dreams and aspirations.
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